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Android ad annoyance

The rewarded ads that automatically navigate to their Google Play Store at the end of the ad are annoying; it’s no longer sufficient to hit the X to close the ad, now I have to go back twice to return to GoW and then remember to dismiss the Play Store window that got left behind.

This has started happening recently; I notice it most often on the Puzzles & Survival ads.


Mm – to clarify, at least for me, I’ve had at least one ad that automatically navigated to the Play Store when I clicked the ‘X’ at the end, instead of closing as one would expect – and I don’t believe it was user error. I also found it annoying.


Have you tried hitting ‘back’ after the ad finishes instead of clicking the close button?

More ad annoyances: For a while I was made to watch two ads before the game would grant me the reward.
Also: For some ads, the contrast between the close button and background is set so low, one has to guess where the button might be hiding. Please fix.


I just got served the Puzzles & Survival ad again. There was no X button at the end of the ad countdown; it navigated to the Play Store automatically at the end of the ad without me doing anything. Had to hit back to return to the leftovers of the ad (still no X button) then back again to return to GoW and claim the reward.

Is anyone experiencing ads that take longer than 30 seconds to play? I don’t think it’s an internet issue since my phone speed gets the same speed as my Chromebook. But on my Chromebook some ads (like the Marvel ads) will just stop for long periods. I assume it’s a memory issue. Well my Chromebook is built to run Gems of War. Not Marvel Puzzle Quest knock off. :slightly_smiling_face:
So in the game ads shouldn’t exceed the Gems of War game Requirements (if that’s what’s happening).

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Oh sorry, I forgot to mention in my first comment. In regards to the OP’s issue.
When there’s two boxes. Hitting the background X should close the smaller box as well. So you only have to click once to close the ad instead of twice.

New type of ad. Can you find the mute button?

Questionable ad practices