And so it begins...Stupid Kingdom Helper offers for everyone!

nope, no way to avoid “underworld cache”



I … pounding headache intensifies
I just… can’t even.
There is stupid, and there is idiotic…
and then, much further in the deepest darkness of the Well of Infinite Stupid, there are mindboggling kingdom offers in GoW.


but you know, that you need 5 bronze medal troops?
this offer doesn’t come from the unlock traits task


I was tired and forgot for a moment.
But it’s completely irrelevant, because the language of the offer is that these green quality troops, that I already have had hundreds of times before at my level, are helping with my kingdom power, when they actually DON’T.
It is telling me this helps towards the power level. If it wanted to help me, it should point out that I need to medal troops, and offer me MEDALS that can actually assist in that task.

You are completely brushing over & ignoring the fact, that this offer is not telling the player how to progress or how to do it.
At the same time, you are also ignoring the fact that a lot of casual players out there actually don’t read forums or discords or watch deep strategy/mechanics videos about the games they play. They just load up the games, blast away for some minutes, then go back to whatever their lives. They won’t have any idea about many of the deeper mechanics in the games, or heck, some of the basic ones either:

→ A while ago we had a girl in our guild who was at level 1100+, who had barely any rudimentary awareness of how to build teams, and certainly had no idea about how to make good use of traits or building teams with troops that complement each other, let alone any other deeper mechanics.
She had no idea how any of the guild events worked, and was mostly just randomly matching gems with random troops and slowly struggled her way through the game. She had barely traited anything she had, not upgraded a lot of troops, had no idea about how to make a good use of her keys, was blissfully unaware of the new glory troop appearing every Monday or where to get it even, nor the glory keys.

These players exist. So the offers should guide them properly and help them towards those goals… by pointing them out correctly.

So yes, in my case I needed to bronze medal 5 troops (2 actually, I had 3/5).
But instead, the game is offering me green troops to a kingdom where I already have all the troops, that are all fully leveled to 20, traited to max and ascended to mythic.

And most of the players in the game certainly have no idea how these offers work or what triggers them.

But I know what triggers me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sometimes the offer is off. Offering you something you needed in the future level. Sometimes it is stupid. Sometimes it is exactly what you need. I can make mistakes too. The only way you can avoid this is when you are not the first one to upgrade. We got a new troop from Maugrim, the offer is now changed again. I hope this gives me ID. :crossed_fingers:

The tasks up to power level 30 have been data mined by the community, it’s pretty clear which offers they trigger. Like, you’ll get a lot of Kingdom Helper offers (event key plus some gold) because you have an open kingdom upgrade tasks. Not that it will help you in any way, quite the contrary. It replaces the deed offers you might have received instead, so it will take you longer to get the imperial deeds you need for upgrade level 18. If you somehow do manage to complete it your deed offers will then get replaced with ingot offers, because power level 28 has a weapon upgrade task you can’t fulfill.


i fully agree with you, that these offers are stupid, but we report them since two years and devs just stated lately that they won’t change them.
btw, we can talk about that in DM as we are in the same guild family :wink:

I don’t get the event keys frequently. Lately, more on deeds. I am always a little bit behind the trend.

Let’s see if I’ll still get the stupid key from Maugrim woods. Still at Power level 26.

We are? Pretty sure I’m not in a family of guilds, but I know there is someone out there with similar name to mine, heh.

then sorry, lol

That’ll be me! It’s the first time I have noticed any confusion caused by our similar names. And it is me who is in the same guild family as Angi.


I think it is okay to stay now at Power Level 26 in Maugrim woods and Ghulvania. As long as you completed 36 troops then you’ll get a variety. I got the key yesterday, but I got more deed offers. It is hard to buy everyday. It means I need to grind for more gems.

I know I/we’ve barked up this tree before, but it just feels so damned stupid every time I get this offer:
So it’s offering me ultra-rare ingots to help with my power upgrade.

But I already have way more than enough than ever needed for this kingdom.


Now, my Khetar weapons sorted by rarity:

And unowned, again sorted by rarity:
3 orange, 1 purple quality.
Not a single blue quality unowned or not upgraded exists.

WHY then is it offering me blue ingots that a) I have already ridiculous amounts of b) actually DON’T help me with upgrading any of the weapons I have or don’t have that are blue quality?

Seriously. This doesn’t make a single yota of sense at all under any sane or remotely vaguely intellectual circumstances given my conditions!

This is worse than trolling. This is downright stupidly malicious.

And the really frustrating part is that it keeps coming back again and again.
The only thing that can help me in this case, is upgrading those 2 doomed weapons… which is certainly NOT cheap nor easy → 27+34 forge scrolls → 6100 writs in total (actually have 4500 because I haven’t touched them in months) + 305 chaos runes (I have 7) + 183 celestials.

If you’re going to throw an “offer” in my face, and claim it is to help me, then… make sure it actually does.

This one does not. It just pisses me off.