Anchors Aweigh

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New Epic Troop: Willi the Anchor Willi the Anchor will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Imperial Summons There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Mosasaurus,…

Based on the findings in this thread it looks like an optimal player is 99% guaranteed the required points using Tier 1 sigils, assuming all ravens caught and no battles lost.

The most recent event that closely resembles this scoring method is “Raising Nefertani” on 7-Dec-2020, even if that uses two different rewards (essentially just points). This event scales harder though (50%), so it could benefit from people posting their encounters (preset map) Tower-of-Doom style and revealing the hardest-scaling troop - might result in 10% difference in total point take. Historically with these scaling events, a handful of Tier 4/6 players will gather enough points to allow everyone else to skip the shop.

Shop Tier 1 has 90+% of getting 2367, 1/30 of 71,000 for reward 12

Everyone in this screenshot would have reached 2367 by 67 battles. Tier 1 gives 66-68 battles.

Battle Priority: Battle any non-Mosasaurus troop whenever possible.

[Ultra-rare] Mosasaurus: 6 Booty         =  6 pts
[Epic]       Bonnie Rose: 8 Booty        =  8 pts
[Epic]       Captain Skullbeard: 8 Booty =  8 pts
[Legendary]  Kraken: 10 Booty            = 10 pts
[Legendary]  The Maraji Queen: 10 Booty  = 10 pts
[Mythic]     Megavore: 12 Booty          = 12 pts

This is all.

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What an awful troop.

Edit: I can’t emphasize this enough. What on earth does this troop actually do? And it’s EPIC? It gives you gold… submerges itself, uh, you gain an extra turn? Okay? Truly awful. It’s really, really bad.


Gets Blackhawk to Power Level 15… :roll_eyes:


Willi the Anchor is the definition of a troop made with only a gimmick in mind. And completely neglected to add any actual utility with it. Like an unfinished thou…

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The spell looks like unfinished business. Such an amazing artwork tho, it just makes all of us sad. waaa waa waa.

@Saltypatra Please add, explode 5 random gems to his spell too. At least he will be useful that way.

Give them a break, at least this one’s unique.

Plus, this one could end up being useful at some point. You haven’t even used it yet (obviously, since it’s not in the game yet). Remember how useful War used to be, and how he got mostly obsolete and less powerful compared to other troops?

Unique…ly uselessss!


I’m struggling to see how honestly. The combo of self submerge + extra turn + moving itself isn’t worth a team slot. The gold generation is nice in certain teams but there are better troops for that.

The only way anyone would ever use Willi is if the developers are going to do something unique in the future with the banding trait. As it is right now (and based on spoiler data of the other troops with banding), it’s just a mediocre boost to his stats.

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Well, then every troop in the game can be useful at some point.

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Considering the delve treasure troops are technically troops. Willi is at least better than 6 other troops in the game. It’s just the 930+ others that I’d use before him that’s the issue.

I wonder what troop 1,000 will be…

Wow. We got a troop nearly as useless as Aziris. Or Orge. But they have an excuse that they appeared in the beginning of the game.

Do my eyes deceive me? Is this event actually HIghest Rarity > Highest Level?

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it tries to rhymes with his sea shanty spell… but it fails… :rofl:

Not that simple. If you have a sigil left and there have been more than twice as many Captain Skullbeard’s as there have been Megavore, then CS would be worth more. A concerted effort to write down the troop sequence behind each map location would be a great resource, but nobody has shown interest to perticipate.

That is true except for the fact we will all have a board full of Mosasaurus and won’t have a choice between Skullbeard and Megavore for our last sigil.

I’ve thought about this in the past but decided it’s not worth the effort as long as we have a low Tier buy in for these world events.

You chose the top left - that’s 10 epics 3 mythics 4 legendaries and 4 ultra rare (assume you don’t switch when it’s back to Mosasaurus.

John chose bottom right - that’s 8 epics 6 mythics 2 legendaries and 5 ultra rare.
Which is worth more depends on the composition leading to, and it may make or break a tier buy