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Anchors Aweigh data collection

Only 5 people needed (I can count as one).
just reply stating which map location you are taking - let’s name them top, top-right, left, middle, bottom (as per image at bottom of post).

    1. At all times - record all battle locations and troop encountered.
    1. Start anywhere, in any sequence, until map has only 5x Mosasaurus. Then start step 3.
    1. Keep battling ONLY your stated location.

Post your records. e.g.

    1. top-right, megavore
    1. top, bonnie rose

If you post-as-you-go during the week, you can keep updating the same post.



Does the location make a difference? :thinking:

I always thought the list of battles is static - no matter which battle you take, the battle that replaces it will be the same, it’s just taken from the top of a pre-rolled list.

If you really want location, I’d suggest a screenshot of the event map and labeling the 5 different locations to make it easier to report :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how we can ever reach 5x Mosasaurus if we only open one location.

Edit: @mitamata, the hypothesis being tested is that each location gets its own pre-generated list, rather than a single list covering all locations on the map.

Step 3 starts after step 2 is complete.

Takes only one proof, rather one set of diverging outcomes. Let’s see it. In fact, very early on after introduction of World Events, we have already proven the fact because someone shared their battle history, which was clearly different from mine.

And the reason for sharing IIRC was to compare notes because we already saw multiple people post screenshots of the same map state and same score for everyone.

I’ll take the top location.

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@mitamata some more info:

I assume for today that it takes fewer than 30 battles to reach 5x Mosasaurus. I further posit that most of these high-ish level players are using the “optimal strategy”. If there is ONE single stream of reveals, you won’t get the different scores for 31 and 33 battles.

FWIW the person sitting pretty at 33 battles and 757 is far ahead of everyone else, unlikely to be reached by the bulk of 31-battle players. If the theory is correct and we collect enough info, we will be able to plot an optimal route that scores at least 757 (at 33 battles) that everyone can follow.

And next week we may finally see devs shake up the map/scoring :slight_smile: :man_shrugging: … or they may leave it alone and it becomes a ToD-like scouting activity we can do each time.

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Hmmm. Yeah, I can’t really explain why the points difference on the leaderboard at high number of battles. Early on, it makes sense - if you start by focusing on Bonnie instead of Skullbeard, you’ll have different score for a while, but once everyone gets to 5x Mosasaur, it doesn’t matter anymore, assuming everyone is avoiding Mosasaur.

Still, not sold on it. Here’s what I have after 4 battles on 2 accounts this week:

Account A:

Top Top-Right Left Middle Bottom Chosen battle Replaced with
Bonnie Rose Megavore Captain Skullbeard Captain Skullbeard Bonnie Rose 2 - Megavore Mosasaurus
Bonnie Rose Mosasaurus Captain Skullbeard Captain Skullbeard Bonnie Rose 1 - Bonnie Rose Mosasaurus
Mosasaurus Mosasaurus Captain Skullbeard Captain Skullbeard Bonnie Rose 3 - Captain Bonnie Rose
Mosasaurus Mosasaurus Bonnie Rose Captain Skullbeard Bonnie Rose 4 - Captain Bonnie Rose

Account B:

Top Top-Right Left Middle Bottom Chosen battle Replaced with
Bonnie Rose Megavore Captain Skullbeard Captain Skullbeard Bonnie Rose 4 - Captain Mosasaurus
Bonnie Rose Megavore Captain Skullbeard Mosasaurus Bonnie Rose 3 - Captain Mosasaurus
Bonnie Rose Megavore Mosasaurus Mosasaurus Bonnie Rose 2 - Megavore Bonnie Rose
Bonnie Rose Bonnie Rose Mosasaurus Mosasaurus Bonnie Rose 1 - Bonnie Rose Bonnie Rose

The battles coming up to replace the cleared battles are the same (Mosasaurus, Mosasaurus, Bonnie Rose, Bonnie Rose, in that order), even though I’m taking the battles in different order. If they were location based, then I would expect to see the same battle come up to replace the first Megavore battle for example. Am I missing something?


I’ll see what I can do in about seven hours from now when I’m back home from work.

EDIT: Taking bottom.

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Same platform? I’m sure it is, just ticking boxes.

Yes, both PC/mobile (two different android devices)

I saw this after I did all my battles. Tier 5, highest rarity, highest difficulty, but always picked the southern most option if the 2 other variables were the same. No matches lost, no Ravens lost.

Very interesting! There might be a pattern somewhere, but it takes data to flush it out. Hope more data turns up. I’ve only done 3 - deliberately Megavore, Captain Skullbeard x2 (middle, left) and also got Mosa, Mosa, Rose.

This is the post I will be updating (by adding new portions of “bottom”/game number column only because everything else stays intact) as the week continues. So far - tier IV, no ravens lost, no battles lost.

Tuesday, March 9

Wednesday, March 10

Rest of the week



It probably doesn’t make much difference for touch screens, but on consoles, Top Right is the default, and the one I choose. Don’t have to worry about the Icon wiggles. Just click “A”.

I’m not keeping track tho, but good luck on your quests.

I’ll take top right.

This is an awesome post! I was thinking of asking some people in my guild to test this out. Community wide is better.

I’ll be starting the event later tonight. I will update my comment here with data as I get it.

Edit: Only did a couple fights but am crashing early. Will post Tuesday night.

Edit: Google sheets of my fights. I’m using @Dust_Angel’s format for consistency. One change I did was highlight when all fights became Mosasaurus. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16QCl7TSp8OdC7IANBMjrDOLc_TmDYETiC8V6mubA5Bw/edit?usp=sharing

Snapshot image:



Since we have a mix of comments, questions, and people taking locations. Here is the list of people taking a spot I’ve seen:

@cyberkiwi (Edit: left)
@Grundulum (top)
@Dust_Angel (bottom)
@Snooj (top right)
Edit: @Fleg (middle)

Left and middle remain. Need one more person.

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I’ll take middle but I only bought Tier 2. FYI after 21 battles I had 5x Mosasaurus.

Mosasaurus Lv 10
Megavore Lv 90
Mosasaurus Lv 20
Megavore Lv 110
Megavore Lv 130
Cap Skullbeard Lv 70
Bonnie Rose Lv 70
Megavore Lv 150
Maraji Queen Lv 40
Maraji Queen Lv 55
Megavore Lv 170
Cap Skullbeard Lv 82
Mosasaurus Lv 30
Cap Skullbeard Lv 94
Bonnie Rose Lv 82
Bonnie Rose Lv 94
Maraji Queen Lv 70
Mosasaurus Lv 40
Megavore Lv 190
Mosasaurus Lv 50
Bonnie Rose Lv 106

(Out of sigils for day 3)
Keeping exactly same battles so far as @Dust_Angel


Keen to see what your early progression looks like (pre-21) compared to mitamata/Dust_Angel.
I’m very miserly with gems, but I might splash out and get Tier 4 just to generate that little bit more data.

Guess that leaves left for me. :muscle:

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I didn’t track anything until after battle 21 sorry.