Down with the Chea-triots and their cheating coach and QB.



It will be an interesting game and I plan on watching it. I wouldn’t mind seeing some other team than the Patriots win, but with that said: I don’t foresee a backup QB taking down Tom Brady and Belichick.
Edited- As a side note- Maybe our Panthers will get back to the SB one day @Clark :slight_smile:


Yes, but to facilitate the win for the Philadelphia Hippogryphs , they may need to bring a troop that can place “Hunter’s Mark” on the Patriots. :upside_down_face:


I am sorry to disappoint you @Macawi but I was raised in NJ and have been a NJ Giants fan my entire life. I have nothing against the Panthers and my most hated teams are in order:

  1. Dallas Cowboys (the NFLs version of the NY Yankees)
  2. NE Patriots

My favorite teams are:

  1. NY Giants
  2. Detroit Lions (just because I rooted for Barry Sanders so many years ago and just kept on going)
  3. Anyone who is playing Dallas or NE.


I am rooting for the Eagles for two reasons:

  1. previously mentioned hatred of the Cheatriots franchise
  2. my father is 84 years old and a lifelong Eagles fan… I want him to see them win 1 superbowl.


That right there is enough reason for me to root for the Eagles. I always pull for the underdog and it would be nice to see them win their first title.


AS a Dallas Cowboys fan… (starts ducking)…
I have 2 things to say:

  1. Eagles must lose cause they are the rival Eagles.

  2. Patriots must lose cause they can’t exert any more dynastic claim to being the best franchise in NFL history!


Who else is rooting for the first tie in Super Bowl History!!!???



We share the same hatred list. Although, Patriots would take the top spot for me. :joy:

I’d love for them to lose tonight. But, I doubt it will happen given the circumstances.


:dagger: to my :heart: @Ashasekayi



Also: Wooooooooooot EAGLES!!! 22/12


wow very good game so far 33-32


It will only be a good game if the score Remains the way it is now with the
Eagles winning


38 - 33 :eagle:

That last TB is giving me life!!!

I’m hoarse ya’ll.


Amazing job there from eagles


That turnover has officially made me lose my voice.


I think the end is near for the Patriots.


Yup that 3 points was the win


Brady is the best QB that I have ever seen play, but I don’t see him going 90 yards and then converting the 2-pt. conversion for the win.


In 26 sec :slight_smile:


Woooohoooi it’s over good job eagles!!!