Super Bowl 2017

What are your prediction for this ultimate match?

Personally i think patriot gonna win but i want falcon to win for the very first time

I want Falcons to win, I’m just biased against the Patriots being a New York team fan/New York Giants fan in this case. People saying it’s gonna be a Patriots shut out but I don’t know.

For those who don’t know New York teams have a lot of rivalries with Massachusetts teams. That’s why I’m biased and that’s why I want Falcons to win, just clarifying.

Not gonna lie. I kinda want to see Roger Goddell have to eat some crow and have to hand the trophy over to Brady and Kraft.
Either way, it SHOULD be a good game.

I’m pulling for the Falcons. sssshhh…don’t tell my wife, she’s a Patriots fan. :wink:

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I can’t wait to see the Falcons put a smackdown on the Patriots. :smiling_imp:


It will depend of Freeman and Coleman, if they can get the ground control and force Brady to stay on the bench, maybe they got a chance

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Very true. Although, I can’t help wanting to see Brady’s face in the dirt a couple of times. :smirk:


I want to see the falcons go all the way! I’m so over the Patriots…

I am a Cowboys fan, FYI, so a little biased against… well everybody! lol but since Falcons knocked out Green Bay they have my support. :wink:

Screw your Cowboys we beat them twice (Giants) with them having no answer! I’m honestly messing with ya, having a cheap attempt to derail the thread from the point. But seriously it’s funny how Green Bay knocked almost everyone out to get where they were to only lose to the Falcons.

Just finished watching Remember the Titans, now i am ready for the real thing :slight_smile:

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Manchester United! Oh, wait, um . . . you meant American football.


Give me Gaga or give me death.


I don’t watch it but I heard Gaga covered more grounds on the field than Pats.

20-28 now we got a game!

Edit: wow what a catch by Edelman

Edit 2: omg 28-28 crazy game

1st overtime game in super bowl history!

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I have to give it to the Pats that was a very nice comeback win

I hate Tom Brady with every fiber of my being, but even I have to admit they deserve that comeback. Holy hell.


YES!!! Falcons won!!! I don’t care, I’m not acknowledging that they didn’t, they should’ve. I don’t like them stank Patriots. Those fools should’ve played like that from the start instead of letting me have my hopes up all the way through the end like that. Yea, Patriots fans ya boy won it, big freakin’ whoopi-doo. Now, let’s hope he freakin’ retires, YES!!! Retire Brady like Big Papi did! Good come back… (still don’t like them tho’) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yup that suck but Falcons def was really exhausted

I have to tip my hat to Brady and belicheck BUT

I am 100% confident saying Pats didn’t win this one Atlanta LOST IT!!

They changed their whole defensive plan in second half! No pressure and soft coverage cause they thought they had it on lock. Stupid…

You can’t play safe against the best in NFL history and I have to say that even though I have to spit every time I do! :rage: