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All troops killed, but no end of game

Platform, device version and operating system
Steam version

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Killed the last ennemy, but battle won’t end. The game continues to show me see moves I can make, but unable to do it.
The only way I found to “unlock” the game is by using a spell ( if available ) or retreat.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I see it since I changed my explore team ( Fire bomb x2 / Bul’Tauros / Assassin Hero with Scythe of Corruption )… Last night it happened to me twice in 15-20 games, only in Exploration mode.

Steps to make it happen again
Last time the bug happened, it was after killing the last ennemy with Fire Bomb destruction, but wasn’t able to reproduce it.

Hi @NetJulien !

The team has just discovered that this is the same as this issue:

It seems the same applies to all Explosion Troops, not just Pyggra. They’re looking into it.

Please check your in-game mail


@Cyrup It’s a little muddy in the issue listing there (especially the title) that this can happen with other summon combo spells that change the board and cause cascades without exploding. Using Krystenax hung me twice mid-delve tonight.

I agree. Plus it’s not exactly “frozen,” because it still shows moves and lets you use spells. I’m glad it was pointed out it was the same issue because I wouldn’t have known!!!

This happens to me each time I try and finish a faction event right on the last boss :frowning:


@akiofujii I’m not sure what you mean? At this stage we don’t know for sure if the Krystenax issue is related. The Pyggra or explosion issue is caused by a specific chain of events at the end of battle. If something is happening during that’s a different problem.

I do mean at the end. The final move in the battle is me using Krystenax’s ability, summoning a silver drakon, and causing a matching chain with the removal ability. It could still be different if there’s a specific problem with the explode mechanism, but my understanding was that it’s the gem cascade/summon combination, not exploding specifically.

Then the screen sits there with all the opponents dead and me unable to do anything except (a)look at abilities (b)open chat or ©open settings. Both times I had to retreat even though I’d already won the bttle.