Adventure Boards (Average Weekly) Reward Calculation

After a month of data collection and a lot of number crunching, here is the best calculation I have as to the total weekly value of the adventure boards. Huge thanks to everyone in the data collection thread here for submitting a ton of data.

Usual disclaimers: this is the average weekly reward value of the entire table, assuming you cleared every task including the top task day of and are above level 150. YMMV week to week, or even month to month. But as to the question “what are adventure boards worth”, here is my best estimate.

(I didn’t bother splitting traitstones up into sub categories.)

Recorded Data

Sorry, no color highlighting for task types. My context highlighting there is to simply see if I input an entry that can’t be parsed.

Base rewards per task:

This is a lot to take in, so I’ll try to explain what each thing means.

First off, I decided not to do another table that assumes equal weighting between task types. After compiling all the data, it seems pretty clear equal weighting between types of tasks is not the case, and there are very clear trends. Instead, I did a third table where I did my own estimate based on the current data.

Recorded data is simply a table representation of everything posted in this thread. The “day” field was simply for my use to double check if a poster missed a day or not. In general, I tried to align the columns so that each calendar day would fit nicely into a column, and the “day” would represent the day the user started posting, but this wasn’t possible for some posters. For single post week long sets, I moved them to the bottom and just did the whole set at once.

For daily versus “all” sets, the “daily” set included data pulled from only posters that submitted consecutive days and only from data submitted after they had already committed to posting in the thread. A few people submitted their initial set all at once, then continued posting day by day, these were considered daily. For those that missed a day after a week and kept posting, the set before the missed day is considered “daily”, the one after is considered “all”. If they stopped posting entirely, but did 7 or more days in the format requested, all their data was “daily”. “All” set is the daily set… plus everyone who posted anything in this thread, including those that did week long drops all at the same time. The only data excluded from this sheet are the single one time samples.

“Daily” ended up making up the majority of the “all” set. Daily ended up making up the vast majority of the table, at 1500 task samples of the total 1872 (and 435 of the 539 top task samples). A total of 624 player-days worth of data are on the sheet in total. As you can see above, the “purity” of the data didn’t make a huge amount of difference in the end and I’m inclined to believe the “all” set is closer to accurate (more samples and no notable bias).

Now, onto what is shown here. Each cell in each set takes the recorded respective appearance ratio of a given specific task(shown earlier, different sheet), multiplies that by the given appearance ratio of that rarity(compiled, shown on the right), and multiplies that by the reward value of that task to get the shown value, average reward per task slot. For example, a common gold task pays out 5000 gold, and has a current recorded appearance rate of about 15.12% on the all set, and a rarity appearance rate of about 35.2%, so the average per slot per day gold value at common rarity is about 266 (5000 * .1512 * .352). This is repeated for every task type of every rarity throughout the table.

Type Ratios

Heres the type ratio table to include all recorded data:

And here it is by reward type:

Keys used the key task appearance rate for every key type, since any give type of key reward only appears on key task and all keys that are present are on this same task. So a 15% chance of key task means 15% of the amount of any keys that task happens to give are added to the results.

Next we have k150 vs k100. These are simple- their reward is multiplied by their appearance rate and summed to get the average weekly value for these two tasks.

The yellow highlighted row is the average daily value for all four slots. This simply multiplies the average per-slot value of each reward by 3 (since there are 3 slots per day) and adds the average daily value of the top slot task to it.

The red highlighted row is average weekly value for the entire table. This is the yellow row times 7. This the average weekly rewards you’ll get every week if you completely clear out the adventure board every day.

The first table shows all the data compiled from the “daily” set, the second shows all data compiled from the “all” set.

The third table is my own estimation based on the current data. What I basically did here is intuited, based on where the numbers are trending, what a human inputted table would look like, making minor adjustments or rounding from the recorded data. For example, I’d expect to see at most a couple decimal places from human inputs, and I’d expect task type ratios that are really close on the recorded data to actually be the same.

For reference, heres my initial estimate I did using a weeks worth of data and only my own data, and assuming completely equal weighting on every task type:

I’m actually sad how little a huge amount of additional information and dispelling false assumptions altered the results.

Other observations:

  • The exact same task does not appear to be able to repeat on the same day. This also does not appear to apply to different types of traitstones, which are considered “different tasks”, but thankfully individually weighted away from so that their sum just happens to be about the same as gems on most rarities. (This does not affect the calculated value of the table, which is calculated from recorded data)
  • The same rarity never rolled in all three slots, and I suspect this isn’t possible. (This does not affect the calculated value of the table, which is calculated from recorded data)
  • Most tasks rarities, especially lower rarities, that offer gems appear to weight toward them. Surprising, I know. However, the same trend is showing for traitstones…
  • Gold, glory, souls, and keys (epic and below) appeared less than gems or traitstones on any rarity where all were offered.
  • Incidentals (pet food and jewel shards, Ultra-Rare only) barely had a presence on the table at all
  • Legendary (96 task type samples) currently appears to favor keys and chaos shards very slightly over gems. The sample size is tough to call if there is any significant weighting here, since 3-4 additional legendary gem tasks would make them about even.
  • Mythic task type ratios wobbled back and forth as I input the data, but ended up almost even on chaos shards vs keys at the end of the month-long session, which is surprising considering how streaky they were in the moment

So, those are the facts as they stand now. Minor revisions or corrections could be pending, but likely won’t change much. My opinions to come later. Feel free to discuss.


So the big question is, do we have an accurate average for the previous tasks and weekly event? So as to compare the two?

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Nothing approaching this level of data, just estimates, and yes, that is the real question.

Since the raw gems was probably the most hot-button issue coming into this, I can say that I believe these offer about as many as the previous combined systems did (my lowball estimate was 250/wk, and just shy of 280 seems pretty spot on). Depending on who you ask, some would call it a buff to gems. Whether you’ll get all those or not, due to the structure of the k100/k150 events, is another question. Even though the tasks are designed to be “quicker” and the maximum weekly obligation for rewards from this system has likely gone down significantly, the minimum daily obligation has actually gone up significantly. If you skipped playing half the days and made up for them later with this system you’d lose half your rewards on average, but with the old systems you’d lose maybe 25% of your rewards. Players with daily high activity won’t be affected all that much. Do note that of the samples collected for ABs, almost 20% of them contained spill over uncompleted tasks from the previous day, and thats for the people that were already going out of their way to post daily in a data collection thread (a subset of a subset of generally above-average activity players). But this is all very intentionally part of the design of this system.

Basically, evidence suggests that overall gem gains were not nerfed (depending on who you ask, they might have been buffed, and depending on who you ask, they were either made more convenient or less convenient).

Keys obviously saw a hit, you can see that just comparing this data with any screenshot of a full snotstone event alone. There is no estimate of the old systems that could possibly be lower with respect to keys than any of the tables above are showing. People were kinda intuitively figuring that out before we even hit two weeks in to this system.

As for everything else… thats a much longer post. I’m working on some fairly broad generalizations that dip further into “opinion” territory.


So long story short, AB is quicker with about same raw gems but less event keys replaced by other stuff.

IMO all thing considered and also now knowing the average gems per week from AB I’m actually happy with the change. I can now do daily tasks/dungeons/delves in 15 minutes total. The old tasks could take WAY longer and had to be completed even if useless rewards in order to get a new task the following day. Now I can just ignore soul and TS tasks.


Thanks @Mithran for taking the time to compile this. I was glad to have added to it. I actually compiled my own weekly average from the 4 weeks of collection (I ignored all traitstones & soul tasks). My weekly averages for every resource was actually lower than what you presented except for jewel shards, chaos shards & food. Many of them were relatively close but my gems are about 40 below the average. I must be getting significantly less gem tasks than others even with 2 of the k150 top tasks (took me 2 days to finish 1 of them so I lost 5 gems from my weekly average which still doesn’t catch me up).

Even so i’m fine with the new AB. Thanks again for helping bring insight into the system!

Hoo boy did they ever. In a month of ABs I’ve aquired a total of 8 event keys. Im glad there wasn’t a big loss to raw gems but those event keys man. That’s a killer.


Did anyone see the same task pop up two days in a row? We have enough days collected that it should have happened, so if it didn’t (much like three tasks of equal rarity) we can guess that it is prevented in the code somewhere.

@Bossfrogs, you say that over 4 weeks of adventure board, you acquired 8 event keys total? That is exactly in line with the average. Congrats! You’re neither particularly lucky nor particularly unlucky.


That’s an interesting theory. I’ve recorded everything I got so far, no duplicate tasks on any two subsequent days.

I FEEL unlucky in the event keys category.

Nice job. Thank you for compiling data.

Really interesting @Mithran, thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this analysis!

I was wondering, did anyone else get the mythic key task in the adventure board this weekend? I got it once on Friday and once more today, I’m not sure whether I was really lucky or if it’s perhaps linked to the vault event (since the mythic task is linked to the vault ‘kingdom’) :thinking:

I (and many others) still have not seen a single mythic task, let alone the same task twice in three days. You got rather lucky.


This has now happened!

Today’s AB:



So many traitstones… has anyone kept all the screenshots since the patch? How many of the total tasks have been traitstones? Our overall recorded rate was ~20% for all rarities and types combined on the table. I also went back and checked and didn’t catch a single incidence of having traitstones in 2 slots on two consecutive days from the same account, and thats happened I believe twice in the last week?

Not sure if “bad luck” or “unintentional reversion to initial beta traitstone task rates”.


There’s no way it’s working as intended, not if Sirrian was even close with his 1 year estimation.


I don’t have the screenshots but I wrote everything down. KW means calendar week (in German)

All rewards from adventure board for me at least… and Sunday obviously not included
(first week is not complete)

EDIT: Sunday now included. (First screenshot had the wrong amount of glory and souls, corrected now, sorry.)


Did the frequency of traitstone tasks increase dramatically after 4.5, or is it just my impression? :thinking:

It really does seem that way - especially today *grumble*…


According to Mithran’s (pre-4.5) data, traitstones appear 39% of the time. In the first 11 days after 4.5, there were 12 appearances of traitstone tasks, for a rate of… 36%.

Now, it’s possible the drop rate changed after that post was made, but from the data I have available things are right in line with expectations. I’d need to see the updated list to draw any further conclusions.

Edit: it’s been a long weekend already. I’ve apparently forgotten how to read charts.

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Actually, I’m pretty sure it was sub 20… checking… yeah, about 19.5%. (Bottom row is the sum of all “of total” appearance rates, not its own thing to be summed to get the total)

I’m not sure if we are trending toward that number over this last week, or even further away. Definitely feels like its not getting much better, if at all. Over the course of a week, I’ve seen people been this “unlucky”, but not often. There might be someone in my data that was this unlucky for two weeks straight even. I do remember distinctly the triple TS task only came up once in my entire data set, so it feels really bad when its basically multiplied by a hundred thousand here.

Any change in traitstone rates on ABs should have been a reduction, so we should be seeing less than recorded 19.5% rate, since they were supposed to be reducing the frequency of the tasks people don’t want, and traitstones are arguably the worst ones (unlike souls, you can get a color that doesn’t help you even if you aren’t “done” with them).

Frustrating part is we don’t know if this is “extremely bad luck”, “intentional because for some reason someone thought more traitstones would be good (???)”, or “unintentional bug” (eg., by reversion to early beta AB tables before they tossed in the new deeds tasks).