Adventure Boards (Average Weekly) Reward Calculation

Remember how we were told “gem value” would stay the same once deeds hit the adventure board? It is a possibility that traitstone rates were increased to make up for the appearance of deeds.

(And thanks for correcting me. If the drop rate was supposed to be 20%, then yeah, we blew past that one.)

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@aurora_x Have you been keeping anymore records? I’d like to see where we are at now after almost 3 weeks compared to pre 4.5 (especially in terms of gems and traitstones).

Starting with 08.09.2019.


So currently at the 26 day mark, 27 traitstone tasks total, 27/78. So we are currently sitting at a 34.6% traitstone rate after 26 days. For comparison, for the 11 day data, there were 12 traitstone tasks, or 12/36… a rate of 36%. We are sort of trending away… but if we had today’s boards yesterday, we’d have been sitting at exactly 36% yesterday (3/75). Over a third of our boards were traitstones after a week and a half, significantly higher than recorded rate pre 4.5, and they haven’t significantly trended away from this in almost a month.

As for gems, we have currently earned 435 from bottom tasks, which is slightly higher than the recorded amount of ~412-416 for the bottom tasks (~15.29-15.31 daily). However, most of these gems comes from the anomalously high legendary gem board rate (we’ve seen zero chaos shard or key legendary), appearing 3/78 times, or 3.85% of the overall boards (recorded at 1.616% before the update) and 3/5 of the legendary boards (60% of rarity, recorded at < 30% before the update). We’ve also seen a total 5 legendary boards in 26 days, or 5/78, or 6.41% rarity ratio (recorded at 5.407%). However, this is more likely to be a statistical anomaly and go down due to the fact that chaos shards and keys should still be possible, so they have to take up some portion of the table, but we haven’t seen them yet (and also due to the fact that it was alleged legendary board gem ratio had not been altered, I’m pretty sure they’d have stated if there was a buff). Whereas with traitstones… we are getting absolutely flooded on the low rarity and have seen a ton of low rarity, so it is getting harder and harder to pass this off as a statistical outlier after nearly a month with no clear sign of trending toward the values recorded.

I should note that my “gut feeling” (and I’m probably not alone) was that we might actually be “behind” on gems at this point. If the traitstone and legendary gems boards rates have both been intentionally changed and are going to be coming in at this ratio now(and we just haven’t seen key/shards yet but they will boost legendary board rate even higher without taking away gems)… the old way was probably still better. Negativity bias is a thing, we barely remember our “huge” windfalls of 100 gems, but we certainly remember the time we got offered a 3x traitstone board on the same day.

If anybody is wondering about deeds… @AMT was tracking that over here to see how far ahead/behind we are of projections:

(but note that we are probably “ahead” on recorded deeds rate compared to actual, considering 40% of legendary boards and 60% of epic boards that appeared so far have contained deeds, with some of their respective task types not appearing at all yet since the patch)

Still not sure if “bad luck and we are just far in the weeds now”, “intentional because rework and this is the way it is now and we are actually on track”, or “unintentional bug”.


Yes, I still keep track. Not necessary now - thanks to Dust Angel - to post mine but if you need more data I’m happy to supply you with those :slight_smile:

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It feels like pre 4.5 traitstones were a single entry in the loot table that rolled into one of the six colors when picked, now there’s one entry for each color. This might be a bug, which might warrant a bug report, it’s just that writing bug reports here usually seems to receive as much official attention as talking to trees, so I probably won’t bother.

I hate to say it, but more traitstone tasks will equate to fewer gem tasks, so it’s probably by design.
I have been a big critic of these DA’s replacing daily tasks and snotstone events since testing it in the beta, and my opinion has only solidified for me since. Last month was the first month all year that I didn’t gain gems, and my spending last month was on average with the prior months. So it leaves me with little doubt as to why I lost. I have refrained from speaking much about this subject because I know it’s a highly debatable one and I like to stay away from such things, but when numbers tell the story then it’s pretty hard to just ignore them.
I fear that tributes will also get adjusted before it’s all said and done because frankly; it’s about the only thing left that hasn’t been touched.


In my opinion, we’re frogs in a pot of water that is slowly increasing to a boil. We are nowhere near to being on pace for completing kingdom leveling to 15 for all kingdoms In about a year, even with flash sales. The only way that happens, without a new way to earn deeds, is making deed tasks more frequent (and therefore gem tasks less so). We haven’t even reached the end of the gaslighting yet. Surprise, they made the game less rewarding while adding another massive gold sink.

That’s interesting because since AB was added I’ve been steadily increasing gems (with the exception of last week when I spent a bunch on things I don’t normally). I don’t think my gem spending habits have changed otherwise but perhaps I’m missing something. Also recently had this discussion with a few cohorts & they all agreed they’re slowly gaining as well. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I truly wish that I had followed in that same trend. I didn’t lose a huge amount, but I did lose.
I’ve been monitoring my gem intake for a few years now. So far I am just about average for this month, only slightly below.

Also to note- The top daily task can differ between people. For instance, the task to kill ‘Kill 150 troops of X color’ that awards 100 gems; I’ve only gotten this task twice since this update went live. Perhaps this is one reason why I lost.


Anyone still keeping track? An assertion has just been made that I would like to test.

I’m only tracking total non-useless resources each day, not individual tasks. To calculate an average per week of each resource. So I don’t record souls/traitstones just pretty much everything else and aggregate it to daily totals and weekly average of each :frowning_face:

@aurora_x @Dust_Angel

Have either of you been keeping up with it? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to revisit this, so I haven’t been keeping track myself.

Starting with 23.09.

…and the month of October begins…


Dang, I’m not crazy. We really did repeat Search for Keys II on consecutive days.

Always foreboding when someone says that.

I’ve been looking over the Adventure Boards posted since 4.5, and I see a very obvious anecdotal trend. Really surprised no one has caught this yet.

Outside of the anomaly on 9/9, this pattern fits all of the ABs perfectly to date since 4.5 went live.

– The AB system after 4.5 launched is simply a reskin of the Legendary Task system.


Outside of the 9/9 anomaly, which shows that two “jackpot” rolls occurred (100 gems in Slot 2 and the Mythic deed task in Slot 3), there has never been a task rated higher than Ultra-Rare in Slots 1 or 2 since 4.5 launched.

Now look at Slot 3. Without discrepancy, this has been the only slot where Chaos Shards, Deeds, and any other task rated Epic or higher (outside of the 9/9 anomaly) has appeared since 4.5 launch.

Where have we seen this type of loot distribution before? Legendary tasks work very similarly to what is being experienced here, with 2 minor loot rolls and a 1 major loot roll. That would mean that there is only 1 chance per day for deeds to roll, and not 3.

I would wager fairly heavily that this is the source of the AB reward woes.


It should be pretty rare to get two tasks of epic rarity or above. And we had someone show a screenshot of two legendaries and one mythic back when Adventure Boards were still personalized. I think it’s possible for any of the three slots to roll any rarity; it’s just that the sorting from low to high obscures what tasks came up in what slots originally.

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Or they simply always display them in order of rarity.


That was my thought too. I highly doubt there’s anything more insidious about it.