[Adventure Board] List of Tasks

Oh yeah, I see now someone else posted it. NVM

SO it’ll look like the tasks are random as f%#$.

Wow, a Mythic task! Search for Keys VI, Search for Gold III, Search for Glory I, Dig for Gems I, Runes of Magic II, Runes of Magic III added.

Upon reflection, the Traitstone tasks are probably identical at each rarity, with different colors. Based on this, I added Runes of Nature I, Runes of Fire I, Runes of Wind I, Rues of Magic I, Runes of Stone I, Runes of Nature II, Runes of Fire II, Runes of Wind II, Runes of Stone II, Runes of Water III, Runes of Fire III, Runes of Wind III, Runes of Stone III.

I was just about to make a post like this but, you beat me to it XD

I don’t know if you will be keeping tabs on the daily kills too, so I’m sending everything :wink:

That’s lucky! VIP Keys

Thanks! All the Rare tasks are done now.

Search for Gold II, Seek Glory II, and Dig for Gems IV added.

is the top task always gems?

Yes. The top task is ‘kill stuff get paid’.

then, assuming the min reward for the top task is 20 gems, you make at least 140 gems a week from the top tasks. I think thats pretty good. that alone is better than snotstone rewards, no?

Do my eyes deceive me or is that TWO VIP KEYS for insane search for keys VI?


That’s end game 100 gem value there. Even more so if you can’t get that while being under VIP level 5.


Screenshots are awkward to get on the forums due to my ancient macbook but what I have today:

Top task: Kill 100 troops for 20 gems.

Bottom tasks: (Format: name, reward type, { rewards }, { team power }

  • Runes of Fire I, Minor Fire traitstones, { 1, 2, 4 }, { 500, 1000, 1500 }
  • Harvest Souls III, souls, { 100, 300, 500 }, { 1000, 1500, 5200 }
  • Search for Keys V, keys, { 5 gold, 10 gold, 2 gems, 4 event }, { 1500, 5200, 7700, 11000 }

What we really need is to keep track of the appearance of these “good” tasks. Find out how rare they are.

Yep, I am assuming ‘Dig for Gems VI’ is a thing too?

I wonder who will be the first lucky person to post proof of getting this if it is true?

Is still early days now though.

Found the elusive Search for Keys I task. The results are disappointing.

I got this one today as well. win some lose some i guess.

Added Seek Glory III, Search for Keys I, Search for Gold IV.

It does NOT exist, there is only Search for Keys VI and Map the Underworld III.

Ah well, thought there would be more super rare Mythic tasks :disappointed: