Add Russian language

Hey, it’s time to add the Russian language in my opinion, is it you do not need but many users do not play for that reason.:evergreen_tree:

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Yeah, this was requested a lot around the time they were implementing languages, especially on Steam. They said they would get to it the next update they add more languages, but it has been 2 major updates since then with no sign of more languages in 1.0.9 nor 1.1.0.

Еhere is news about the appearance of the Russian language?

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#нить некромантия

(I speak no Russian)

I believe @Nimhain said recently that chat doesn’t currently support Cyrillic script, but it was something they definitely wanted to add in the future? (possibly along with some eastern Asian scripts?)

In Game not in forum.

I meant the in game chat. But I’m not a dev, so I’m just recalling what I remember seeing. I could be wrong.

Currently the game doesn’t support the Cyrrillic alphabet, same goes for Chinese, Japanese, Korean alphabets.

We have plans to add support for them in the future but at the moment we don’t have an ETA on when it will happen.

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@Lyya on Russian better said “некротопик”.