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Active player looking for a guild

I am an active player looking for a guild that complete all their missions.


Have you found a guild yet?

I assume you’re on PC/Mobile, but you might want to specify your platform just to make sure you are getting valid invitations. Best of luck!

Intrim 3 completes all and does LT’s. They’re pretty serious about their game but not stressful like Bracket 1. Fantastic group with a strong, dedicated leader. Msg me or Saluki if you’re interested.

Pc/ mobile We complete all tasks and several LT’s every week. Our requirements are 300k+,300 Trophies +, 1500 seals and Discord is a must. We are 28 in league and bracket 2. We are a sister guild with Anonymous. There is a wealth of info on Discord and any kind of help you would ever need. We are looking for 2 players who would like a new guild home!