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A True Online Player vs. Player Mode Coming Soon?

Any idea when a true Player vs, Player online mode will be available? That’s really the only thing holding this awesome game back from being super great, getting tired of playing a person’s computer controlled team.


They haven’t given an ETA on a real PVP mode. They have stated that they would “like” to add it some time in the future.

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Can confirm, they are looking at the possibility, but no ETA yet.

Talks have already been conducted of having a person vs real player, though the systems they need in place for it will not be fully available until next years. This does not guarantee that we get real pvp next year but it will be incentive.

This game will have the best pvp, people have told me it’s going to be amazing.

We will first get guild wars before the year end. Will we be getting real time pvp? I’d love to but I doubt so.

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Who said they were looking at real pvp as as possibility?
I recall hearing that it wasn’t possible. Games require two server hits, one to set up the match and one when the match ends. Real pvp would require two server hits every move.


Sirrian said it in global chat. That they think it would be a cool addition. But I don’t think it’s viable at the moment. It is on their eventual to-do list. But probably not until after we get ten star kingdoms. Which are, as said in Global chat by Sirrian, not coming until we get a LOT more troops in every kingdom.

Just to give you a likely time scale of when to expect it, if we get it. Don’t quote this to anyone, my information is sheer speculation. Well. Aside from ten star kingdoms. We ARE getting those eventually.

I’m just guessing that they’re not going to be able to for a long while.

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Also they would need to include a timer so people won’t abuse time

I played couple game with timer and it really suck , let say they put a 10 sec timer
Between each hit , then some people will take the 10 sec every time just for fun to piss the most people they can… trust me this is the worst thing who can happen to this game

Each time someone asks about a true PVP devs said something “yes, can be nice”. And that’s all. But I don’t think this one is in their ToDo list… Too much problem for them.
As @UKresistance said you will require a server request after each move. Server request, you know when you’re waiting 1 min. after a match…

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True pvp in this game sounds horrible.


Unless they upgrade to a server infrastructure that is more responsive, I agree. Wouldn’t want live PvP with the current turnaround times.


We know by the end of the year that they will, they have no choice in the matter of upgrading their servers. The reason they have no choice in this is because they have some of the game on servers that are due to shut down by the end of the year. When those servers go down, so ill the services run on them. This means that al the servers will be in one place instead of two. (my information might be outdated though as i do not know if they have finished the server move yet or not as we have heard no info since the last server move.)

We have no idea what impact that’ll have on server-client latency. If it helps with reliability, that itself would be a huge win. Latency is annoying but much less so than dropped packets or server timeouts. They are on the hook to transfer providers, not necessarily upgrade.

Once we’re migrated over, it’ll be easier to assess whether head-to-head multiplayer is in the ballpark or not.


I’ve said it in a similar thread and I will say it again:

I’ve no idea why everyone wants real-time PVP. I’m 97% sure that it will be not as pleasant as everyone might think.

Endless loop teams, delayed turns, death mark, mana drain, stalling teams, etc.

There are enough methods to ruin the experience for others.


Please, no real time PvP in this game!


You are correct. Do we know if the servers are in house or outsourced? Reliability would come from one of those two.[quote=“CSZ, post:17, topic:13336”]
There are enough methods to ruin the experience for others.

And the reverse argument is true as well. With the confirmation of guild wars, we might see if real-time pvp will be a thing worth still fighting for. The guild update had a huge impact (for me anyway not sure enough to talk for others in this regard) on donations.

I vote against real player vs player matches. I do not want to wait to be matched with someone in a similar bracket, I just want to play.