A New Mythic Approaches - Shade of Zorn

For Shame of Zorn
1000 glory keys 1400 gem keys
26k seals

It appears Zorn is expensive for a bunch of folks (including myself)… What a shame…

Gains mana when taking damage.
Immune to poison.
Seriously ? :expressionless:

I mean, there are already not much possibilities to harm one of our troop consistently.
And you directly ban one of them.


I start to wonder why we no longer have access to the chest drop rates :thinking:


Yeah… That’s their idea of balance.
It would be cool if we could make it bleed but…
So that’s probably not an option either. 🤷


500 Guild(Gem) Keys, 350 Gem Keys. Still awful. Doesn’t even get a kingdom star. Shame of Zorn.

Oh that’s just a coincidence I’m sure. It’s not like ever since they removed that into from the community to access… New legendary and Mythic troops have personally for be taken 4 times the resources to get. Oh wait. :speak_no_evil:

400 gem keys, bcs I open 200 at a time :smiley:
Still need 310 more epic ingots to finish all normal weapon :c

And the guy is stealthy.

His Mythic third trait, his very specific mechanic, that makes him so unique, needs him to be damaged.
And his two other traits make him impossible to target and immune to one of the few damage-dealing status.

Who the hell have been able to design such a troop ?
In any other job, you would be fired for serious misconduct.


Maybe thats the point where designer lose the connection to reality and make decisions they are completely :poop::poop::poop:

like implement cheating ai, remove the match-gems-soul from the game, implement p2w, ignore the community etc

In an all orc team including gar’nok he is ok…still one of the weak mythics. Id like to see +4 mana gain / +4 magic on dmg received. Id also like to see gargantur gain ~20hp on 4/5 gem matches also but those are qol improvements that take so long for devs to decide on…

Worst, most poorly designed Mythic yet. Single target attack? 2 Fists of Zorn? Why 2 Zorns? Why not just 2 Orc troops? The Zorns won’t even be empowered on summon?
Garbage third trait for a Mythic. Could of at least had a trait that helps all allies or hurts all enemies…
This Mythic makes some Ultra rare troops look good.


I always knew the Peasant had more potential than anyone gave him credit for :upside_down_face:

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1k glory keys, 100 gem keys, 5k seals. Pretty cheap for a collector only mythic.

I get that the orcs are ultimately always set up to lose, but do we have to make it so obvious?


50 guild key for me, thanks i didin’t want to waste too much for this

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When the devs nerf the mythic instead of buffing him

50 guild keys. Traited, leveled, and will likely only come out on forced Orc teams.

Fifty Shades of Zorn… ladies. :kissing_heart: :open_mouth:

Guildmate pulled 4 today without spending that many keys…