A New Mythic Approaches - Astral Mother

Quoted for truth! Tesla is one of my all time favorite troops thanks to her scaling based on armor, and she’s only Legendary. We need more scaling troops.

Unfortunately this is just more feedback that will likely never see the light of day. :frowning_face:


Oh, she’s The Mythic. :sob:

Ironic that they’ve literally paid me to do work for them before. Not QA, I volunteered for that. Until I didn’t because they don’t listen. (When did I lose that old beta tag thing? Not complaining, about time really.)

Fairly sure we can mostly agree I would be able to balance things better.

I’ll admit that the delve factions are usually balanced reasonably well. The problem there is that half the time the damn things are fiendish and incredibly annoying. Well-designed, if one’s plan was to be fiendish and annoying.


Mythics like these are when I do Glory dumps. Since, so long as I get one, I don’t consider it a waste, I was going to drop 450k glory anyway. I just consider it another type of resource.
That’s how bad it is.

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Upcoming hotfix to bring new mythic in line with community expectations!