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A bug about Wyrmrun

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I’m delving in Wyrmrun. When it’s my turn, some of my troops used their traits “Bone Pile”, converted some Purple Gems to Skulls, accidentally formed a row with 4 Skulls. Then the game crashed. I can’t do anything on the board. All I can do is read the troop’s skill descriptions or exit and lose the battle and the whole delve.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
The bug happened twice. The next time is when I was doing the quest in Wyrmrun and it was the opposite team’s turn but formed a row with 3 Skulls. The game didn’t crash somehow, the Skull didn’t disappear instantly, and AI formed a row with 4 Skulls. The AI got an extra turn.
Like this, * represent Skulls, ? represent other gems:
* * * ?
? ? ? *
* * * *
? ? ? ?

Steps to make it happen again
All depends on luck.


It also locks up on PC steam, if you can cast it gets past the problem if not forfeiting is the only way


No crash on my android phone but this is just bananas.

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Forfeiting when the board locks with a bug shouldn’t occur in a checked and tested game. This Delve is a failure. Full refunds are required.


Remember Amanithrax, where rooms paid out too few rewards on release weekend? Remember how they compensated 10% of the missing rewards for those who still played because they had already bought shop tiers? Remember how they said they considered this very generous from their side?


I’ve just had the same bug on PS4. Board locks in boss room and I has to quit so lost the sigil. I’m at room 160 and now I’m not sure whether to stop ? They’re unlikely to fix this today surely?

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Had same issue on PS4. Game crashes when 4/5 skulls on a row appeared.

Lost a Sigil every time it happened .

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They are unlikely to even acknowledge anything is broken until the event is over.


It’s the weekend now in Australia so I think you’ve got more chance winning the jackpot on the Euromillions tonight :crossed_fingers::+1:


this was found on beta by @ctenn2ls yesterday, and discussed there. I myself could not reproduce it, but it got reported to the devs already.


Can we get confirmation that it can happen both on Player and AI turn? Trying to advise guildies on best approach to survive GoW QA this weekend…
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I think it’s just on the AI turn as that’s when they are creating skulls randomly but that’s the issue it’s completely luck based If it happens to you. I’m at Level 160 and it’s the first problem I’ve had. I’m going to stop playing and hope it gets fixed before Sunday

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On Xbox additional game freeze or directly end during faction only runs. Needed at 100 3 games because the first 2 crashed and went back to desktop. So I lost 2 games.
Is this another way to raise gem sales?
Because surly at the rounds and sigils are lost during crash.
Happens only during faction only so I guess it has something to do with the skull issue

They’d need to rework their battle engine in regards to skull resolution at the start of your turn, which isn’t going to happen any time soon. A quick solution would be replacing the last trait of each Wyrmrun troop with something else, as much as I know that can be done without requiring client side patch.


Replacing with a different trait should be done asap…this is just not viable

Same problem here (on PC). Once I was able to free myself by putting the skulls together, but it only worked once. Already lost 3 faction searches. And the Devs dare to claim that it is not a bug … 5 minutes of games is enough to say the opposite!

It’s nice to see how devs carefully save bugs from campaign to campaign. Today, there were many reports in community that the game freezes due to the 3rd trait. I hope we will not hear in response “It’s already the weekend in Australia, we will definitely fix it on Monday”. :sweat_smile: It’s strange that no one has tested this before release, because almost everyone has this bug.
It is better to delay faction to save runs. And I think that we need second release since new Friday after fixing this bug.

On series X, 3 attemps and 3 times my game crashed. Impossible to end the first game. It happens with skulls created on both sides. If you upgraded 3rd traits it is totally impossible to end this faction.

It was tested in Beta release (read so in above posts), reported to devs and anyway promoted to the live game.
That’s why I hope they already have a fix that is now being tested to implement asap

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