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A bug about Wyrmrun

My Xbox game has crashed out of the game now 6 times. Same issues.

My English is poor so I don’t really know what do you mean by “bananas”…
Could you explain what that means in this context for me?

Your English isn’t poor just because you don’t recognize this idiom, no worries!

“Bananas” in this context means “Crazy,” “Wild,” or otherwise “Ape-like Kookie” :crazy_face:


I was not going to trait these troops at first, but will now. Hopefully they don’t fix and put the old trait back in before the event ends.

I am starting to think that GoW are using players (beta test program) to pass some certification and not for the purpose of quality control or quality assurance.

Poor players. They devoted their free time to make the game better….

Glad i recommended the wait and see approach to my audience on like monday in regards to the third trait on the new faction troops.

I couldnt know it would soft lock the game but it seemed to backfire prone and i wanted to see first

Right for the wrong reason still right tho

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