8.0 Update: Immortals

Nothing wrong with having a choice and i never suggest to erase single offers, but some players like me prefer to have all pets/troops/weapons on release and pay for that state. For players like me it’s already an “all or nothing” system, because it’s a decision between having all troops or missing some out and it would be cool to be rewarded with a better price model.

The missing guardians already weakened the motivation to obtain all troops, but having mutliple passes to get them/max them out is even worse. Or do you want to see an Explore pass in update 9.0 and a Pet Resue Pass at version 10.0 and so on? There are already more than enough other offers to decline. If the monthly investion reaches a specifc limit, i completely switch over to free to play.


zuul is a boss, can’t see that tag on immortals, you can also face cosmic dragons right now in explore

Wow this is just terrible. Probably going to quit when this releases. It’s just too much. Another pass to pay for? Forget this nonsense.


Thanks for posting this and confirming that I am quitting the game. It is such a shame that they wasted all this time and effort on PVP. Good luck to all. Immortals seems like a terrible idea on how it is acquired and upgraded. One day I wish I was in meeting about how they make these non-player friendly ideas. This never should have been implemented.


these troops are much bigger than dragons. I’ll be wondering if they’re missing this part. Mode-related units shouldn’t appear in e12, that’s simple.

There are only 1 immortal with looping ability, not buffled yet.

Do you just post and troll all day? There should be a report button. You harass people.

the pvp battles for purple will be so difficult that people will leave the Alliance :rofl:

They need to make these passes cheaper then or have less events. Another option is an overall pass and seperate passes. Though adding all those passes together should be more expensive then buying yhe overall pass.

Even if they do this they already messed up to much for me to want to support this game anymore. Only staying for my guild otherwise would have stopped playing already. Maybe if they start fixing things that should have been QoL changes ages ago will supoort again but in it’s current state definitly not. Still salty about the insulting “synch compensation” as well. The devs are really out of touch with it’s playerbase.


Apparently they first had to make sure that GW feels rewarding enough for heavy money spenders. It looks like those Immortal troops will do the trick just fine, upgrading them to level 30 for extra powerful traits will likely take F2P player centuries (and those just paying for the pass decades). I believe GW will be back fast now.


I believe Zuul can show up as the Mythic Boss in Karakoth Explore (likewise Ctharrasque in Hellcrag), but…

…technically, the event versions of Zuul and Ctharrasque are distinct Troops from their obtainable base versions. Six Mana Colors and Invulnerable vs. three colors and Impervious, etc.


They can’t. When Explore in its current form was first introduced, Zuul could indeed appear as the boss in Karakoth explore. However, since the introduction of Enraged Kurandara, Boss troops no longer appear in Explore.


Every one of those meetings is the same. It’s basically:


Dude always pops up just before there is a new update (with a new account.)

Spams the forums and gets banned. Rinse and repeat.

Edit Suspended again already :rofl:

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A lot of people believe this has been going on for quite a while now.


I definitely understand your perspective, but coming from kingdom builder apps where “P2W” means people 100 times your level/power obliterating your kingdom and plundering all your resources every other day because they have seemingly unlimited money in their banks accounts… GoW is incredibly tame by comparison :joy: In those games, high-paying players compete on an entirely different level which F2P players could never hope to achieve. In GoW, a F2P player can regularly win against players who have spent thousands.

There’s very little direct competition in GoW outside of leaderboards (which display who has the most time and/or money to spend), and even in direct competition like GW (RIP), you never lose anything. You may miss out on some rewards, sure, but you don’t lose all your dang stone and wood like in those stupid kingdom builders! :joy: Worst case scenario, some dude who spent $1000 on x4 Stellarix beats your defense team in GW and his guild outranks yours in the bracket, winning 50 gems or whatever more than you. Good for him, I guess.


Interesting. I’m convinced it happened (and that I even took a screenshot of it) but that doesn’t mean anything unless it was recent (and it definitely was not) … Explore is probably third place for which game mode I play the least.

It wouldn’t be very difficult for them to simply shut the game down with little-to-no notice, to take the money they’ve already accumulated and run. There are roughly one gazillion mobile games that have done exactly that, even if most of them haven’t been around as long as Gems of War.

The developers are evolving the game, even if few of us agree with the directions in which they’re taking said game. And they’re clearly trying to keep the money train rolling. You may believe otherwise, but people are prone to believe all sorts of things that bear little resemblance to reality.


I have really only kept coming back after breaks because of new achievements. This new one about reaching rank 10 on an immortal is the reason I am stopping. I hate PVP, dislike all the PVP changes because it went from a once a week get to max rank to now daily time gating. Add now the immortal RNG. No thanks. I will play to the next TOD to complete the spear weapon set. Then I am done for good.


What you’re saying is, GW are dead in the water.