8.0 Update: Immortals

8.0 Update: Immortals

Immortals are a new type of Mythic Troop linked to the PvP Seasons (more on that further down) with a new unique levelling system.

  • When 8.0 Launches, we will have 10 Immortals available in Chests.
  • Each Immortal has its own unique currency, Immortal Souls – used for levelling it.
  • Unlike regular Troops, Immortals can only be unlocked or gain levels by earning and spending their Immortal Souls. Immortals unlock when a player earns 10 of its Immortal Souls.
  • Unlocked Immortals start at Level 1 (for all players, even if the player has VIP levels). A Level 1 Immortal has similar Skill Points to a Level 20 Mythic
    • This is so players can start using Immortals immediately upon unlock.
  • Immortals can be leveled to Level 30
    • Each level on an Immortal will unlock something new, this includes:
      • More Skill Points
      • The Immortals 3 Traits (and upgraded versions of these – see below)
      • Mana Cost reductions (similar to Shiny Troops),
      • A special Immortal Weapon, whose spell works with the Immortal Troop,
      • An Immortal Pet that also works with the Immortal Troop.
  • Immortal Weapons and Pets can only be upgraded by levelling their associated Immortal – they do not use ingots, or pet food, or duplicate copies.
  • Immortal Troops, Weapons, and Pets cannot be upgraded by Orbs.
  • At Level 30 Immortals unlock their Awakened Traits, which are more powerful versions of their Traits.
  • Once fully levelled, any excess Immortal Souls will be automatically converted into Burning Marks, as 1 Burning Mark for every 5 excess Immortal Souls.
  • Immortals have a home Kingdom and a home Region.
  • Immortals can ignore any restrictions in their home Region, allowing them to always be used within that region.
    • However, they do obey any Region restrictions in other regions.
  • Immortal Troops’ spells have a bonus effect that triggers when used in their home Region (mentioned in their spell description).
  • Only 1 Immortal can be active in a team at a time.
  • Players are able to view their Immortals in the Troop List, but Immortals also have their own menu on the left-hand side of the PvP world map, where players can view all Immortals available and manage the Immortals they own.
  • ‘New Immortals will be introduced with PvP Seasons, with each Season having a Featured Immortal that players will be able to collect Immortal Souls for from the season’s rewards.’New Immortals will be introduced with PvP Seasons, with each Season having a Featured Immortal that players will be able to collect Immortal Souls for from the season’s rewards.

The Immortals update introduces the final PvP Currency – Burning Marks. It also introduces the Burning Chests which can be opened with Burning Marks.

  • Burning Chests are a new Chest related to PvP
  • Burning Chests can be found on the left-hand side of the PvP World Map
  • It costs 10 Burning Marks to open a Burning Chest
  • Burning Marks can be earned in 3 ways:
    • PvP Season Pass
    • PvP Season Goals
    • Directly purchasing from the PvP Shop (this will have weekly limits)
  • Burning Chests will give one of the following:
    • 10 – 50 Immortal Souls for a random Immortal
    • 20 Gold Marks or 50 Silver Marks
    • 1 Bronze, Silver or Gold Icon
  • Icons are a new collectible resource that can be traded in for VP in the PvP Shop (in the Other Tab) or saved for the start of the New Season
  • Icons are worth the following amounts
    • Bronze Icon: 500 VP
    • Silver Icon: 1,500 VP
    • Gold Icon: 5,000 VP
  • Trading an Icon will earn the VP towards both your Weekly and Total VP amounts for the Season
  • Any Icons that have been saved or not used by the end of a Season will be auto-converted to 10% of their VP value when the new Season begins, giving players a means to get a headstart for the new Season.

As hinted back in the 7.3 update, we are introducing PvP Seasons to Gems of War. There are 2 parts to Season – Season Pass and Season Goals.

PvP Season Pass

  • PvP Seasons will last 11 weeks.
  • Each Season will have a Featured Immortal, which will be a new Immortal introduced that season.
  • Immortal Souls for this Featured Immortal can be earned from the Season Pass and Season Goals. Players will also have a chance to earn Immortal Souls for them from Burning Chests when their Season begins.
  • Players advance through Tiers in the Season Pass by earning VP in PvP battles during the season.
    • VP earned from trading in Icons will also count towards this.
  • There is only a single reward track, however some Tiers rewards are locked unless the player has the Premium Pass.
  • There are 90 Tiers in the Season Pass for players to achieve.
  • Season Pass rewards include things such as Immortal Souls for the Feature Immortal, Burning Marks, Talismans, Boosters, and other rewards.
  • Season Pass progress resets each Season.

Season Goals

  • Each Season will have a set of Goal Tasks for players to complete.
  • All Goals can be achieved by playing in the PvP system.
  • There are 3 levels to complete for each Goal – Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Completing a level for a Goal will give a reward of either Burning Marks, or Immortal Souls for the Featured Immortal.
  • Season Goals reset each Season.

The first PvP Season, the Season of Ice will begin 22nd of July, at weekly reset. Keep an eye out for a PvP Season blog with more information

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • 20,000 VPs Under the Sea: Earn 20,000 Victory Points in a PvP Season.
  • There Can Be Only 10: Upgrade an Immortal to Level 10.

  • Silver Marks and Gold Marks have had a visual update to match the new Burning Marks.
  • In the Resource Wallet we have created a new category called PvP where Silver Marks, Gold Marks, Monolith Sigils and Citadel Sigils, will be joining Burning Marks, and the 3 new Icons.
  • The Alliance Skill point boost for Alliances with 0 – 1 Citadels will now apply to those players’ teams on Defense at a reduced amount. (This bonus will add to the Blood Frenzy boost that applies to opponents in those regions).
    • 0 Citadels = 20% to PvP Defense
    • 1 Citadels = 10% to PvP Defense
  • We have added 2 new Citadel Guardians that will be encountered in their Home Regions the week after 8.0 releases:
    • Guardian of Innovation will be encountered in Aidania
    • Guardian of Ice will be encountered in Winter’s Reach
  • We will be offering an Alliance Grace Period for the first week of Season 1 – during this time players will be able to change Alliances without losing any VP or Loyalty.
    • From Monday, July 22nd at daily reset when the Season begins until the following Monday the 29th.
    • You can change Alliance more than once in this period
    • After daily reset on Monday the 29th, penalties will apply again if you change Alliance.
  • Warbands will be rotated next week!

  • We have fixed an issue in the Trials menu where the screen was not scrolling along to match your cursor selection.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

Just an additional note, due to some unforeseen delays, SONY and Switch will get the new Season Pass purchases later than the Season going live.

For more information: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/10226840758671-Sony-and-Switch-8-0-Premium-Purchases-Unavailable


You should introduce a down vote option to give changes or updates easy feedback. :-1:


I was right. Immortals can avoid some restrictions and can be used more often to encourage people to buy them. The outer pvp regions can be troublesome at times and immortals can make it easier for you. I have a hunch that burning marks will be mostly money locked, and all of that rng nonsense with burning chests is absurd.

Why can’t we just get things that we need or want to try out without the randomness? Please, just let us save up burning marks and souls for immortal troops that we want to use…


Sounds complicated. :thinking:


The whole PvP concept is rubbish. Boring Boring Boring


Monetized PvP looks :zipper_mouth_face:

In other topics: could we have an answer to “what happens to my alliance ranking once a new season starts and you take my VP away”?
:blush: :vulcan_salute:


A week in advance is good so people can quit early.


I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

aww, I guess that’s fair. saves needing to get multiple copies of any

Oh that’s gross. so basically every battle I play now will have 20% higher pvp stats. Even non-citadel battles…


So…let me get this right…. New troops…can only be bought with currency that’s either paid for or might be rewards during the season…which then MIGHT give me progress towards a random troop. Or might just give me silver marks. And all the other stuff I have stockpiled up for leveling/improving troops is useless?



I think this is going to be like gem and cosmic dragon eggs but with 10 troops, 10 weapons (at least you can only get one of those lol), and those souls for upgrading them. You can bet that burning marks will be harder to get than dragonite, and this is going to be another test of patience and frustration. You only need 10 immortal souls to unlock one, which should be relatively easy, but upgrading them to level 30 seems like it’s going to take even longer than maxing out your kingdoms. The leftover souls from an immortal troop if you already have one seem like they don’t have much value.

They keep adding more layers and complexity to rng hell, and many players have already had enough…


Well at least this is the last piece of the pvp rework and then they should start working on GW which is good news to me.


So here’s our alliance balance… then after we all go purple they’ll pull a fast one on us all.

For some reason I don’t trust the devs anymore at all.


I haven’t trusted them since the blatant lies started 2 years ago. And it’s only gotten worse.


Except guild wars just became 100% pay to win and as such no longer the test of skill it was.


It is so disappointing that many of us dread updates instead of looking forward to them.


While I’m happy for the grace period that allows players to switch alliances with no penalties, this is the best part of the update.

Everything else just sounds like, “Please play more PVP. We promise it’s fun.” (Whatever I interpret from reading the update can only be my opinion, not a statement of fact.)

I have a competitive personality so I’m sure I’ll benefit from the whole PVP rework. My overall issue with it is the alleged implication that all players should play PVP when that’s not what all players want. Immortal troops are only likely to infuriate and frustrate more players, especially less competitive completionists.

I wonder how many people will leave after reading this update. You don’t see me topping any leaderboards, because I have other hobbies. Respectfully, let me be honest. This game is not my job.


ah yes, I love slot machines /sarcasm


It’s more genius than that. To get Immortal souls in the first place you would already have “won” the slot machine the first time you opened a chest. But then you have to try again and hope you get souls again. Wanna bet the chance of getting souls is 10% or so? Assuming they even tell us of course, or tell us the truthful odds if they do. Imagine if you crafted a random mythic in the forge instead of the specific on you craft at moment. Now imagine getting the duplicate mythic swapped for a gem key. There’s a CHANCE that key could be a new mythic.
It’s a cash grab. Not impressed at all. Game breaking for top end players who aren’t millionaires


Even for Vip players , Devs why do you think players invest real hard earn cash, its to get forward in the game faster. Or are you trying your hardest to get paid players to leave sooner or just want them to spend more without extra reward/ benefits. So VIP level 11 and higher just dont mean anything anymore. Plus these new immortals are new type of troop and according to vip 11 TROOPS START AT LEVEL 15