7.1 Bug Update (Please read before submitting any new reports/tickets)

And what is the difference between this issuance of awards from the previous one, you can find out?
You just gave everyone 1 stage more rewards.
But in fact, you did exactly the same thing as before - you cheated the players who gave your game 7 years of life and a considerable amount of money

Those. a level 1499 player got everything before this for 499 levels (for example, 2500 writs, 500 gems, etc.) and now for the previous one (3212 writs, 500 gems, etc.)

The level 1501 player got nothing before and now what the level 1499 player got before (2500 writs, 500 gems, etc.).

They released an update that gives out awards for long service, please give it to ALL and COMPLETELY, i.e. EQUALLY.


@Jeto I agree with @Hazard1 that there isn’t enough clarity yet on compensation. I understand that this is still in flux and you can’t be overly specific at this point, but some of what you said concerned me a great deal. It came off like you’re downplaying the severity of the issue by suggesting we can just go ahead with the truncated week as-is. It sound like you meant: “Well, you’re getting another free lantern to use this (broken) week because of the reset, and you still have your trinkets to use for the rest of this (broken) week, so that’s good enough, right?”

No. No, it isn’t, because the maze having reset means it’s impossible to complete the underspire. Even if it weren’t resetting daily, one mid-week reset is enough to put the finish line beyond reach for everyone. So there’s no point at all continuing to do any battles in the underspire for the remainder of the week. I skipped the underspire completely today and will not be playing that mode again until this is resolved. I’m not collecting the “bonus” lantern because it isn’t a bonus if I can’t use it for anything meaningful. The trinkets are meaningless if I can’t use them either. Nobody’s going to spend gems for lanterns until this is fixed, and 7 daily torches is so unlikely to get anyone to the first boss room that there’s no point even chasing the ephemeral rewards.

I’ve been regularly buying 10 torches, at a rate of 150 gems a day. This week I did that for the first three days, and I purchased two sets of trinkets with an eye toward using them on later bosses, for a total of 500 gems. I completed 2 or 3 mini bosses. This means 3 or 4 mini bosses’ rewards, and the main boss’s reward, are all out of reach. So I’ve lost out not only on 500 gems this week, but on 4-5 boss rooms’ worth of rewards. (If there’s any means of checking the history of what I bought with gems, my invite code is Aldin.)

Compensation for this bug MUST include refunding the gems spent, at a bare minimum. But it’d be cheap not to also give us—at least those of us who started the underspire in good faith—the rewards we missed out on as well. I have no idea how you’ll manage to justly compensate anyone who spent money on lanterns.

There really isn’t any other way around this.

I get that there’s very likely to be a problem determining how many gems to refund each player, and an even bigger problem identifying how to make up for lost money. I’m also willing to accept that there may have to be a blanket one-compensation-fits-all approach, at least apart from the real-money purchases which are probably gonna need more finesse. But that one-fits-all is gonna have to be in the ballpark of 1000 gems.


Yes, the rewards have arrived, now I really don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream with rage. The update with news was bad and rushed, not properly tested. It’s my personal opinion, but how else to talk about her. It’s still discriminatory. First I got rewards for 51 levels (I’m 2051 lv) and now I got: 61 keys, 500 gems, 50 runes and dragonites and 2,500 writes. The fact that I paid and I see that I should get 155 calls, 2,000 gems, 150 runes and drogonites, 7,500 writes (not once but twice) is more like salt in the wound. Thank you for the patch, even if it is completely inadequate. As I say. In my opinion, the update and its changes should not have come out in this form at all. And when you wanted to release it, you should have given rewards from lv1 - 10,000, for example, that would have solved it.


I stopped playing Underspire after it was reset . I am not prepared to pay over and above what I already put in. Plus the time and effort to complete all the rooms. I assumed it would be fixed , so I see this is not coming . I feel in no man’s land

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That’s all we get. They like to penalize players for making progress in the game. This isn’t the first time and as long as people keep paying them for it it won’t be the last. It’s the same reason they won’t give us the paid path rewards for any previous paths, they could if they actually wanted to make an effort. Instead we get the same usual “oh what a shame we don’t seem to be able to do that, oh well here’s another way to pay us”


I still can’t believe someone in your team thinks only giving one stage “compensation” is a fair move.

1499 player gets all reward from 1000 to 1499
1501 player gets nothing

1499 player gets all rewards from 500 to 1499
1501 player gets reward from 1000 to 1499

The difference changes from the reward of 1000-1500 to reward of 500-1000, not ZERO, which is what it should be.

I’m not even mentioning 500-1000 reward has more writs which is the only (somewhat) useful thing for higher level players.

You know when others in this post chain pointed out the problem before today’s “compensation”, I was like come on this must be just a misunderstanding of the texts, surely they can’t be that dumb to give only one stage of rewards instead of from lvl1.
But apparently I am the dumb one.


The free track rewards should be literally as easy as an if/then statement… IF player level > x, THEN send reward. I understand its a little more complicated than that, but there is NO reason why they could only send the tier below whatever you are currently on. If the devs cant figure out how to make a simple if/then statement for this, then there is something MASSIVELY wrong with either the team or the base code of the game.

As for the premium passes, i could understand it taking some effort to make them available, as some form of UI would need to be made, but the rewards are so good in those premium paths, that it is pretty much guaranteed to pay for however much it costs to make that UI.

The extra 7500 writs (+other stuff) is literally what most of the end game players desperately want, deeds/books. They may not be coming in the desired quantity, but along with the gems (which can be given to the merchant for more deeds) and other random stuff, THIS is the pass, so far, that would be the most likely to get actual money from the higher level players.


Can you send some torches and or lanterns THIS WEEK??
Next week they won’t be valuable at all


ok i am posting here because there is no point in creating a new thread.

the fact the SF says there is an upgrade now gives you the chance to add 5 additional levels,

what you put there is on you but i have two suggestions

. a new tab for pets, there is a huge pool now and pets would be welcomed by many.

another sugestion. the ability to create any resource in the game. curse runes or dragonite to name a couple.

technically there are an ability to craft books, yet the ratio is overwhelming. Just to remind there are a recipe to exchange 10 diamonds for 100 souls KEKW. So Im afraid those new resource creation mechanism wouldn’t be any useful

Yes that’s a good idea and for me I would add a better shiny tokens solution than it is now. Even if units with shiny level did not increase, the inventory increased by half.

Ugh. Thanks, I guess? I actually really do appreciate that someone at least made an attempt to fix this demoralizing debacle. Unfortunately, this is not a fix, at all.

The way the paths worked (as implemented), players are quite literally punished for being farther along. This “fix” does not change that problem. As a player over 1500, I am still shut out of getting resources that I earned just as much as someone who reaches 1500 next year. The “fix” just makes it so I am shut out of one less tier of rewards. The “fix” also does nothing to address the glaring imbalance between being say, level 1499 versus 1501.

Honestly, doing this makes less sense than doing nothing. The only fair and balanced thing to do for the free paths is this:

Every player over level 100 should receive all of the Adventurer path rewards
Every player over level 250 should receive all of the Adventurer path rewards AND all Guardian path rewards
Every player over level 500 should receive all of the Adventurer path rewards, the Guardian path rewards AND the Champion path rewards
etc etc etc
All of the level 1000+ people should receive ALL tiers they have passed.

The paid paths are a bit trickier because of the exalted path being essentially repeatable. I think it’s completely reasonable for that to take some time to sort out a solution. But holy wow, the free path rewards are a no brainer.


This may have been answered before or it might also be not discussed yet at all. But if a 1500+ player would buy the Exalted Pass+, what would he get. Free has been added from 1000 upwards (but not below). But 1500+? Only rewards from 1500 upwards? Or also the tier below? And if the free pass finally gets everything (as it should be), would there be a way for higher ranked levels to get those rewards too? Either from buying the highest pass or even from a 2nd offer?

Once again, not buying any path pass until this is sorted.

@Jeto, as I only received the second item you said we were supposed to receive as compensation, I will be filing a bug report and a help ticket.


Since technically it’s 8:30 am on a Saturday in Australia right now, which counts as a working day all over the world, we should get an answer and the rest of the missing rewards in short time.

On the other hand, everyone knows that’s probably just wishful thinking … :thinking:


If you did not receive the Paragon Path rewards, please see the bug report I created (link above) and add a comment so they know how many people have been impacted


This is not true. Most countries, including Australia, have a working week starting on Monday and ending on Friday. See this link for details.


Well I agree with Australia having a short working week with 38 h per average, starting from Monday and ending on Friday.

But there are several countries in the world that see Saturday as a regular working day. Like Bolivia, Brunei, Colombia, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Hong Kong, Republic of India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Somalia, Uganda or Uzbekistan.

And there’s also “special fields” like medical care or retail, that generally are available at weekends (sometimes only Saturdays, sometimes also Sundays). Taxi drivers or Uber has working days on the weekend. Cinemas as well. Or Restaurants.

The company I work for never closes. Open 24/7 and 365.

So “generally speaking” Saturday IS a possible WORKING DAY …

Especially when you’re working in the IT sector where everyone is able to work from home at any time.

But with this few lines I probably worked more today than all of the devs combined. Everyone to their own. In other words, everyone is allowed to have their time off. BUT every now and then in between they should do their work if they want to keep it …


Every day is a possible working day, but without time off things will never get better. Working from home doesn’t fix that. Being able to just log on and work in their free time isn’t the same as having time off. It does seem that there is a good bit of strain with getting content out at the rate they want it, while also releasing at the quality players want it.

Just saying all this because it’s not like they aren’t working or putting in any effort and I really doubt they’re trying to put out something bad on purpose. Just feels, to me, like they are rushed and struggling to keep up with whatever plan is in place.