7.1 Bug Update (Please read before submitting any new reports/tickets)

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to create a thread with an update on a few different issue that have been raised, so if anyone else is unsure if something has been reported or not they can look here quickly as well as provide some further information about where we are at.

Firstly here is a list of the top issues we have reported over the past 24 hours. This is not everything, just the main ones:

  • Underspire resetting after 7.1 update - Known Issues article
  • CLIFFY errors at the end of battles
    • Fix is just going through final testing
  • Adventure board task impossible to complete and blocking collecting Daily Progress
  • Level 20 Soulforge displaying update available when 20 is the max
  • Exalted Pass unavailable/blank on Sony - Known Issues article
  • Large difficulty increase in the Underspire
    • Being investigating to check if linked to the reset
  • And lastly various graphical reports

These are all currently being investigated or are in the works of testing to release a fix.

If you are experiencing one of these issues above, there is no need to submit a ticket

Also, any compensation for these bugs will be investigated and organised once the fixes are released.

Also, with the release of the update Paragon’s Path - we’ve shared your feedback regarding being able to claim the free rewards of the previous paths that you may have missed out on!

There is mail being sent out that will compensate some of the higher level players. I do not currently have an ETA on when this will be sent out.

  • Anyone who has the Guardian’s Path or higher will now receive the rewards of the previous pass in the mail
    • If you are on the Champion’s Path, you will receive the Guardian’s Path rewards
    • If you are on the Paragon’s Path, you will receive the Champion’s Path rewards
    • If you are on the Exalted Path you will receive the Paragon’s Path rewards
  • Anyone over level 1500 will also gain the previous iteration of Exalted Paths rewards.
  • If you are on the Adventurer’s Path, there is no previous Path, so there will be no rewards compensated

Currently there is no way to gain access to the previous Premium+ Pass rewards. We have noted this and will look into possibilities for this for future updates!

Should there be any further information, updates, mail sent, fixes released, etc. they will be shared in their relevant known issues article (if there is one) and we will pop an update in here. Either as a comment or edit to include it under it’s matching issue.


So if I understand this correctly, players are only receiving one tier down on the Path rewards?

Exalted is locked out of Champions, Guardian and Adventurer’s path?
Paragon is locked out of Guardian and Adventurer’s path?




Why we lose the opportunity to pay for them because of the high level?We lose the motivation to play because it could happen again.


Yea I was thinking the same thing. On top of not having any way to get any previous paid path rewards, this really just makes the fix feel half-assed at best.

I will never understand why sometimes they seemingly go out of their way to penalize people for being further in the game.


I think you miscalculated a lot with “500 levels” per the exalted pass for the high level gamers. That’s something that you really need to take into consideration.
It took me 9 months to get from 1600 to 1677. Buying exalted pass means I have to place a bet now that I’ll still be playing this game (and the game will still exist) in 3-4 years time (assuming the game exists that long), because each level takes longer than the previous one. This is a gamble, and a long one, which says “don’t buy until you are level 1999”, which will likely happen sometime at the end of 2027. Is that encouraging to get the wallet out? Not a chance…


I respect the fact that the devs have tried to ease the tension with more haste than usual. Thank you, @Jeto.

The retroactive compensation for a previously completed path is at least some good news for higher level players. (Getting ALL of the previous rewards for the different stages of the adventures path is probably more complicated and getting some of the rewards is better than nothing)

Higher level players like myself most likely want the lost deeds, gems and exalted keys (perhaps dragonite if u r still unlucky) from the previous completed stages of the adventures path.

However, this is just a bandaid for the real issue and continuing problem–deed books. With kingdoms leveling up to the unrealistic power level of 30 after every campaign, all kingdoms will be locked.

I would love to just trade unnecessary resources for writs, deeds and books just to make meaningful progress and stop wondering how long it’s going to take…:hourglass_flowing_sand:


Yep I would love to trade in the new orb of ingot that should have never been invented since there are already a million ways to get ingots. Orb of book and deed would have been much better IMHO.


I get annoyed every time I get one of those orbs. Just dilutes the pool of orbs I actually need.

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I don’t think so, because the tier down contains all tiers below. That’s what I understood…

I really hope so.

it missed quite a few opportunities to specify everything before it, like “previous passes instead of previous pass” or “receive the Paragon’s Path rewards and everything before it”


Shouldn’t be that hard, the rewards come in by reaching level xyz, “stages”, and can be sent out via mail in “complete path bundles”. Even if someone would have to do the math by hand for each stage and path, why should the players settle for less than what’s reasonable out of this?
“better than nothing” is not an option, because it simply encourages dev-failure and that kind of phrasing(/misleading?) in the announcements - whether intended or not.
And if what was written really only goes back for the previous path rewards and not all of them from the ground it is just rotten.


“Iteration” or “iterations”? This sounds like someone at, say, level 2796, will only get sent the rewards for 2000 - 2500, not those for 1000 - 1500 and 1500 - 2000. I guess it’s an improvement, but still, those are your most loyal players. They’ve probably spent quite a bit of money to boost their xp rate to progress that far, it feels like they could be treated better.


Yeah, they totally missed an opportunity to give a breathe or smile to players.

I am on the Exalted Path and still not sure what I will get now!
Is it everything from 0-1500 or just 1000-1500?
And when will it be send?
Cause haven’t received it in mail yet.

Their hope is that you’ll drop everything else and play their game for longer, thus the XP booster. Their thought is that the longer you play, the more money you’ll put in.

GoW a glorified slot machine now.

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From what they said.

I get that “getting something rather than nothing” encourages the devs to continue their unprofessional compensation, but players have only gotten that 50 gem kick in the face in the past, so the compensation was a little more considerate.

And on another issue, these patches r being heavily monetized and designed to trick us into buying things we don’t necessarily need. I only buy campaign passes. That’s it. It’s a good investment for 2 and a half months.

They can add all the flashy, colorful, super fantastic stuff they want. If it’s not deed books, I could care less.


I’m with you. I also buy the $2 torch pack in underspire because I have lots of troops left to medal, which blocks my power level progression. I think the exalted path pack is also a decent deal - it is a lot of writs, even though it wll take a super long time. But other than the medals, the deed books and imperial deeds are all I’m looking for. Not really sure why they included troops, glory and souls in the exalted path rewards. At that point you don’t need them. Would be so much nicer to get medal tokens or deeds/deedbooks.

What exactly does “some of the higher level players” mean?
Sure, English is not my first language so I may be missing nuances but so far there is only one interpretation that I see - Player A will receive compensation and Player B will not receive compensation. How are Player A/Player B going to be chosen is a mystery.

Your trying to cheapskate out of this is so sad…it’s not like there are priceless treasures on offer.
I am one of those “higher level players”, as you put it (LVL 2000+) and there is only one thing in Exalted Pass/Chests that I find even remotely interesting - writs; well, more gems (and for a while - dragonite) are always better than fewer gems, so let’s make it two-and-a-half interesting items.
In the grand scheme of things everything else is just meh at this point (troops? - don’t care; cursed runes? - don’t care; souls? - don’t care; glory? - don’t care, and so on), especially, considering, as @Dwuemka remarks above, that gaining a level that far along isn’t a thing that happens overnight making Exalted Pass stuff even less impactful.


The underspire didn’t reset yesterday after I updated to 7.1, but today (first new day on 7.1) it’s reset. I’m gonna need the 500 gems back that I spent: 150/day over 3 days for torches, and 50 for trinkets. I’m also owed 4 mini bosses and 1 main boss of rewards I have no chance of reaching.

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