7.1 Bug Update (Please read before submitting any new reports/tickets)

Same here. Everything else is a complete overpriced waste. I have enough steam balance due to nice oldschool csgo sticker investments, I could afford it. I’m also not against buying things to support a game you enjoy, but the fantasy pricings in combination with continuous sloppy work is what’s killing it all for me.

Another awesome thing is the radio silence we now have again. :wink:


Thats how i feel. Why do we(royal) keep paying anything if the base product is broken? It seems the only things that dont have issues/are fixed immediately are the paid features. There’s no incentive to do anything the players want or to make any actual improvements.

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I’m in a similar position with Google Play credit from surveys. I started buying campaign passes but then one particular update (actually it was their response to it) put me off and I haven’t bought anything since. Now I just spend it on random apps that I don’t use half the time, because the credits expire after a year.


That is my problem… But I read before, I’m a good man. But how can you now between someone create a ticket and I who don’t create a ticket for a compensation?

there likely wont be compensation for this issue since 15 minutes of double xp isnt really that meaningful, but if there is compensation for it, they would just send it to everyone

So for the problem with double lantern, you think I can receive my second free lantern next time?

As it’s almost the start of your work-day on Friday, is it possible to get some sort of guidance on where things stand with the Underspire issue?

  • Is compensation coming this week, or will it be handled next week?
  • I expect this has been a long week for the team. Are you guys working the weekend to fix things, or will you have this weekend off?
  • Is a fix coming that will expect us to make a hard push on it this weekend?
  • Should we just be skipping Underspire this week? Should we use free torches but avoid overspending on gems to catch up?

I realize that there may be a lot of details that are still being decided, but please share what you can. Some of us bought lanterns and are concerned about our money being wasted. Some of us are busy this weekend and won’t have as much time on the weekend for a big push to catch up. A bit of guidance with how you expect the players to react would go a long way to settle our concerns.


No comment.

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Cricket cricket. Cricket :cricket_bat_and_ball:


Hey everyone,

An update on a couple of the bigger issues.

The CLIFFY error occurring at the end of battles fix will be released sometime this morning. Once I know that has been pushed to live, I will edit this post with the time.

Once that goes through, please force close and relaunch.

The Underspire issue has also been resolved, so from weekly reset this should not occur again. With weekly reset, the difficulty in the Underspire should normalise again as well.

While progress in the Underspire was reset, any unused Lanterns, purchased Torches, Trinkets and Keystones from any progress achieved pre-7.1 should have carried over. Due to the reset, this week the Merchant with their free Lantern would have appeared twice.

As mentioned previously compensation for these bugs will be investigated and organised once the fixes are released.

Update 11:40 AM AEST: The Path Pass rewards will also be sent out today to your inboxes. Will update here once this goes live

Update 12:09 PM AEST: These fixes and reward path pass mail have been pushed to the live servers.


Thanks for the update.

The torches and lanterns didn’t carry over if they had already been used, which they likely were because players bought them to use them. You have to redo the maze without those battles. Hopefully the mentioned compensation will either refund gems or help players complete the game mode this week.


Like for me I played first 2 days using all torches. That was reset losing all progress. So I’m short 2 days of torches plus my time because I’m starting over.

I have amended that line, as I was referring to any of those resources that had not been spent previously would have carried over. Spent resources such as spent lanterns/torches or tickets would not have reappeared.

Also added that the Path Reward mail should be going out today as well.


How do we get back the resources that we already purchased and used prior to 7.1?


The issue with tbat is that yes, those resources were consumed, but you have to start over completely from room 1. So, let’s say you’ve spent 350 gems and paid $2. You have to spend another 350 gems to get back to where you were before the the map was restarted. And, you’re missing the torches you used, so you will have to pay $2 again to replace those. So that is the issue.


Plus time spent. No one wants to double do anything. That’s a fact.


@Jeto Are these going out in waves? I received the previous iteration of exalted path, but not the paragon’s path rewards.


same thing happened to me

Okay so @Jeto you are not being clear enough how we get compensated with this messed up Underspire.

My personal example:

Monday I bought 5 torches for 50 gems and Lantern pack for ~2€. I used torches and used one Lantern.

Tuesday I bought 5 torches for 50 gems again, used all my torches and used one Lantern.

On wednesday I wake up to this ultimate mess, and after daily reset I stare at reseted Underspire where I have 7 torches (new daily ones) and only thing that is correct is the 4 Lanterns that I had left from previous days.

So once again HOW am I going to be compensated? I lost the progress and I have to pay a lot more in gems in order to finish the Underspire this week because I have to start over!!


I don’t think Jeto has the answer. The final line in the update said:

My interpretation is that this includes the compensation for Underspire. Since fixed were only just released, we probably won’t hear about the compensation until later in their day. Which is really late considering it’s now the end of the week but that’s where we’re at now…