6.8 Update: Treasures & Temptations

Originally published at: 6.8 Update: Treasures & Temptations – Gems of War

We have redone the opening tutorial sequences for new players. The new tutorial sequence now contains conversations that use the new comic style that we have in the rest of the game. The new tutorial sequence contains 3 battles, each battle will teach 3 different things for the game. The new tutorial sequence tells a…


The Wandering Merchant System - Just more nonsense to click away, wasting time?
Thx for the randomness, but please keep it to yourself in Australia, the players didn’t ask for it. ugh. :face_vomiting:

Overall from the notes, this “update” reads like a disappointment.


I agree that clicking it away all the time forever will be annoying, but let’s see what the offers are. So far I’ve seen treasure maps and red deeds (3/150 gems), edit: and ingots, which are not deals any player should be buying. Maybe there’s interesting stuff in there.

Edit 2: angel offer, epic vault key or 15 dragonite. Cool. My game hung for about 30 seconds after accepting it (ps4).

I don’t care what anyone else says, I actually kinda love this update so far.


Can we get an option to disable Wandering Merchants?


It’s something… I guess. Feels more like an anti-botting mechanic, but sure.


This actually looks pretty interesting, I like it so far. Notable offers:

  • 10 colored pet food for 2500 gold
  • 1 imperial deed for 250 gems
  • 5 diamonds for free

Anything to slow down people’s grinding eh?


Awful update. Took my fun away. It only slows me down to get a Genie offer every single explore run after 3 matches, no matter if I accept or deny.

Is there a way to go back to an older version of the game? Or at least to deactivate the changes? Better if they’re taken out of explore, in PVP I wouldn’t care, just stop playing that mode. But explore is the only game mode that brings me fun except pet hunt. At least until now I guess …

I haven’t tried 6.8 since it’s – shockingly – not available on Amazon devices yet, but… it sounds like we’re now getting deals that show up frequently and randomly, that don’t require players to do anything they weren’t doing before, and that give better prices than the daily / arena gem deals. So what little reason there was to play the arena before is now totally gone? Not that the devs likely understand this or care.

This slows down gnome farming (non-gap) during the vault event, doesnt it?

Buying 3 Event Keys for 10,000 gold was nice (and a King’s Crown for 25 gems definitely wasn’t), but having them pop up the way they do definitely slows down the tempo of long term farming by an amount.

Angel offer: got offered a priest’s chalice or 2 purple deeds. that’s neat

Not sure if Daemon or Clown. :thinking:


Please make pet gnomes discoverable in explore.


Disappointed they didn’t fix / improve the treasure map system. Seems like a missed opportunity given the update title.


Android: encountered the Angel, but the achievement did not pop; and in fact Google Play still shows 114 achivements total, is not showing the 3 new achievements as unlockable.

15% occurrence shouldn’t be popping offers that often though! I’ve had one offer in 3 complete explore runs so far, so I guess I’m at the other side of the curve to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

List of merchant offers so far, in case anybody wants to collect for a guide:

Chaos Shard (50): 25 gems
Coin Purse: 750 gold
Deed of Fire (3): 150 gems
Epic Vault Key: 360 gems
Event Key (3): 10000 gold
Genie’s Lamp: 50 gems
Glory Key (10): 6000 gold
Gold Ring: 1500 gold
Green Pet Food (10): 2500 gold
Imperial Deed: 250 gems
Purple Pet Food (10): 2500 gold
Sacred Treasure: 100 gems
Token of Anu (3): 180 gems
Token of Nysha (3): 500 gems

Edit: Genie’s Lamp is 50 gems, not 500 gems.


There’s a major issue with the new popup offer - my gpu utilization spiked from around 30% to over 80% when i had left it on that screen for a few minutes, and temps increased accordingly. This is with a 3080 btw, so no potato.


I find it bizarre that the Genie’s Lamp is 500 gems, but the Sacred Treasure is only 100 gems

Edit: finally got Genie Lamp to show up from the Merchant. It was only 50 gems. Might have just been a typo in that list


couple more:

Red Pet Food (10): 2500 gold
Vault Key: 120 gems