5.0 Update

Why do you need the “Feature Requests and Game feedback” forum category? You do not do anything from what is offered to you.


I disagree.

They took on the feedback we gave in beta. It may not have all been actionable in time, some was though, and others just was not agreeable with the design the devs were going for.

As to feedback from the forums, look at ETs. The outrage over the rewards from that had the devs adjust them.

I believe it had been mentioned in 1 of the threads already by a dev that they were reading the feedback and doing what they could about it. I think at this point, they understand the complaints about the rewards, and counting on getting the exact same as what was shown on stream would be the wrong thing to do. I could have misplaced believes in the devs for sure, but I believe that there is a chance that they will change.

As to beta testers and the rewards, it has changed, every update in Beta actually, had the rewards changed, we gave feedback on the rewards that we were shown, in general broad terms, but that is all we could do as we knew as much as general forum users as to what the final rewards would look like.

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The pandemic doesn’t stop amateur developers from changing a couple of specific bad weapon upgrades into less bad ones! Let alone AAA devs who used to do stuff. Its like the publishers rule their lives and have threatened their families or something if they do anything that makes sense. Maybe they need help.


I am sorry but long term unaddressed issues remain the achilles heel of the game and undermine the credibility of beta testers as an important part of the development unit. We are all beta testers one way or another but not fixing or even commenting on the doomskull issue shows ignorance and incompetence in equal measure. I have respect for those who are beta, but really? Any input from you is just something that they can stick on their QA accredibility report.


When we asked to conduct the Guild War more often in parallel with other events, so that we could climb the rating in interesting brackets, we were told “This is technically impossible.” What has changed now? Now, the developers have already realized that in the week of the Guild Wars, players accumulate resources, rather than spend them. And they don’t like it.


Bingo. It’s all about sneakily taking everything you’ve worked hard to accumulate so that you may be tempted to open your wallet.


We shouldn’t discuss what cripples the game anymore, it probably just encourages the publishers to do bs like that.

For instance, I know exactly how they can devastate the economy, but if I said anything about it then they’d probably do it.


I don’t think the point is best articulated, “They don’t listen to feedback!” That particular phrasing just invites people to find a time where they did something players asked for, and while they aren’t frequent they also aren’t rare.

It’s better to say the devs’ reactions to feedback are cryptic at best and intentionally confusing at worst. A lot of feedback never gets a response. Some gets a response but no follow-through. Some gets a follow-through that has nothing to do with the feedback request.

Someone (I think AWR?) brought some of this up a lot earlier in the thread and mentioned Life and Death. For a less controversial bit of feedback: “It stinks that you have to pay a lot of money and spend an entire weekend to beat a Delve faction at level 500.” This is one the devs acknowledged and technically that “pay a lot of money” is an option now was an adjustment made based on feedback. It’s not “fixed”.

Similarly, when players complained that some weapon upgrades detract from the weapon, the devs “listened”. They picked about 1/3 of the weapons with a problem and made a change that breaks different weapons instead. It felt like they only read the thread title, and not the discussion from the players about why it was a problem.

So it’s not really “they don’t listen to feedback”. It’s more that they have their own vision for the game, sometimes that vision coincides with player feedback, and they take credit for those times as “listening”. They don’t discuss the times where their vision is orthogonal or perpendicular.


I understood how developers listen to the opinions of players when they introduced medals. The situation with Cedric medals. 40% Everyone wrote to them that it was a lot, that it would kill classes and many cards. But they did it anyway.

Right, like the One Big Thing ™ that would instantly make me quit the game? Pretty sure that’s in the works at some point, especially with the direction the game has been going.

Minor correction - there is no sneaking involved.


Ninja nerfs eg lord of slaughter are abhorrent and frequent

On the flip side, LoS going from 24 to 27 mana was probably a good idea. He’s amazing at 27 - a good percent of the time, refilling himself completely with doomskull explosions.

Well now that it’s out, I can say with full confidence, I’m unimpressed.
Way more content was removed then added, no plans to fix and update things were implemented, and within 1 day everyone keeps getting kicked from the game and global chat is down.
And this is all after, we’ve had to do repeat events for 2 weeks prior to update

At least I’ve gotten what I’ve paid for with this game, I pity those who’ve spent money on it
Thanks for a generally good game, but this is a prime example of why I have not and will not ever spend money on it

I stand corrected about chat being down, it just took me off the channel on its own and I needed to enter it for the first time since the start of the game


He is still a fine troop but that’s not the point. Any developer who understands and tests their own game will validate this. But every nerf is done on the quiet without explanation or validation. I think transparency will always encourage the players to maintain loyal but I see none of that with this game.

In other news though, Weapon Type is still bugged for me on Steam. When I select a weapon type, it filters it, but it doesn’t change the drop down, it always remains on “All Weapon Types.”


Weapon Type is set to Bow here. You wouldn’t know it from looking at this though.


That’s not a good example. To give the full story, the design document for those medals said that the standard cleanse chance each turn (a stacking 10% chance starting at the second turn) should be increased by 40% (to a stacking 14% chance starting at the second turn). The implementation team didn’t understand the design document and instead made those medals grant a flat 40% chance to cleanse each turn, starting at the first turn. The beta testers immediately pointed this out, repeatedly, the broken implementation still made it into the release several weeks later because nobody would listen to them.

The medals got toned down quite a bit later to a flat 10% chance to cleanse each turn, as a hasty workaround, once the powers in charge finally woke up and realized that debuffs no longer played any role at all in the game.


No one listened not only to beta testers, but also to players who read the patch description and wrote to the developers about the error.

I write about this - the developers do not listen and do not hear the players.
Question - what did the players ask for from what the developers did in the latest patches?

This basically doesn’t qualify as an update. Playing in the last 12 hours* I have noticed no actual changes. Campaign thing showing up next week, which will do what exactly… “tasks” for “rewards”. They say tasks are just things we’re already doing, which is best-case fairly pointless and worst-case something we’ve got to go way out of our way to do (and a lie from whoever said it was the other thing), in return we get rewards of very basic currency resources … sorry, very small amounts of very basic currency resources. Fixed it.

What other “major” changes. Differences in the event scheduling. God I hope that didn’t need to be patched in. Then again, if it didn’t, then what was actually being worked on??

Slapping red paint on the bosses is about the only thing I noticed today. Sure hope that didn’t take too long to do. Though realistically the same amount of time could have been spent on a handful of other things that are actual QoL fixes etc. which apparently have been some kind of struggle to implement.

Other veterans who are more familiar with my usual posting approach might notice I’m instead just haphazardly saying whatever pops into my head over several posts. Because I’m pretty annoyed and don’t care a ton anymore.

*: Oh and when I say “playing in the last 12 hours”, I don’t mean I played very much. Because, in all honesty and obviousness, why would I bother?


We’ll see what kind of statement the playerbase makes to the devs by how many purchase the passes. However, based on how crazy players went on leaderboard for the first world event with fubar scoring, it is clear that many have more money than sense. This money grab is a continuation of the slippery slope from the previous updates.


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