5.0 Update

GoW devs: removed daily tasks because

Also GoW devs: introduces campaigns which are fiddly to complete and their rewards aren’t as good when compared to other areas of the game


I’m not disappointed. I knew it was going to be this bad.

(This beta tag is erroneous, I am not on the beta team that oversaw 5.0.)


Update is Live on Android

5.0 Update: what a waste of… everything!


So, am I the only one excited for Monday? :smiley:

Call me crazy, but I’m looking forward to trying out the new campaign, elite pass and all :slight_smile:


I would be if it wasn’t a world event. :crossed_fingers: 4th times the charm.


I’m not a huge fan of the world events but that’s just my personal dislike I know ppl who like them, also the campaign adds nothing new to the game it just gives you tasks to play content you already know and played for months or even years. Not excited about tasks that make me play treasure hunt :wink:


Don’t worry???
More World Events that are awful, boring, brings no team spirit. No obvious progress. Sigil sink, which means it is a gem sink.

Guild Wars in the same week as World Event/Tower of Doom :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:
That is the worst idea you have implemented - along with epic tasks.
Yes that is obviously a gem sink and time sink. But do you really expect the majority to buy gems so we have enough gems to do both AND all the other events needing gems?
I do not have that kind of money, so instead it will be less playing for me.
You are suffocating any fun(games need to be fun you know, not only grind/chores) and instead replace it with boring content(World Event) time sinks and gem sinks, which in the end is aiming on more money spent to be able to keep up.
“oh but you are not forced to use gems in any event” just don’t… What is the fun in doing an event without spending any gems? You CAN NOT complete a guild event, without spending gems, except Guild Wars. Then it is better to skip the event.
Raid boss and Invasion are now Guild Weekend event - another gem sink and has nothing to do with you keeping beloved events.

I loved this game, now not so much.


Spot on. You nailed it.

So,I never write in the forum but now I think the time has come, If this was a huge patch ok,haha just laugh :laughing:…friendly I will always say the following…it would be much better in the next round to look to correct problems of the past and make the game better for the remaining players … (they have stopped a lot veteran players and after 5.0 much more will stop) so it would be good to listen the community and not to constantly add new things just for money and not to correct big mistakes from old … these few from me … good luck to all (sorry if my english is not so good)


So PS4 trophy hunter whinge incoming… so please ignore if trophies or achievements not your thing :slight_smile:

Sooooo… am I reading this right? last gold trophy is get artifact to level 10? Which means that without a paid for pass. A “f2p” player has to complete SIXTEEN ! tasks a week for ten weeks to get this trophy?

So holidays for console players that do care about this sort of thing are a no for a given ten week period? If this is right it sucks. If “Geoff” toxic trophy and Delve rep grinds weren’t enough.

Whinge over safe to come out :slightly_smiling_face:



A paid player would have to do the same.

The Elite Pass player has to do the exact same amount of works as a free player, they just get double the rewards basically (access to Elite and Free)

Elite+ Pass players will get it faster yes, and a few extra rewards (200 stars worth)

But basically yes everyone will have to do all 16 tasks in all 10 weeks, to get max campaign stats and rewards. Thats the idea. You have to do them all to get all the rewards.

I see that wars returns after only 1 week which is probably aimed at competitive brackets as an incentive to spend in the 1st campaign week for stats etc. 2nd wars is week 5 then week 9. Obviously the week off between campaigns will offset when wars appears in relation to campaign. So the 2nd campaign will coincide with wars a week later. Hmmm. I don’t like this update because the long term issues remain ignored in favour of new content, additional grind and an unashamed and blindingly obvious endeavour to part you from cash. Doomed weapons? Don’t care; factions? Don’t care; skulls? Don’t understand it so we also don’t care. That’s the attitude of those behind the game. Every update simply ups the ante and the pressure. Disappointing


With “double the rewards” meaning twice as many reward items getting mailed to you. From what has been shown so far, the Free Pass rewards don’t even cover the resources you have pay for completing all the tasks.


This is what you’ve been working on since 4.0?


Yes Covid 19 is slowing things down.
But GoW is launching on two new consoles this fall.
So I imagine a lot of their time is being spent on that.

Again, we havent seen final rewards, so we dont know that.

But we do know the rewards they have shown on the official preview stream, so it feels appropriate to base expectations on those until we know better. Theorizing on things that might possibly get changed, without the devs giving any indication of planning to go into such a direction, feels a lot like wishful thinking. I mean, we might as well assume the day 28 login reward gets changed to contain the newly released mythic of the previous month.

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Then this seems the perfect time for us to give feedback on the proposed rewards before they are made final :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty safe to state that feedback/concerns (including that from beta testers) is of no significance.