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4.9 Update

No such thing as “bad publicity”? Make them an offer, and see if they refuse. :blush:


I don’t see any increasing rewards with levels. Maybe they tried it and it didn’t work out? Maybe we ended up with low rewards because increasing them would be too great of an advantage to lower level players vs players who didn’t get ads?
Anyway, they clearly said rewards will be small, the ads were never supposed to be “worth it”.


So why not post that 3 weeks ago? Was the reception for ads too positive that they had to give us something to bitch about instead?



…and again…

…and again.
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If i mostly get the 100 gold reward with my +1600lvl, how the heck low rewards the 100lvl players get?


One gold piece.


You have to compare to the average rewards you could get from ads, not the lowest possible. Obviously 100 gold isn’t worth it but 10 gems or a gem key would be.

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I don’t know what ads others see but every single one I have gotten so far is for a slots or casino type app and to me this is more worrying. Mental health issues are becoming even more prevalent in the worlds current climate and advertising gambling is not exactly helpful to vulnerable people who are self isolating and playing gems of war. I also don’t agree 100 gold is worth my time but I was more than happy to click and support the devs on that basis however I shall now stop watching the ads purely based on the principle that I feel advertising gambling apps is wrong in this current situation. This is also not helped by the fact that 10 gems is put there to incentivise players to watch more and chase that prize therefore subjecting them to more gambling advertising. If others have seen multiple different adverts to gambling ones then I will stand corrected but since that is all I have seen I won’t support that type of advertising. I personally would prefer more vetted advertising and a fixed reward say 1000 gold to all players then all players over 1000 get their level in gold rather than let it be purely up to RNG.


The placement of advertisements is always a matter of which groups are targeted and expected to be found at a place. For this reason, ingame advertisements in a game like this will draw in a certain type of ads as well of course.
With the most prominent and lucrative type of online advertisements (pornography) likely excluded, others will take the niche.
Assuming, that this kind of game is able to attract people who are reward-driven and eager to spend in small transactions, makes betting sites one possible interested partner naturally.
Someone else mentioned to have gotten some social interactive sites as ads; I guess that fits too.

On the other hand, I would not expect commercials for long term saving plans to pop up around here.

I don’t expect potential partners to be standing in a line to the horizon, and typically the payout per ad view is meager enough even without getting picky.
At this point, I got to say, GOW simply has to take what they get (and once they start allowing the above mentioned porn ads, you know they’re getting desperate.)

I’ve only had slots and casino adverts too


Yes I suppose thats probably the only interested parties that want their adverts in a mobile game that is reward driven, a shame but it is what it is

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I thought gow was for 13+

Last i checked, online gambling, even of the digital coinage form was 18+

Why is gow advertising for something 18+ but i gotta watch every cotton pickin word i say in global?! Peeeeeeeeggeeeeeeee!!!


I’ve had a gambling app ad & 2 actual app games so far (now that I’m actually getting ads to watch).

While you may not agree with the subject matter of the gambling ads, this is your chance to “stick it to them”. You already know the ad is falling on deaf ears/blind eyes when you watch it, so the advertiser is paying good money for those views with no results. Nothing like costing them profit to make their business less lucrative and perhaps your watching it prevents the ad from being put before a more impressionable mind that leads to a click through & support of their model. :man_shrugging:

Just a stray thought and a different way to view it…

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Has anyone else noticed that with medals when upgrading troops we cannot scroll down to gaard.

yeah, its still going on. I wish we had a bit more clarification what was going on with it other than already fixed in any random patch in the future. It was “partially fixed” in 4.9 then broken again. I don’t know if they considered it fixed already or not.


To get to the gaard medals press left or right on the d-pad then down and it works

I can’t comment on the ads as I’m on Xbox, but I actually am quite happy with the update.

They finally did it and made both growth and path to glory offers give out unowned troops. I never applauded the devs for this yet and I will do that now. (Currently there are growth pack issues, but hopefully that gets resolved soon)

The gem offers obviously have losers and winners as expected. It may not be perfect, but it is a small VIP perk for 6+ without being too much compared to the F2P groups.

The buffs to kingdom packs is a side grade, but the adventure packs are better than most other offers I’ve seen.

The resources conversion tab should have been updated, and zuul still seems to have the same price tag, but at least they removed some RNG from bigger purchases and $ offers are getting better.


image image


Sure you can’t really get power level 13 from it, but you get this game-breakingly powerful troop.


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*If there’s an ad available. There seems to be a limited amount that are available to the players at any given time.

A few weeks ago I had some deeds offers.
But mainly it’s medals or troops.
Though this right here…

Doesn’t make any sense other than the system doesn’t check to see this…

In the patch notes it sounds like 3 different offers daily. Where as the SS shows basically the same offer 3 different ways. :man_shrugging: