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4.9 Update

It’s a joke and insulting at best!

Don’t you love it? I remember I logged in once and everyone in chat was saying “Thanks for the gem gift!” and I’m thinking “Uh… oh… I wasn’t one of the 15.”


Thinking about those daily deals, and whether or not the values are good. The problem is that part of the value of gems is tied to participation in guild events (Tower of Doom, etc.), so I’m currently doubting that I’d ever be willing to spend hundreds of gems on resources alone.

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I can more or less agree.

I still think the devs lack accountability in a few areas, though.

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This is still a thing after patch @Kafka


Please be aware that we will be overseeing how our daily deals perform and changing them from there. We will be tweaking them moving forward to find a good balance for players at different levels and stages in the game. As we review data we will make changes as necessary. :slight_smile:

Players are in no way obligated to watch ads. We also couldn’t make them give significantly more rewards, as then players who don’t have access to them would complain. It’s a very fine line to walk, and we wanted to ensure that players did not have to watch ads if they wanted to play competitively, or progress in the game. I know that many of you in this thread wish they had higher rewards, but in the interest of fairness I think it is important for us to consider them carefully if we decide to make any further changes.

We have been meaning to re work our shop for some time, and I’m glad that we had the opportunity to do so. I think this update has come with some wonderful changes too, such as a new mythic being awarded with our packs. 5.0 will have a lot more new content, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

PS, you can still use your glory to get event keys, it has just moved.

I hope this helps answer some questions!


Does Orb of clans gives 300 or 500 seals? I used one earlier and got 300 but have this offer.


As someone who plays on Xbox One and gets no ads, feel free to give an ad watcher more than 100 gold for their effort.


Anyone not able to watch ads? It always tells me there are none available. Haven’t watched any since updating.

Hm, so it’s definitely not related to my account. I tried it on an Android emulator and it worked. Most be something on my phone blocking the ad servers, even though I already tried disabling my system wide ad blocker.

Lol… She was speaking about the folks who play on PC and somehow still don’t have a smart phone.

@Kafka @Saltypatra Can you please address this?

I did a bug report about it today. Only effected 1 out of 7 accounts. But still weird af.

Oh wow that’s really strange. Tried 7 on the same device?

After looking into my own problem more, I think my problem is device related. I tried an Android emulator and I was able to watch an ad on my first log in. So something on my phone seems to be interfering. I do use an ad blocker but I already tried disabling it yesterday and it didn’t fix it. Whitelisting Gems of War didn’t help either.

Have you checked things like ad services, I cant remember full name, being blocked on an account setting, rather than an ad blocker?

I remember there was a setting somewhere awhile ago that you could change to remove targetted ads and stuff like that, so it could be related to 1 of the settings grouped with it

6 on the same device. Chromebook allows me to use multiple Google accounts each of them tied to a GoW account.

Does Chromebook OS class the device as a tablet for sake of GoW even if its a laptop? Actually curious about it btw

“Significantly more” is relative.

Lets say you have an ad that gave out 6k gold that takes 30 seconds to watch, and it takes on average a player one minute to go out and earn that 6k gold (most don’t, but bear with me) and 6 glory. You offer this up to 3 times a day, but within what is likely a given play session, currently only once (once every 8 hours). Under this hypoehtical, At the end of the day, the player watching the ads has spent a minute and a half earning 18k gold, but in any given play session, they’d have earned only 6k. A different player watched no ads needs to spend that same amount of time on PvP would have earned 3k gold under the given metric. And that metric gives out double the average per unit time as playing the game, while your claim is about half.

So yeah, giving out, say, 6k gold for a level 1300+ player as the low/gold reward for a 30 second ad watch would be “significantly more” than the amount you could get in a comparable time in PvP, because 6k is significantly more than 3k. Stretch that out into an hour play session for each person and you would have 360k vs 363k. 363,000 is not significantly more than 360,000. Doesn’t matter what metric we use for “gold per minute” on our player and “gold per ad watch” so long as the gold per ad watch is roughly the same as the gold per minute from the player, you’ll end up with the same ratio - the person that watched the ad would have ended up with 0.8% more gold over that hour, and the person that played PvP that first thirty second instead would have slightly more glory, making it roughly a wash. And this gap further shrinks the longer any given player plays versus just watching ads. You can effectively up the gold rewards by at least 30 times and have it be a wash if you happened to land this prize, dropping gold keys entirely for some glory.

Is it really the stance of the company that handing out enough resources just to always cover the time of someone that goes out of their way to watch an ad would give any kind of “unfair advantage”? Yes, I acknowledge if the baseline rewards were buffed as proposed, that a person logging in to watch one ad would have likely earned “significantly more” more than a player logging in to play one PvP match, but neither of them is getting anywhere by doing that. If this is the metric that there is any amount of heavy concern over, you are looking at the wrong metric and need to examine likely real world scenarios based on player psychology.

Speaking of, some of the rare resource items (gems, gem keys, even glory keys) obtained from an ad are “significantly more” than you could possibly earn in any infinitely repeatable game mode in a comparable amount of time, and definitely higher than PvP, if you happen to get them. When the feature was previewed, you were very staunch in the post about the “value” of the items given being for 30 second of ad watch being about half of what a similarly leveled player could earn in PvP in the same amount of time. Comparable value to a gem key or 10 gems or even 2 glory keys takes far far longer than 1 minute of PvP to earn. Even with our hypothetical high earning 6k gold per minute player from before, the best way to earn comparable amounts would actually still be treasure hunt, and by even the best estimates would take several minutes on average to earn the equivalent of a gem key/actual gem key if you are good at the mode, and roughly 9-10 minutes to earn 10 raw gems regardless if you are good or not (because the fastest earning potential involves the fastest play possible, and match recognition contributes very little to gem rewards/minute past a very low baseline). Looking at that transaction under the microscope, if you got 10 gems from an ad watch, you’d have earned 20 times as many as you would have been able to otherwise and this is actually significant to a real-world play session, as treasure hunt is far from a popular mode right now at endgame. But even this is a blip in the grand scheme of things, unless baseline event interaction/gem sink prices go up on the other end.

So you are simultaneously taking a hard stand that nobody should be obligated to watch the ads so you don’t want to give out more resources than you can otherwise get in the same amount of time (even so far as to saying your time would be worth about half as much watching ads while playing) while simultaneously offering more resources than you could possibly get in the same amount of time but counterbalancing it with RNG to make your statement possibly technically correct over averages (but in a way that nobody can really fact check because the limited nature of the offers thwarts data collection). But the ad watches and time increments involved are so small that it and limiting ads so much that it still doesn’t really make a difference one way or the other.

I really don’t understand this. There was no reason to “gachify” ad watches to the point of frustrating players away from long term use. It should be purely transaction - a player is using their time to make a microtranaction to support the game rather than using their money, and nearly every resource spent already has some kind of RNG component on the other way. If you don’t want rewarded ads to to be more than you can get from “playing the game”, thats fine, but this implementation tries to have it both ways by saying “you definitely won’t get more resources than you could get otherwise in the same amount of time most often, but if you get lucky you could get much more than the same amount of time, and it probably all averages out to half of what you’d get for playing by watching the ads (unless we got our math wrong)”. Thats just the worst sides of both, saying a player does have to do this if you want to maximize the amount of premium currency and relevant keys they get over time but also that they will walk away disappointed most of the time, so it is like you are trying to condition ad watching, but simultaneously already trying to burn people out by handing out as close to zero as you possibly can and still call it a “reward” most of the time that they will eventually give up.

tl;dr: People should not be walking away from an ad watch prize feeling like they got ripped off for spending a tiny amount of their time for doing something that generates revenue for the game. They shouldn’t get a huge or long term advantage by doing so, but these ad watches are a monetary transaction and should be treated as such, and as pointed out, gold/gold key value can be increased by a factor of 20-30 and sill be less efficient than playing for when those are rolled. Please, for the best chances of success of this system long term, up the baseline expectation of rewards so it isn’t so insulting to the people willing to do this. This is coming from a non-mobile player (can’t run Gems on my ancient smart phone) that won’t see these rewards. I want this to work for you guys. It needs to be a two way street.


The shop is still terrible. There was an entire patch dedicated to the shop and it’s still awful. This is how you guys make your money. Whoever is in charge of determining the real life cash value of these items needs fired. It’s hurting your entire team.


Depending on the day and what Dev you ask. Decides how it’s classified. It is 100% an Android device and has the play store just like any other Google device.
The Chrome OS is what throws a wrench in the formula. The game is not designed for it, but still works for the most part.

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Most humans will only be able to collect 2 times in a 24 hour period. Technically it’s available 3 times a day but that’s some precise timing that I’m confident no one is going to do if the pay off is most likely 100 gold.

Every decision that the devs make that the players don’t like is countered with “other players wanted this” or “to be fair to all players”.

The truth is, 505 makes them be stingy with the “rewards” and makes sure that each of us will definitely see 100 gold more often than anything else.
Say they are making 10 cents for every advert viewed. Well they want to make sure they are netting that 10 cents and not losing more than a penny with their digital resource.

The truth of the matter is… If we want more rewards… We have to download these other games advertised to us. Eventually they’ll be able to justify a higher price point for the ads. And hopefully pass on that profit to us the players in the form of more lucrative resources.
That’s just business. Why the devs don’t choose to be transparent about these things is always crazy to me. If you treat us like kids, we are going to act like it. Treat us like adults and only the idiots will act like kids about it.