4-8Pros looking for members


We are currently looking for 5 members to join our guild. we are rank 180 on the leaderboard and very active. we do require at least 200 gold per day contribution (or the equivalent there of for the week) which might be getting upped to 2000 gold per week(285g/day) shortly. there is no minimum level requirement. message me on psn (Hell_Shadow) with your invite code to join the guild. Have fun!


Update: The guild has leveled up and needs 6 more members. we have broken into the top 100 guilds. anyone, casual or serious, is welcome to join.


We are up to rank 46 but only have 15/30 members. we can’t compete with teams who have double our members! WE NEED PEOPLE! Anyone, of any level, with any amount of activity is welcome to join. message me on PS4 at hell_shadow to join.