4.7 Update (Patch Notes)

Ok, well, in that case…

This “fix” goes way beyond the scope of what it is intended to fix. If the “exploit” I described isn’t considered to be an exploit as was indeed not something that you wanted to curb, then that was also targeted by way of this “fix”. Really, I’m not even mad that is off the table, but starting it at opponents 2k lower score than you being punitive is far beyond the scope of of what it is intended to do. I’ve had entire days where I couldn’t get out of middling score opponents in PvP and how I’m being told all of them will have garbage gold payouts on those days?

I’m not calling for a repeal of the fix. Just please do another pass to come up with a better solution, like when the “bug with PvP point payouts at high end” was fixed and we had to endure months of super low payouts if we were at high end of team score. Having a 10k+ score opponent being worth <500 gold seems way off the mark. This isn’t a team I can go in and one-shot or even something I would intentionally seek out, but it will eventually be the best of some bad options.

Once again, I’m not asking for a way to continue with this exploit (whatever it may be since apparently I’m clueless, but also I really don’t care seeking out super weak casual opponents the other way either), please review the full impact of the “fix” to make it less punitive on legitimate gameplay. And if there is an actual “exploit” (read: not just unintended behavior being optimal but actually “manipulating the game”, whatever that means) in play here, maybe also fix that directly?


I completely back Mithran here, (once again, only showing up after midnight to rant about the game on the forums). Did the exploit need to be removed? Probably. Was the solution adequate? No. We have to take this at face value and assume the dev team leaving it out was unintentional, it’s within the range of reasonable doubt that it’s a possibility. The failure to express this, however cost the team the opportunity to consult people on the scenario, and more than likely if this was brought up this problem would have been identified by the community.

Similar to how clash of clans removed farming, no you may not like it, but the devs are well within their right to change how the game is played. Unfortunately, no matter how much time or money is already sunk.

My issue with this is how Mithran explained in how there’s this nuke hits everyone else who isn’t exploiting the system. I, who “exploited” the system did so firstly to avoid how L&D teams were a constant bother in ranked. The hard but concrete solution was to rework matchmaking, but here we are where people who aren’t using the exploit are getting beat up for not doing anything.

P.S, not reworking explore to give bonus xp and get rid of pointless clicking doesn’t help sell any additional brownie points.
I’ve never been part of a dev team so obviously I don’t get to see the other point of view. However, if we have so many keys, too much resources, why nerf them? Let us take a break, take a holiday without guilt, play the game for fun instead of making me play the game like work. You’re making money from guild events, pets, any other new resource, you’re never going to be successful in making me pay for LT resources after nerfing them.


This was ground zero ladies and gents.

Not enough of us said anything against it. Instead we adjusted to it. And trusted the devs that if they say “it’s a bug” then I guess it had to be.
But now that trust has been clearly EXPLOITED.
To the point that any game changing nerf. Is now considered “fixing a bug”. Who knows whats real.

For now on when I take shits. I’ll call it “fixing the cleaniness of my toilet bowl.” You’re welcome to do so as well. Just remember when you urinate… You have to sit down regardless of gender. Otherwise you’re “Exploiting” the way “Joe Pesci” or God or Micro organisms or nothing… Made you.

I have to try and joke about it. Otherwise my head will explode due to the stupidity of it all.


You’re going off topic now. Your posts before were good, this one is going way too close to a personal attack and less of a explaination of why deeming that an “exploit” is poor taste.

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I’m not usually one to complain as generally I’m more concerned about fun and will give any change the benefit of the doubt, but the pvp change is absolutely wrong if it is about fun.

I play the game the way it’s meant to be played. I don’t grind the lowest value team. But faced with having an issue with how the existing system impacted the economy, you looked at it and despite the source of the problem being the matchmaking system could with the fact that the problems with it ALSO reduced the fun factor. You saw that and your natural reaction was to screw over the player base by magnifying the grind and adding no fun?


It’s devastating to me to find out that all these years I was at risk of being banned or losing trophies for my guild. Why wait so long tell us about it?


Welcome back to the forums! This stuff keeps me coming back too :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that an exploit was fixed, or at least that was the intention. Not sure of details of exploit, and 0 cares about it tbh.


The issue is, that while you “fixed it” you nerfed gold collection while increasing gold spend.

If the issue had to do with super low power teams, as the fix suggests, then cap the teams that are shown to players to be at most like 1.5k lower than what our scores are.

We cant lower our scores really, and the addition of stats from ET means that those that wont complete the tasks will get lower scores and those that do, will get penalized with less gold cause everyone else doesnt have access to those stats.

Please @Saltypatra and @Kafka talk to the devs on the players behalf about putting in a different system so that we are not penalized for doing PvP and finishing tasks or getting stats in general, which I believe was an issue before when a fix was put in due to team powers never meant to be getting that high.


It’s very much on topic.
I’m comparing a ridiculous Exploit to a ridiculous Exploit.
Fundamental actions in game or life can’t be randomly determined be perfectly okay for years and then deemed an Exploit all of sudden.
There’s enough RNG in the game already.
The devs shouldn’t be relying on RNG to make business decisions. Because that’s all it is… Any time gold or gem value “is nerfed” it’s the devs or the publisher saying “we want more money from you”.
And with their hand out, I respectfully ask, what have you improved about the game to justify me giving you more money? :man_shrugging:

Delves need tremendously more attention and rebalancing to make the game more fun. But instead they focus on ways to make players earn less gold that will cause the game to be less fun as well.


Epic tasks were announced, uproar happened.
Feedback was taken onboard, ETs were changed, then changed again.
THEN you take all that good will you had built up with the community over this, and said, meh who needs it, and tossed it in the trash, and nerfed gold income for EVERY PvP, while trying to fix 1 section of it.


You don’t think it’s fair to grind out easy opponents.
Well I don’t think it’s fair for the AI to grind my level 300 hoard quality all Faction team that is max end gamer stats into a solid loss when trying to beat level 500 with it. Because Dark Pits all Faction teams are the opposite of an Exploit.

But I play a lot of cPvP so the time wasted in Delves was “balanced” out.

So please… a dev, any dev, any wannabe dev…

Explain to me when the Delves and Faction Assaults are going to stop Exploiting gold and gems out of your player base.


RNG and Exploits had nothing to deal with the specific post I replied to. I wasn’t referring to everything you wrote on this thread, just simply that post. Apologies for my lack of explanation of that. My biased advice (not that you should agree) would be to go back to proving your RNG and Exploit point without that post.

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Let me emphasize my point.

I don’t even play casual pvp. You managed to screw me over. This isn’t a properly tailored fix to whatever the problem actually was.

I usually buy something for real money fairly regularly because I play the game a lot, and I know it takes money to make it.

It seems my sense if fairness was being exploited. I’ll be sure to stop that now.


We were typing at the same time, but yeah above your comment I made a different example of why this egregious.

Fixing an exploit should never hurt honest players.


I was finally starting to come around to the possibility that this update wasn’t all bad. I think it’s safe to say that ship has sailed.

I haven’t even played PVP since the Explore rework, and I am livid that it’s considered acceptable to screw over so many honest players because of some supposed “manipulation” that I am going to assume was only done by some tiny percentage of players.

Jiminy Christmas. Bad form.


Patch 4.8: Reverting the speed to x1, since this is how GOW was originally intended to play.

With ETs, we are still stripped of 1 mythic and 20 legendaries per month. I was hoping at least seals cap would increase to min. 3k to partially replace that loss.
Instead, the price of guild tasks most likely doubled to stop us from being “exploiters”, when we didn’t even know we’re exploiting.

I’m definitely putting up the easiest high score defense to at least try to help other people - if you want to do the same, don’t use 4xfirebombs cause AI nerfs the chance of that team showing up for other players.

And GOW is definitely getting a thumbs down/1 star reviews, cause you know what? This is not a game I originally intended to play. Game I began to play years ago was only exploiting my time, and that was enough to be really good in the game. This game now only wants to exploit my wallet.


@Kafka @Saltypatra. Kiss me. I like to be kissed when I’m being screwed.


Careful… it may be consensual for 5 years. But then one day they may change their minds and call it something else. Next thing you know you’re “pound met double zerod”.


I remember back in the day every other match was firebombs. I loved it but several people on here didn’t. So those people Screamed to the Devs to pleases Nerf your game. The Devs made it where you don’t see those as often so harder battles and less gold per hour. It’s likely that the Devs think they are on to something. There are a lot of folks that enjoy the occasional Nerf. So let’s do it again. :joy:

So the amount of gold needed to complete guild tasks is increased exponentially and the gold earnings of players are reduced dramatically with this “exploit fix”. The players aren’t just being screwed, they’re being DPed… :frowning: