4.7 Update (Patch Notes)

Is it ok to explain what exploit we’re talking about here? I genuinely don’t know what it was. Just rerolling for easy teams?

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No… Just no.
A system that exists since probably gems of war did cannot just be deemed a punishable exploit.
So please don’t try this “we’re doing players a favor crap”.
It’s a nerf… And if you want to call it an Exploit then cool.

The issue is, y’all decided to do it at the same time you introduced epic tasks into the game.

So the “exploit” caused the unbalance in the economy over the years that you based the epic gold tasks on.

Thus sending your gold economy into an instant flux.

So if that’s a “favor” then please stop trying to do “favors” for the community.


It wasn’t refreshing opponents, it was manipulating the game then grinding the weakest opponent.

You couldn’t use this exploit accidentally.


@Kafka i know i have never said this before… but i have to agree with AWR on this. if what you call an “exploit” has been part of the game for YEARS… then it is part of the game not an exploit. this would have factored into how we felt about epic task rewards. This was a method to get faster class exp and some gold at the cost of all other rewards. it was openly discussed on forums and in game for a long time. was there a stance by the devs before on this being somehow against the rules? calling it an “exploit” now makes it feel dirty out of nowhere when it has always been considered a feature.


It’s not fair and won’t help solve this issue by lashing out. My apologies.

Let me put in words that devs can understand.

You gave us 1/3 priced coffee for years.
Then for a month said hey we are going to introduce new coffee flavors that will be 200% more.
Most didn’t like it, but since we still had the 1/3 priced coffee, we dealt with it.
Then you reveal when the new coffee comes out that the 1/3 coffee prices were also being removed.
So a 200% increase, instantly became a 400% increase in cost.

Casual PvP was intended to be a great way to farm trophies, gold and hero XP. For players who hated how redundant ranked PvP can be.

You are now forcing those players who did cPvP to do Ranked PVP or explore. So what you saw was an Exploit. Was something that kept a lot of your players from quitting the game. A lot of your paying players since cPvP always benefited VIP players the most.

Respectfully… Please think before you nerf.


Who said it was accidental?
Hey my tribute is due. Is it safe to collect or will I be utilizing an Exploit since I collected it 10 times today already? I just want to check before the way the devs code the game is later called an Exploit.

(I guess I’m back to lashing out. Probably break time from the forums. :v:)


Sometimes, especially when you don’t climb PvP ranks, the opponents served to you will include extremely weak opponents. You can refresh to find these opponents, and if done in Casual PvP, you do this for gold and don’t raise your PvP tier or rank, which keeps your matchmaking as low as possible. Not playing any ranked PvP for a while made it more likely as well. Prior to the patch, they gave your minimum gold payout, which was about 40% of your maximum gold payout. Now, the minimum payout scales all the way down to about 10% of your maximum gold payout.

The problem is twofold:

  • That matchmaking is “exploitable” like this in the first place.
  • That you can end up on bad matchmaking pools where you see opponents that you are “punished” for fighting without exploiting (the “exploit” makes it more likely and more frequent). As noted, above, I was playing ranked and only ranked, and I’m seeing matches where the “punitive reduction” of rewards is applied pretty much every battle. In the past, while playing only ranked, I’ve had stuff that payed at or near my minimum for 2/3 of my grind to PvP tier 1. It punishes way outside the scope it is intended to fix.

The current fix:

  • Reduces rewards for people that are not exploiting
  • Doesn’t fix the exploit (the ability to find these super weak teams in the first place).

Fixing the exploit would involve fixing matchmaking so you don’t get paired with ultra-weak teams anymore, then it wouldn’t matter that teams “2k or more score below you” give “punitive payouts” because they would be super infrequently seen (if ever) and high matches would always be offered somewhere so taking the low one would always be a choice. Instead, they dropped a tactical nuke on the lower half of the payout formula for people with high scores that we have yet to see the full fallout from.


We fixed an exploit, as the game was never intended to be played that way. We aren’t here to argue that the game couldn’t be played that way, but we never intended for it to be played that way.

This was not an intentional nerf, as we fixed a part of Casual PVP that was exploitable. Some may see it as a nerf, but if it is, it is not an intentional one. It is us fixing something that was never working the way we intended it too in the first place.

I understand that there is some frustration going around regarding this fix, and I apologise if it has upset you.

We want the game to be played in the spirit we originally intended.


But it applies in ranked also??

Can anyone explain to me the point of “refresh” if it’s not to find easier opponents?

Oh, I know what happened, you couldn’t change the gold cost to refresh without reworking PvP completely.
But the gold per matches you knew you could easily change so we get what we have here.

I look forward to your future justification of removing the gold cost refresh from cPvP and thus implementing gems instead with future updates. But then not adjusting the gold income to balance it back.


I can’t clarify on this much further at this time, but grinding casual PVP was not the issue. The points that @Mithran has laid out are not the reason we made the change, it was due to another method.

As Kafka has already said, it isn’t to do with refreshing opponents. It was manipulating the game, and then grinding the weakest opponent.

Unintended for 5 years.
Also means, bugged for 5 years.
While talked about all the time openly for 5 years…

Do they have common law marriage in AUS?



If they are able to find “too easy” of an opponent then that’s match making issue.
Not the players fault.
So why punish those who play cPvP for your (the devs) bad coding?



That kind of adjustment would be classified as a balance adjustment and wouldn’t have been shown to the beta testers.


was the quit/exit button on android intentionally removed from the setting menu?


Devs please quit “Exploiting” the beta system by masking your desire to get free testing with “receiving valuable feedback about future patches prior to release”.
Since you choose to exploit your players trust by hiding massive changes to the game. You hand picked these players due to their intelligence and trustworthiness. Yet are still selective in what you share with them.
If you’re not going to bother playing the game and Exploit our time and money while doing so. Then at the very least, trust your beta testers 100% or find ones you can trust.

See it doesn’t feel very good to label a well known action and now deem it as “Exploit”.

Quit Exploiting our time with your rubbish justification for nerfs.

If I sound angry it’s because I am. I have no idea what to base my gold Requirements on and do so fairly for multiple guilds because I don’t know what a reasonable amount of time it’ll take to make the gold is now. And if I don’t know how much to require (fairly mind you.)
Then I sure as hell know you don’t know how much of an impact the Quadruple gold nerf that 4.7 has caused.


That reminds me when you removed cXP from Arena with the same argument. :-1:


Escape still works if you use the back button.

I’m starting to think having players play Gems of War was “never intended to be that way”.


I can’t wait until the devs let us know that firebomb teams are an exploit as they never intended it to be used. Perhaps orbweaver teams were never intended to be as tough or at the least as stalling, but that slows gold so that’s a “feature”.

This sweeping under the rug nonsense always gets me as we’re smarter than this, you guys are better than this, and all it does is make everything worse.

There are other broken things to fix, how about working on the ones that help the playerbase first.

I am more frustrated at the tactic rather than the action.