4.7 just dropped on PS4

Just had the update notice & spotted the version number - last chance this week to do legendary tasks for most of us :wink:

Dropped on Xbox as well I have been informed

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wheres the patch notes! @Kafka

The team that posts on the forums has to wait for the patch to release so they can play it and write the patch notes. Otherwise they don’t know what’s in their update.


Ouch. You should offer band-aids and aloe vera with a burn that serious.


What do you think is the over-under on how many times the patch notes, when posted, are updated as they find out for themselves how the feature actually works? I should run a pool.

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Does anyone know if the chance of pulling a mythic from guild keys is the same with all guardian troops at mythic+4 vs still getting guardian troops dropping?

I was thinking about using 6 major blues but if they will all get there eventually just by trying for new mythic troop each month then i may as well just be patient.

cut by half

If it is the same as the previous behavior, if you roll a troop it is 50% guardians, so that dramatically decreases your mythic chance. On the other hand, it means you quickly ascend the guardians.

People should consider using major blue orbs on the new guardians. It would save a lot of seals.

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I’m not sure, wouldn’t the .2% chance of mythic (or whatever it is) be the same for each key used regardless of whatever else you can potentially get from that key?

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Savage :smiley:

the difference is 0.11 vs

PS4 is stating a .01% mythic chance from level 5 chests; it’s displaying guardians as 50% of the drop pool even though they haven’t been added yet.

it’s not live for PC

no not yet still waiting lol

Unless it’s been changed it’s two rolls, first a 50% chance for a Guild Guardian vs. regular chest, then for the regular chest content, so your mythic chance is indeed halved while Guild Guardians are still a valid drop.

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So the displayed droprates should be showing as half of what they are?

It’s some kind of goofy override if I understand it. Like, it’s not that all of the rates are adjusted, it’s more like the code is:

* Roll a dice.
* If it landed on "troop":
    * Roll a d6.
        * For 1-3, you get a guardian.
        * For 3-6:
            * Roll the normal troop drop table.

So you don’t even roll for a mythic until you’ve rolled “not a guardian”.

That’s how I understand it used to work, nothing is published, I could be completely wrong.

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So would that be the same for chaos portals for example? 45% chance of a faction troop so you don’t even roll for the mythic until you rolled “not a faction troop”?