4.7 Update (Patch Notes)

But we have not in the 2 guild yet why I ask yes.

Hmm… did you try scrolling to the side past the basic ones? They just added the scroll feature.

Make sure you’re updated to 4.7
You’ll see the version type under settings.

It was done this way (and force update by reset) so they can prove to 505 that the new nerf patch was a huge success as most guild will be looking to finish all ETs next week due to GWs. Thus most gold reserves will get depleted and with the new nerf pvp fix will be even more difficult getting gold without playing the new explore (so that will probably see some increased activity).
That way they will hit the KPI targets and earn their xmas bonuses from their devilish overlord.

What i’m sad about though is the direction of the game is taking.It respects less and less the time I invest in it. And for me, time (and what i do with it) is the most precious currency in life (given we are all in good health)


Im going to assume its wishful thinking and more likely to get a mythic from a gold key, than getting an increase in gold for beating a team thats +2000 points more than u…

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We’re up to 1 public edit, people who entered the pool. I don’t think this was an “edit” so much as it was filed under, “We did this, but don’t tell the players. If they notice, pretend it was supposed to be announced but we forgot.”

We’ll see if LT reward adjustments make it in. Keep going, there’s probably 3 or 4 other subtle nerfs you just haven’t found yet.


Attack the devs all you want. Please don’t attack other players due to frustrations that 4.7 caused.


Utter :poop:

I criticize the devs decisions when I don’t like them and give them thanks when I do. Period.


Oh, that’s interesting and i guess then i gotta change totally the way i play gw.

On the last ,hum, 6 GW’s i was paragon in my guild (wont be next cuz 1 hilarious match, 1 of those that happen 1 time among Mazingazillion matches so didnt done 30-0 last time) and i always kinda avoided kamikaze teams and took a bit more safe approach (for example i’ve always ever used 3 cedrics since medals exist), my daily scores hardly shined (never did over 9700 x example) but had an average daily score of betwhen 9400<>9550.

But seen how’s gonna work from now on guess best thing is swap to full kamikaze teams that give you crapload of points if they roll your way or make you lose horribly if dont seen anyway the first happen more often and reward you well when it work.

With that new system is defo better do 4 days 9600+ and maybe other 2 days not even 8k than do 30-0 without never get over 9500 .

No, you’re dead wrong.

The problem with beta testers isn’t that they fluff the devs. The problem with beta testers is the devs only have them to say they have beta testers. In recent history there have been many posts by beta testers frustrated that their extensive feedback went unheeded. If anyone’s a victim, it’s the testers, because they didn’t realize they were wasting their time.


I would like an analysis by the Devs of how much this nerf is expected to slow Gold gain, and what the plan is for again putting in-game rewards in line with the “new normal”.

You can’t use increased Gold as justification for a nerf without using decreased Gold as reason for a buff.


Fun and sort of sour fact:

By the time GW ends next week, every player will have experienced ALL of the F2P content 4.7 introduced. If you don’t count the scoring change, we’ll have experienced it all by next Monday.

This took a whole quarter to release, and it’s got less content than the typical .5 update. The only new content is more tasks. Most of the changes (gold nerfs, GW scoring, etc) happens server-side and could happen without a client update.

So what you’ve got to ask yourself is: what’s so big about the next update that they took this one off?

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Not entirely fair. The devs have taken beta tester feedback into consideration before, but usually features are mostly fixed by the time beta rolls around, so it isn’t possible to address everything. And, of course, the beta testers don’t want to catch hell for not noticing this stuff, so they (we) mention it once the update goes live.

You also left out, “Sometimes beta testers don’t get to test some of the content, so what they test doesn’t reflect what will release.”


Too right you are. There would be tons more feedback if they let us test balance changes!


I realize that you don’t have good reading comprehension. So, I’ll keep this brief.

The devs DO NOT share balance changes with beta testers. None of us knew about the PVP nerf. For that matter, we also didn’t know about the tiny buff to Tian Yi. Such is life.


I can say with 100% conviction that I have never said this update was great.


I feel for the beta testers because when they said “this change isn’t bad, get over it” they didn’t even know about the gold nerf.

That’s why the devs “forgot” to put it in the patch notes. They had to show the beta testers the notes without the gold nerf in it, so they could add the nerf in after the beta testers were done. They didn’t want anyone to leak about it and cause players to farm more gold before the patch.

This is not atypical. There is a lot the devs intentionally hide from the beta testers. In the end if you step back and look at the ET changes without the gold nerf it’s easy to see why some players could shrug it off. It’s ET in the presence of the nerf that gets really stinky.

You are yelling at people for supporting a version of the game that didn’t release. What they said only refers to what they saw.

If there’s any bootlicking going on it’s the non beta testers who devoted so much time to yelling that people should just buckle down and farm more if they’re so invested in GoW. Those are the people who will take a spanking and reflexively call out, “Please sir, may I have another?” Their safe word is their credit card number.


First of all, GoW beta testing isn’t my “job”. I “volunteer” my time to help out the game by pointing out bugs and giving my feedback.

Secondly, do your research about the person you’re talking to before making broad statements. I’ve literally been complaining openly about epic tasks in this update since they announced the changes were coming. Those comments are easily found in several threads.

So yet again, your clueless trolling has failed.


You don’t seem to understand. The beta testers tell the devs whenever an update is garbage. The problem is that the devs hide the unpopular parts of updates, never showing them to the beta testers.