4.7 just dropped on PS4

This is basically right, but it’s a full 50% to pull a guardian, not just 50% of troops. It’s how the published drop rates are listed, anyway.

Do chaos portals drop guild guardians? (I mean this for real, I don’t think they do but I could’ve overlooked that.)

No they don’t but I’m just talking about displayed drop rates of troops from chests. If the dice roll happens like you say then wouldn’t it also happen like that for all chests? Or are guild chests special?

As far as I know, guild chests are and always have been special because of guardians.

I can’t see the actual in-game drop rate for 4.7 because on average it takes 3-5 hours longer for iOS to get the update than other platforms. I can’t really say you’re wrong because we sort of spent several weeks last month demonstrating the game’s drop rates were erroneous, and it took the devs more than 2 tries to fix them.

Then the displayed drop rates for guild chests are lying. If it says I have x% of a mythic I would expect every time I use a key I have that chance of getting a mythic.

I can’t really confirm until I see the rates and go compare them to the old data Taran’s World had.

The biggest ??? is they said “We have changed” with respect to the rates. Until someone crunches numbers on a lot of pulls I think it’s clear we can’t trust the posted rates. But it’s possible the posted rates reflect they want “some % treasures” and “some % troops” and they adjusted their displayed rates based on that. I can’t see them because somehow this is the only game that can’t coordinate its releases.

It’s nice that individual guardians will get pulled so you don’t end up with a zillion dupes of the first one you mythic.


For reference I took a screenshot of my current guild chests. Next week when 4.7 arrives on iOS I’ll compare.

edit 2

The rates didn’t change, but technically the guardians aren’t supposed to drop this week so by that measure that’s not unexpected? What is real?