4.2 Patch Notes

If you need help regarding notifications please post a bug report or contact technical support we can help you faster. There was an issue that was fixed at 4pm AEST on the 12th December where PVP and Tribute alerts weren’t being sent.

The next version of the game will be version 4.2.5, as opposed to version 4.3. I have updated the known issues accordingly.

Version 4.3 will be the next full update with new features. I can’t provide an exact date for the release, as usual, however this is an interim ‘build’ and not a full game update. These kinds of builds usually fix some bugs that have been verified in time and provide an opportunity to include any content in the game that we can’t without an update to the game’s client/app.


Can we know in an opportune time frame what features will debut?

We were promised a change to weapons upgrades/affixes, we assumed all “Explode/Destroy/Create X Gems upgrades/affixes” would be changed, but only “Explode X Gems” were touched and as far as it’s disappointing at least some steps were taken in the expected direction. So, will we see more changes into these upgrades/affixes?

Also if we are aware of what is being worked on we might remind the team to not forget about something kind of obvious before submitting the build.
Like: “Don’t forget to show the level of a hero on it’s profile.”

I can say that 4.3 will be a big update but it’s far too early to release any other information. We hold preview streams before an update is released sharing the content of the update and tease other information on social media before this. We won’t ever be able to provide specific details of the update well in advance as everything is subject to change and it is in development. If you would like general ideas about what the update is themed around, I may be able to suggest that this information is released earlier.


Please do.

I get exact details cant be released, but at least we then know what to expect.

Like we are looking into X about Y.
Changing UI in Z.
New Event coming.
New pets.


No hard details, just a broad scope of what we can expect without all the small details that are likely to change.

I’ve included this in the alerts article thanks to a suggestion from Razzagor and your tip. Cheers! Christmas_tree: I might make a general troubleshooting article later to add more helpful tips.

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You want it to off. Setting it to On will make sure no alerts show up when playing the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m asking out of concern about the scheduling and quality of such previews. It’s nice to see the new things popping up at social media networks and all… But when we see for example just a picture about a feature and nothing else we can’t even point out if there is something missing.

If you guys/girls want to share things without details and let the speculation runs it’s course do it with troops, pets and background arts. But if a feature is under work or rework we could offer feedback on what’s missing or maybe how to arrange things in a better way, even if it’s about a change in the pallete of colors or who knows what…

If we will get a rework in the Shop for example we could just as well see some info about it and say: “Ok, that covers what we need and its presented in an interesting way.”
“Maybe you should group X, Y and Z together, this would make things more compact and would allow console players to access it in an easier way, it’s easy to access on PC/Mobile, but only because we use mouse pointers and touch screen.”

As mentioned, there’s only so much we can share as most of it is subject to change. We’ll monitor for the next update and consider if there is anything we can do to increase transparency and share what is possible, but I don’t think there’s much else we can share. We strive for this already with the update preview streams and beta testing, as well as iteratively incorporating suggestions across updates with smaller tweaks. Unfortunately, we can’t incorporate every suggestion or change, and while some feedback is valid it may not be what is best for the whole playerbase.

In the mean time, we just had 4.2 release. It’ll be okay. Everything will work out. Soon Tm. Here is a birb. :smiley:


I’ve included this in the alerts article thanks to a suggestion from Razzagor and your tip. Cheers! :christmas_tree:

Chance of diamonds?

Possibly, though no one in my guild family has mentioned that yet.

yes the same on PS4 its very borring :frowning:

RE: “Can we find out what features are coming?”, here’s how I think the GoW team works based on how they release information:

  1. Versions release on roughly 3-month cycles.
  2. They try to nail down what features go in what versions for 2 versions ahead.
  3. About a month before a version is to release, they decide how finished they are and, if some feature isn’t finished, it’s taken off the list.
  4. Shortly after that they pick what they feel like is the neatest new feature and start to vaguely tease it.
  5. Two weeks before release there is a preview stream.
  6. Another preview stream happens the week of.

So at this point we probably won’t get any information at all about what is planned in 4.Next. Not enough work has been done on those features for the devs to consider committing. For 4.2.5 or whatever is actually next, they know what they want in it but still have a lot of work to do for most of it. We’ll hear more about those features over the next few months. If one gets completely finished, sometimes they let it slip as a teaser.

I think it is how it is. If the release matrix were less complex, they could maybe commit to one feature at a time and then we’d get much more granular updates. But they have to coordinate with Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft, Steam, and Amazon for their releases. Some of those require certification per-release, and that has a cost. So they’re encouraged by the process to make larger releases that are further apart.

This is exacerbated by “actually having a community”. If they promote a feature, then have to pull it at the last minute, people get really angry. Sometimes irrationally angry. They’d like to minimize that, because often “delivering what was promised” also makes people really angry, and it’s nice to have smaller angry mobs.


But then again they tend to make changes without getting any sort of potential direction about what the community wants or feels in any shape something can be improved. Then once it’s released depending on how they coded the whole things, it becomes much more troublesome and expensive to change it later.

They don’t need to consult with us on everything, but some stuff could certainly be delivered with better results. I keep wondering what’s the point of the beta tester if:

  • They are only testing behaviors of the new code or mechanics.
  • They don’t offer input on some aspects, or even if they do such input is ignored and things are released regardless of the “I told you so!” results.

Again, they don’t need to consult about every little detail, but if we had a better explanation, or even a list of upgrades/affixes from the Weapon’s Upgrade System in the first place, then, a lot of extra work and grievances from both sides could’ve been avoided.

I don’t disagree with that analysis, but it was outside the scope of “trying to be objective” for that particular post.

There are demons on either side of the player feedback loop. To some extent a lot of player discussion only proves “players don’t really know what they want” or “players don’t really want long-term good mechanics”. On the flip side, a lot of things that “sound like fun” to the devs don’t turn into gratifying long-term distractions for players. There’s definitely room for improvement in the process.

But, nerdier:

There is a lot of software design methodology that insists you keep your users 100% a part of the process. The idea is they know what they want, so the more often you can show them a work-in-progress, the sooner they can tell you if you’re off track and the more easily you can fix it. But that methodology tends to assume you have one customer, or if you have many they have delegated “a customer representative” who signs off on the bullet points.

The GoW playerbase doesn’t have a way to homogenize itself like that. Some people want to play casually and ONLY casually. Some people want to be slow and strategic. Other people want to be fast and chaotic. Some people want to play treasure maps all day. Some people want troops that instakill 4 opponents simultaneously. Some don’t like free turns. I could go on, but I’m trying to illustrate that GoW has a heterogeneous user group and it’s hard to imagine any feature will ever be rated as “above average” by a majority of its groups.

In that case, all of that software design methodology is bad advice. First: GoW can’t be “finished” like the projects the advice is for. If it is ever “finished” the developers will move on to another project. That means GoW itself will languish and no one can play it. So the developers are continuously developing new features even if, somehow, the playerbase is happy with the game as it stands. Second: any feedback is almost guaranteed to present negative feedback, because most player groups have mutually exclusive playstyles.

So the only thing they can do is have a vision and implement it. That involves deciding how the feature works in private, balancing how it works vs. the rest of the game using their own internal heuristics, and unapologeitcally releasing it as they see it should be.

That doesn’t mean we can’t push back and provide our feedback anyway, but I think that’s why a lot of things stay “broken”. The devs see it as working as intended, and believe any change they make will present a different loud, negative feedback in response.


I agree on many points, especially regarding the challenging task of filtering the different kinds of feedback provided. But that’s not to say that they would never benefit from feedback or consultation. Only recently they went going through some of these for some guild features. I’m not trying to diminish this or any of the previous works and hours spent on this journey developing GoW, but if they keep managing this game always “juggling” stuff around they’ll keep “dropping the ball” every now and then, as i already mentioned earlier at lenght, causing problems that could’ve been avoided in the first place.

I can accept many explanations and justificatives for all of this but everytime we see something in these lines…

The constantly evolving nature of GoW would be a challenge to any team of developers, even the “Team of the house” is perpetually learning and growing during and after each transition. Yes, we’ll make mistakes and we are truly sorry for how these mistakes affects each one of you during this process. Every change brings some discomfort or demand sacrifices for everyone involved, and just like that we can’t improve or diversify your experiences without taking a risk of causing some discomfort, but we trust the final result will only reinforce our relationship.

… it becomes less credible because it’s the most played card, or because this is the only they have, on their hands everytime things goes wrong for the same, or mostly the same, reasons it went wrong in the past. (How many times IN A ROW have they forgot to put/enable the new Class Weapon in the game prior to Shaman Class? Three times.)

I can accept that GoW is very challenging to develop, and i can accept there is a lot of learning curves and pauses during this journey, but i can’t shake off the feeling that something is essentially wrong in management and decision making processes if we keep seeing “more of the same” mistakes STILL happening…

Not reworking Wild Plains is an ongoing mistake for example. :skull:

You said that twice, but its still wrong lol.

Ive said in my post I had it on, but it needs to be off.

You have in the help article that it needs to be on.

If it is on, it wont show any notifications during any gameplay.

You need it Off, for it to show up at any time.

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Can you please do something against this really big leave button on this position? The update isn’t online since a long time and already two people left by accident. :confused:


I’m a guild lead, I dare not try it, but is there no prompt for confirmation if you press “Leave”? I would assume there would be.