4.2 Patch Notes

You try to click on alert setting? Cause i did and don’t see it anymore

I unchecked all alert

There is a NEW MESSAGE in global chat WOOHOO!!! :roll_eyes:

The team are looking into the issue where the “Enable alerts” pop-up can appear too frequently.

As a workaround, they have completely disabled the prompt in the mean-time until a full solution is discovered. Please restart the game to see this change.


@Cyrup at first i thought it was phone notification for console player. I thought it was amazing but realise it’s not what i thought it’s not a QOL improvement imo

I don’t understand what you mean exactly? I thought we mentioned in the help center article, forums and patch notes that the notifications aren’t embedded into console at this stage and are linked to the device of choice :slight_smile:

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I understand what you’re saying but I love it. I often work from home as I did today. I keep my XBox on playing spotify while I work. I have it set to give me notifications on my work laptop. I didn’t miss a single pet today. I also managed to grab a lot more tributes than normal.

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Since I was having issues with my notifications not working while on PC, and then when I got off they started working again, I went hunting.

I have found the issue on Win 10 I was having. For anyone else having the same issue, notifications not showing up while in game/any game

I had When I’m playing a game set to On. Which meant that all browser notifications while in any game, would not appear.

To find the setting, just search for Focus Assist



So can someone clarify this notifications thing for me. I’m on Xbox. It would only be useful to me in 2 ways. When playing another game, the xbox itself will notify me, or if my phone can notify me.

Can it do either of these things?

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Again with the alerts…

I have the game open. I’ll get to the tribute. It shouldn’t tell me there’s tribute when I’ve got the game open.

I may end up turning the thing off if its going to work this poorly.

But isn’t that what the alert is for? To let you know it’s ready? Otherwise you would probably just start the next match.


I also believe it’s good to have the notifications even if the game is open, because you can forget to check it sometimes.


What happened to the ‘Second Commander in Charge’ thingy within guild ranks? I thought you were to enable a secondary admin with rights to demote and kick members?


The dev guild on the test servers has two co-leaders because they are devs and do weird things. On the live servers, I don’t think I have ever seen more than one person with demotion privileges.

I know, but it’s been in discussion to have an additional leader with all abilities (except kicking the actual leader).
We manage our ranks by activity until someone fails our goals at the last rank, then they get kicked. But sometimes our leader isn’t there when we have new recruits but no open slots, leaving us without a potential replacement.


Giving additional people the ability to demote/kick seems like it will lead to tons of drama.

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I can’t agree with that. Many competitive guilds have a leader and a second-in-command. Obviously, a GM only has someone they trust in that position.

What people asked for during the guild survey was for a 2IC rank that allowed that person the ability to demote/kick lower ranks. This would allow the 2IC to keep guild administration running smoothly if the GM is sick or away for an emergency.


as a GM i completely trust my lieutenants and sometimes we need to be able to kick a player during a time when the GM is not available. for example: if the GM is out camping with no signal and we have decided to rotate someone out when a replacement is found.


What? GMs don’t leave the house for any reason, I thought that was how this worked.


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And this:

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