4.2 Patch Notes

A few things I just wanna point out after reading this thread, then im walking away from it all.

1st, @Shimrra I think its a great idea, cause while you are doing mass explore or PvP if it pops up you can go check it. Yes I agree it should be in game, but for now, this is all we have and it is a step up from forgetting about them lol.

2nd, @awryan you are acting like levels are the ONLY thing you are recruiting people on. Why not look at other things that mean more than levels, like troop count, kingdom count, PvP Overall Stats. All of them give an indication of how well they can play the game, and how long they have been playing. All more important info than the level. And tbh, if the devs had of said nothing about levels missing, I wouldnt of even noticed.

Now for recruiting and not playing. That is 100% on you. I recruit regularly for all guilds in BDC. While playing. And chatting, both in game and on discord. Recruiting has stopped me exactly 0 times from playing the game. If it is stopping you, and you find it that annoying to try and find people for your guilds and not play the game while you are spending time doing that, than may I suggest stepping down as leader or recruiter and let someone else who is able to multi task and not be rude [note: Lyya edit] to people about everything that you think is “simple” take over the tasks.

The devs made a simple mistake missing level indicators on profiles. It has been with Beta testers for weeks now. Was missed there as well. It happens. It is the nature of development. You spend that long focused on it, it starts to look normal and you miss simple things, like levels. It has been fixed for next patch. That is all that can be asked for. If you demand more, then go make your own games and see how simple it is for you after all.

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As for things on profiles we would like to see, me personally:

  • Income Per hour.
  • If possible, break up the total troops to troops per type. This is a low pirority and more a wish thing lol
  • Average Kingdom Star level.

Ill add more as I think of them later on.

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Are my fellow XBox players seeing the achievements available? When I didn’t see them last night I assumed it would take a day to show. The game is still just showing a total of 2300. Is this happening to everyone or am I broken?

After some playing…
Troop loading lag seems be fixed! Haven’t had the game freeze on me or become non-responsive after several hours of being open and lengthy periods of active playing. Big thank you to GoW devs (@Saltypatra, @Sirrian, @Kafka, @Nimhain, also everybody else I can’t remember or don’t know of at the moment) and Unity devs for their mutual efforts!
Those awful gem explosion weapon affixes have also gone. Very good. There still remains the issue with gem creation/removal affixes (some of which are really counterproductive: for example, remove gem affix on a weapon that creates gems as part of its spell; and some are just shady, e.g. any create/remove on a weapon that doesn’t do it naturally) that I personally would prefer taken care off as well.
New guild interface looks like a good improvement, but there is a certain issue that, hopefully, will get addressed in future:


Notifications about when a guy in global chat write something better be removed, and not in 1 month!

Also I have the pop up that tell me about alert settings option. How can I stop that? All that is annoying. I dont want to say “No thank you” 100x per day.


Rank 3 could invite people by their code but not anymore. Strange, isn’t?


This cursed look needs a lot more on it …

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All your “advice” is subjective. How many troops should a level 100 player have? How many should a level 500 player have? The 2 are separate level Requirements that 2 of my guilds have.
The level thing wouldn’t be an issue if the chat wasn’t so bugged that when you ask the individual what level they are. You could know for sure that you’re seeing their reply or that they are seeing your question. So when they combine the 2 issues. It’s a big fan pain in the rear.

Oh geez. I have no issue multitasking. And though I appreciate the unsolicited advice of a 3 month old gm? I merely said all weekend so the devs could get the full on experience of the 2 issues already cited by me in this address.

EVERY SINGLE patch has mistakes. I already alluded to the fact that this may be a small one but such a simple one NOT to miss. Beta testers can’t honestly be expected to catch mistakes. To qualify for being a beta tester the individual just has to be noticed by Salty. That’s it. They are not paid professionals by 505. But you know who is? QA are “paid professionals” by 505. What does QA stand for? Quality sometimes? Quality-ish? No sir (rather then name call like a child, I’ll keep this somewhat respectable) they are called QUALITY ASSURANCE. It’s their job to catch these mistakes. A job that they failed at. Don’t even know how that can be disputed.
The devs are not children that need their hand held after they make a mistake.
If you buy a product and it’s not working properly. Do you just say “oh people mistakes” and move on with your day? I envy you if that’s the case that you have enough money to just not care if you purchase an inferior product.
I am a VIP 11 player who isn’t rich. I am not poor. Like many others I am middle class. And I’m not “ignorant” enough to think that this game can exist if everyone plays 100% for free. It’s amazing that it’s possible for people to have success in the game and never drop a dime. I spent money on the game for the first time in a year yesterday prior to the patch. Cause I felt that the update was going to fix all the bugs besides the chat one. So when my excitement of the new patch revealed the horror that it was going to put another hurdle in Recruiting. I realized that I had once again invested in an inferior product. And when I thought Cyrup asked for me feedback. I provided it. I don’t remember asking, or indicating that I want your feedback to my feedback. But I appreciate it nonetheless. Why? Because clearly it’s easier to point out “mistakes” you feel a person has with their opinion. Then what professionals do for a living.

I’m sure it’s extremely difficult to make a game. As I’m sure it’s extremely difficult to build a car. And extremely difficult to fix a broken leg. If I bought a lemon the dealer would hear my unhappiness. If I died during a knee surgery my ghost would haunt the doctor. But you’re right… If I spend thousands on a bug game…I should just pad the devs on the head and say there there… Mistakes happen.

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More narcissistic ranting from an entitled player? Stay classy :wink:

In other news, I like the patch. Sure there are still some issues but they’re being resolved. That sort of thing takes time.


You are “entitled” to your opinion as much I am. But to be critical of others players thoughts and not of the devs actions is hillarious to me.
If wanting a patch that doesn’t cause annoying bugs makes me “entitled” then so be it.
Never has someone said “stay classy” that was actually a “classy” individual.
But if we’re just going to throw out slang then “bye Felicia”. :wink:

Nope. They fixed it as soon as they noticed it. Unfortunately, it will take time for us to see the fix. Which I’m not debating at all. They shouldn’t rush the next update just to placate me. The mistake is done. I’m over it. I’m only still discussing it because of players who feel they need to attack other players to possibly gain favor of the devs by defending them. No matter how you slice it. The mistake is on the devs and the community has become almost insanely too used to these mistakes that I personally don’t feel the devs hold themselves accountable enough for them anymore. They used to give gems out as compensation for their mistakes or at the very least… apologize for them. Now I feel like they just go “:person_shrugging: whoops…our bad”.
Perhaps I’m not over it, because the more I think about it… The more disgusted I am about it.
I like 90% of the update as well. I would just like one Rose without thorns from them. If it’s too much to ask. Then I’ll stop asking. But I truly believe its possible at this time. My hope hasn’t been squashed yet.

Says he’s over it.

Continues to rant about it.



Clearly. :grinning:

Everyone, please keep this topic on track and off of personal remarks.

Thank you!


Now I’ve been given a browser alert for a pet rescue that was three hours ago. There’s currently a different one running, which I have finished already. And I’ve opened my browser several times since the one from three hours ago and this is the first I’m hearing about it from the alert system.

Kinks to work out there?

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I seen your ninja edit of my comment, thanks :smiley:

As per on topic, maybe instead of average stars per kingdom, total stars might work instead.

Also, like the guild shields and backgrounds and etc. The cosmetic things that have been added with a goal attached to them, like 5mil trophies etc. Can we get things like that for the hero?? I dunno what or how or anything like that, but just an idea. Give people something to aim for that may be a bit quirky to get.

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I don’t think alerts are working as intended currently. I just did a bug report about them.
Assuming PC will work the same as mobile. The second a PR starts you will be notified with zero to no delay.

@Dust_Angel This is a known issue which the team should have resolved for the next update (unconfirmed fix yet though, needs to be tested). To learn more about alerts go here.

@Fleg this should only appear once and sounds like a bug. You might wish to submit a bug report or contact support so we can help you further :slight_smile:

@Praam I’ll check for you.

just a note if you have a suggestion about a feature or improvement that you feel passionately about please feel free to pop it in feature requests and suggestions! As you know this post gets busy so I will miss things.

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Gems become too bouncy and I didn’t like that.