4.2 Patch Notes


Can you please do something against this really big leave button on this position? The update isn’t online since a long time and already two people left by accident. :confused:


I’m a guild lead, I dare not try it, but is there no prompt for confirmation if you press “Leave”? I would assume there would be.


I guess it is. But they somehow managed to leave anyway. Just like clicking without reading and thinking. ^^ I fear that happens pretty often in this game. :joy:


Our beta testers do offer feedback, and when possible we use it to better the release before it goes out. Sometimes we don’t have time to implement all of their feedback, but where possible we do!


Then, would it be possible to have a “pre-beta” to present them, the beta-testers, a summary of the patch to be evaluated with their experience as player’s if applicable?

Before all the coding starts and becomes too hard or inviable to make a change due time constraints and whatnot…

You already have a handful of people you trust for… “mechanical tests”… of features, maybe among them there are people who could offer some valid input.


That isn’t an option due to time constraints. Our beta testers get the patch notes, the current beta build and we then listen to their feedback and address as many bugs they find as we can. The last two betas we ran saw us make changes based on the early feedback our testers provided, and whenever we have the time and resources we find great value in running the community beta. Sometimes we can’t, especially with quick turnarounds and deadlines, etc, but we do so whenever possible.

I am glad that we get to run our community beta, which is why I push so hard to make it available as often as possible.


Yes, there is. It comes up with “Leave Guild” and “Do you really want to leave the Guild” with “No” and “Yes” buttons.

I suppose it’s possible to leave by accident if you’re really careless, but it seems unlikely that two people in one Guild would do so.

(Just saying… :thinking: )


Fixed! 10 chars.


I guess this is an answer as good as one can get. Thanks.


As you know, Cyrup, we are conversing separately about notifications. Just wanted to post here publicly that my browser has notifications enabled, but GoW still does not show up in my Windows 10 Action Center. Also, I am finding feedback articles from Microsoft saying that apps cannot be manually added to the Action Center. So, this would appear to be an issue, and I would imagine that others having problems should also check their Action Center to see if GoW is present.


Yes, I also thought it is unlikely. But really happened here. x) One left on Tuesday, the other on on Thursday. I still don’t know how they managed that.


Apologies if this has already been flagged - I don’t have the time to read 191 replies, sorry.

Re the guild administration updates, can we please have recruitment requirements to be set only by the guild leader? I have people in my guild setting targets and then others setting them to different numbers and it’s very annoying; I am also determined that our guild will be casual and not have members feeling bad it they can’t contribute every week - having targets set and coming up red in the roster goes against this. If only the guild master can make these changes, then this allows for the overall management of this aspect of the guild to be maintained. Likewise for setting the shield - I don’t really want multiple people being able to change it as the shield is the guild identity - I set up the guild and I put the effort in to manage it so I should be able to keep the shield the way its always been. Similarly for the names of the ranks in the guild - I have someone changing a title to reflect their own user name - I can change it back but they’ll just change it again. The ranks should be set by the guild leader to avoid all of this needless changing of things.

Otherwise, I’ll have to demote everyone to rank 3 to achieve the same thing, and I don’t want to do that.

Lastly, can we have the option to turn off the red on tasks not done to the level set? It says suggested targets but then comes up as red if members are below the target, so it feels more like a requirement rather than a suggestion.

I’m sure people will say, just talk to your guild members and ask them not to change things - we’re a casual guild though and we don’t have communicating with each other as a requirement or even a viable means to discuss the guild - I’ve put messages in the guild chat but I know people haven’t seen them so that’s not reliable.



Every where but that screen it says Requirements.
Unfortunately, consistent text is an issue for the dev team we love.

(It’s our current averages not Requirements)

In the guild activity section it shows exactly who changes your numbers. So I would just demote those who violate your wishes.
The red text is too make it easier for managers to see those who haven’t made Requirements yet that week.
The devs can’t make everyone happy. But considering these changes were due to feedback from a majority of the community. I think it’s safe to say most will stay as is.


Thanks for the reply - I’ll check the Guild Activity again as I did look before posting but I couldn’t find where the targets had been set and by who. If I can identify then your suggestion just to demote them is a good one - thanks.


If you can’t. Then that’s definitely an issue. Also, what a dev told me, is you can only see the activity of those who update to 4.2 so if they haven’t yet. Then eventually they will have to update. No one has messed with the numbers but me. So if I were you. I would ask someone with 4.2 to change the numbers on purpose to know for sure.
If it doesn’t work. Then I’d support a feature request to have number changes show in the activity log.


If number changes do show in the activity log then they should when a guild leader changes them too. I change my guilds numbers and it didn’t show up but when I changed the shield it did show up on the activity log.


Anyone else miss this the first time?

Yeah this helps a lot lol… don’t need to know most of those. PVP rewards aren’t going anywhere, for instance.


I’m a little late to the party on this, but:
Thank you for buffing the legendary trait on Imps! I’ve been having a lot of fun with them this week.


Opened browser. Was told I had tribute.

Opened Gems. No tribute.

… Then I got another alert of the same, looked, tribute appeared in-game a couple seconds later.

This is all fishy.


The browser tried to update the message as soon as the game loaded the tribute animation. That’s why there is some delay in your perspective.

Sometimes happens to me as i get the web-alert, check the game that was already open and there is no coins on my home kingdom or Underworl/Overworld button, but if i click on it i get my stuff.