4.0 Sneak Peek: Delve



hmm police raid over spoiler of new game mode. Raid like in the new game mode. Raid uses sigils, therefore delve uses sigils!




48.9 million gold?
203 mythic treasures?

Obviously this picture is of someone who fell prey to Greed…


@Crow!!! Look at all those shinies! :wink:


so we had to feed pets and now we will need to feed treasure hoard


We finally get to see the graphics of all 6 treasures! Learning about the best way of leveling it up and how it affect Delve gameplay would be interesting.

Also, according to this message on twitter…

Why is that? Is it because there is no more topic for spoiler next Saturday, or 4.0 would already available by then? Ooh!!


I will steal all the sapphires!


Salty will stream it monday so nothing to spoil after this


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The devs have also said that one of the goals of the new user interface introduced in the 3.x updates is make the interface as clean as possible and not present any irrelevant information to users in them.

The story of that picture is quite telling, wouldn’t everyone agree? :thinking:


RIcky is correct. After the big reveal on the next stream, pretty much all the secrets of 4.0 will be known to everyone.


From what i can see we can invest treasures to upgrade our Hoard during the delving.
Each treasure has a XP value and a Chance Value, so using low tier treasures gives us a low chance of success at increasing our Hoard quality.

The XP would increase the Level of the Hoard, but…

So we use treasures to upgrade the Faction Chests we can obtain by Quality and Level? What’s the difference of a Faction chest of higher level? We can’t use souls to upgrade the Faction Cards so we must keep investing in the faction with treasures until we max the hoard at level 20? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ok, i’m probably wrong in some aspects because this seems too convoluted.


This is a question you should ask if there is a Q&A component to the spoiler stream. Tell me what they say.


I’m glad you are enjoying our last spoiler before 4.0 releases.


I really hope that you’re wrong and the probability on the treasure card is not a Chance value…

That will be another RNG not-good idea and we all know what happened to the Diamond 50% drop ratio in Dungeon mode…


Alas, on this part i think i’m right because if you look closely on the bar under the Hoard there is XP and % Chance, and each treasure has XP and %. If you put five Coin purses you have 25% chance of increasing the quality and gives 50 XP.

I don’t want to give anyone false hopes, but i have a feeling we can “purchase” these treasures using Gold, otherwise why would we have our gold stash displayed on the left corner? It sort of makes sense that we are investing on the treasures using our own money. Would this be the new feature Sirrian and Nimhain mentioned to gives us more uses for gold but Legendary Tasks?

If i’m able to watch the stream at all…


This, at least, should be addressed by Salty’s stream next week. I don’t know how she could show off 4.0 without telling you whether this guess is right or wrong.


My guess is it work like normal chests, if you pay gold you get common and rare treasure and gems will give you super rare and higher chance


I can confirm… :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Hi one of you knows when the new update comes out?