[30/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans ! Play for FUN not WORK ! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements ! (PC/Mobile)


Guild Wars is about to make a come back this week ! If you are looking for a casual guild to take part, send me a message.


We currently have a spot open. If you are looking for a casual stress free guild to enjoy the game, leave a message here or send me a pm.


Hallo. I used to play 3 years ago but for several reasons i quit. I would like to come back and would love to join your guild if it is possible. I am only 65 level but should be consider as a level 1. I am willing to learn.


Really sorry but we are full at the moment … will put up a posting when a spot frees up.


How are you finding Raids/Invasions?

Based on feedback from our guild members, we have found that these new modes are not something everyone enjoys. Most like it during the initial part of the week. However as the week draws on and the stats ratchet up, the battles become increasingly long and difficult; instead of being fun, it becomes a chore !

We have therefore adopted a guild policy of requiring members to play up to the point where it is no longer fun. There is no minimum tier buy in and no minimum score. If you are a veteran in a competitive guild who does not enjoy these two new P2W modes, send me a message and we will find a spot for you


In spite of our relaxed policy,we managed to do quite well in Raids this week. We managed to close Portal 8.

IMHO, the Portal 9 and Portal 10 rewards of 2 Orbs of Chaos and 1 Major Orb of Chaos are not worth spending 200 / 300 gems per guild member to play games nobody is enjoying.

Also because our guild has so many end game players, many of us have been able to play Raids / Invasions without buying any tiers. The following is my Raid score for the week.

I did it without buying any tiers. I used the following team:

Mang (Archer) + Mab + Mab + Skadi; Lion Banner.

If you are an end game player interested in playing Raids / Invasions on your own terms, leave me a message and we’ll look to clearing a spot for you.


Looking to join - 1083 - really tired of the grind the ‘second’ job with GW.

Love the folks in my current guild but don’t love the requirements now.


Welcome Taisaikat ! Plse give me a moment to clear a spot.


Thanks you. Code is TAISIA


Thanks ! Will send invite once my GM comes on and clears a spot.


Just wanted to say how happy I am since joining this guild. A great group of people who work very well together. A great place to call home for anyone looking for something a little more fun and less stressful. Really appreciate you all having me with you.


Really good to have you in the guild ! GoW is a game best enjoyed among friends. I can never understand how it can be fun if it became a series of stretch goals and must achieve targets.


We currently have spots open. If you are a veteran player looking for a fun casual guild to enjoy the game, send me a message for an invite.


It is Guild War week again ! If you are looking for a fun casual guild to play GW, send me a message. We currently have spots open for veteran players looking for a stress free game home to play GoW.


We still have 1 spot open.

At Sushi-Bar we have no minimum gem spend for GW / Raid / Invasion. As such you can save between 200 to 300 gems per week as compared to other competitive guilds with minimum gem spends. This translates to 1 extra mythic card from gem/vip chests every 3 to 4 months. This while getting all of the low-lying-fruit rewards that account for 90% of the rewards that you can get in a competitive high-pressure guild.

Please leave a message if you are interested and I will send you an invite as soon as I am able.


We currently still have a spot open. Please leave me a message if you are interested.


Hi aurvandil,
I’m looking for a more active guild and am an active player. Would like to join your guild if possible as it seems to reflect my playing style!
My invite code is melkkman_jgew

If I can join, thanks in advance, if not, no worries!



We have a spot open. If you can leave your guild, I can send you an invite. Also grateful if you can check that your invite code is correct.


Great, I’ll do that when I get home in a couple of hours. Thanks! The invite code should be MELKKMAN_JGEW
I did check that one.


Hi Melkkman, would like to invite you. But your code is invalid.