[30/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans ! Play for FUN not WORK ! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements ! (PC/Mobile)


Welcome Ragbold! Invite sent!


Welcome MandM08! We’ve cleared a spot. If you can leave your current guild and send us your code, we can send you an an invite.


Thanks, PM sent


Welcome MandM08! Invite sent!


Happy Valentine’s Day! We currently have a spot open. If you are looking for a casual family orientec guild full of veteran players, leave a message or send me a pm.


Hey been playing a while love the game haven’t really played seriously but I am ready to start if I can get a chance I’d appreciate it can’t find a serious devoted clan by random clan switch


Welcome Quitelunatic! If you can leave your current guild and send me your invite code, I can send you an invite.


Domestic violence I’m in king of death 2 right now but not serious enough for me


We are not a hardcore guild. If you are still keen to join, plse send your invite code.


Hi aurvandil,
Your guild sounds like a good match for me. I’m level 774 with some good decks. My invite code is VITH. Please send an invite if there’s room.


Welcome Vith! Invite sent!


I’m lvl 650, active, put money in guild task, generally do all guild war and want to be part of your veteran team!!! MICK_17


Welcome mbeaulac ! Plse allow us to clear a spot.


Hi! Alright, let me know. Do I have to quit from my guild first, or I’ll receive an invitation from you anyways?


Have cleared s spot. Plse leave your guild and we’ll send an invite.


done, im waiting for your invite!


Welcome mbeaulac! Invite sent!


I don’t receive them… i dont know if it has a delay to receive them


Rsent. Plse see if you have received the invite.


We have a spot open and are looking for a new member to join us. If you are a veteran and looking for a new game home, send me a message