[30/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans ! Play for FUN not WORK ! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements ! (PC/Mobile)


Since we started recruiting in Oct, Sushi Bar has been growing steadily. Among our more experienced members, we now stand at:

vl 1000+: 6 players
Lvl 800 to 999: 4 players
Lvl 500 to 799: 6 players

If you are a veteran and looking for new game home, we welcome you to join us. Leave a message in this thread or send me a pm.


Im lv264. I will do 1500S 100+T 30GW(4/1 to 2/3 at bracket 50s).
I am not good at English.
Can I join in?


Welcome niwatori! Plse allow me to clear a spot.


Have cleared a spot. Plse leave your guild and send me your invite code.


Thank you.
I leave current guild then I send PM my code to you.


Invite sent !


Hey guys,
my guilde in on the verge of dying so I’m looking for a new one. Casual is important for me but at least GW I’m playing every day. Chatting a bit is also something I like.
I’m not in a hurry but if you’d have a free slot eventually I’d be glad to join your guilde.
Currently I’m lvl 757, last week in GW I made 48k.

Erik aka Zweizahn


Welcome Zweizahn ! Plse allow me to clear a spot.


My goodness, are you fast! As I said no hurry.


I happen to be online at the moment. Will revert to you shortly on this.


Have cleared a spot. Plse leave your guild and pm me your invite code.


Invite sent ! Welcome Zweizahn !


Last week was Sushi Bar’s 3rd anniversary . Hard as it is to believe, we have been around as a guild for 3 years! As part of our 3rd anniversay celebrations, we completed all tasks and even completed 2 LTs.

If you are looking for long term game home, we welcome you to join our guild. Just leave a message here or send me a pm.


This sounds better than the guild that I am in currently. What Time zone are you in? If you have an opening I am DADEO_1. I am lvl 1169. I do 1500 seals and all GW matches weekly. I still feel like a noob at times -what is a pm?


Welcome Dadeo! We have a spot available. If you can leave your guild, I can send you an invite.

pm - private email via the forum


I have left my old guild. Save me from being guildless. Thanx


Invite sent!


I’m very interested, do you have any spots available? I’m frustrated with my current guild and looking for a good home.

I can average all GW’s, 1500 seals, 200 to 300 gold, and 150 to 250 trophies. Some weeks I can do more, some weeks a little less. I’m currently level 1023.


We would like to see you in our guild.
I hope we‘ll fit better to you and you‘ll fit to us :-).

Just leave your invite code here and leave your current guild and aurvandil or I will sent you an invite soon.


Hi, I’m playing GoW for a long time, but always played it very casually in the first year. I’m “only level 354”, because I didn’t interact in PVP a lot in the beginning and spent a lot of time doing PVE and Treasure Hunt content, but got into PVP eventually.
I took a break from the game around the time the Khaziel Mythic was about to release and just wanted to take up playing again.
As it is more fun in a guild, I’d like to join. I have engaged in GW before, so I know the general concept and I definitely can do the seals.
I might need to be a bit cheap on the gold side for the first 1-2 weeks, as I have 3 kingdoms to level to 10, which I missed while on break.
If you’d like to see if we’re a good fit, you can invite me with the code “RAGBOLD”. :slight_smile: