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3.5 update preview screenshots (part 1)

Daily task for pc/mobile


Treasure rewards

Champion points


Talents trees


Class event


Anus’s Scepter Dawnbringer and Mang upgrades


All weapon filter


Salty OOPS!



Thanks for the pic, Rickygervais. This is so interesting. We finally have skill tree!!


Thanks for doing this.


Thanks I understand better the Class Event. So it will be 5x8 battles and one reward for each 5 battles. And difficulty should increase a la Pet Event.

So 40 battles in a week-edn that’s okay, but on one day, it seems a lot. I know that Salty said something about the one-day Event will be speeded up, but I don’t see how…

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We can see the XP required for a Champion Level (27 pts for level 26).
We may need (current level+1) points by level so something like 5151 points for level 100.
2 points for each PVP battles… it’s going to take a long time :stuck_out_tongue: .


From memory, Salty also said that the 5 fights will be reset once all done to harder enemies.

No idea what the point system is on them, when 1 fight is worth 1 point for the rewards tab. I assume its for champion xp

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Where did the screen caps come from? Can we watch this video?

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Ah, thanks for that.

I just realised it’s linked on the Gems of Streaming thread, but I’d not read that one because I didn’t want to wade through around 1000 posts!


Do you get class xp by using the class in regular battles or only through class events? And if regular battles give class xp, will it be significant enough to not make class events mandatory?

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Question after looking at those screenshots, maybe somebody knows:

  • In the talent tree, is this a pick one of three choice or is it possible to activate more than one trait on the same level? If it’s an exclusive choice, is it permanent or can be be changed to accommodate for play style?

  • Which chest drop pool will get lowered chances to allow ingots to fit in? The screenshots suggests only the traitstone chance gets reduced. Is it also going to be less likely to pull troops, lowering the overall chance to obtain a mythic?

  • The weapon upgrades seem to contain some very two-edged benefits, like removing a random gem on cast. Is it possible to skip or deactivate those benefits if one likes to have more control over a match? Or will those players have to avoid upgrading their weapons, missing out on the other benefits?


Both. But much more with class events.

We can see Salty getting 2 pts by battle. And level 26 requires 27 pts. I was guessing 5k pts for all the 100 levels but I can be wrong (as someone who tries to extrapolate a forumal from one value :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Only one trait by line.

No button reset with gem fee so I guess you can change it as you want.

Salty said that Legendary/Mythic troops will keep their drop ratio. So I guess all the other rewards will be lowered.

Again no button remove so I guess it will be permanent like traits.


Thanks. 10

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Really don’t like the idea of it being similar to raids and other events, with the shop and all.
Can’t they think of something else? The last thing this game needed was a new currency.


Yes, you do.


Thanks. It’s currently a two-roll approach, you first roll on the type of reward, then on the rarity within the type. If the overall chance for mythic troops remains the same it likely means the first roll will just have a lowered chance for traitstones (e.g. from 80% troop, 20% traitstone to 80% troop, 10% traitstone, 10% ingot for gems keys).


So much to do! Any official word on a launch date?

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The standard Soon ™ of course. It sounds like it is still in beta and hasn’t been submitted to the various platforms for approval yet.


betting on end of the month :innocent:


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