3.5 update preview screenshots (part 1)


i would bet Support is just now getting over support tickets from the last update :smiling_imp:


I don’t really know how I feel because there is so much to look at I’d rather just kind of experience it than try to figure out how it impacts me.

I do wish we’d maybe alternate releases. It’d be nice to get a 3.4.5 with a functional fix for most of the 3.4 mechanics instead of barreling into 3.5. I have a feeling 3.5 is going to have some but not all 3.4 fixes, and it’s going to get messy.

Prediction: wins are still going to count as losses, and the greatest mystery in the game will still be, “Why didn’t I get this free turn?” But now there will be umpteen more things to check before the bug report.


The only word on release outside of Soon™ is that we have a dev Q & A in early July which will happen after 3.5 drops as it will focus on that.

So any time in the next 4 weeks is what they are saying at this point in time.

My prediction is last few days of June, or around Mythic release for July.


Yes, the Update will drop before the Q and A scheduled for early(ish) July. Spoiler alert!

Also, this many images with my face on them is weird.


You might want to do the Quality Assurance before the update drops. (/jk)


What do you think the community beta program is? (/jk)


Nothing wrong with your face salty :slight_smile:


A group of favorites picked out the developers based on how they talk about and promote your product. /serious


Nope! Not necessarily at all. Many of our beta testers have been vocal about their dislike of certain additions to the game before they became testers. I look for reliable people that I can work with, understand the game, and are active in our community. :slight_smile:



QA Beta Tester, Reporting for duty! :joy:


I’m unworkable with and only come here to bitch you guys out when you add cash shops, which is all the time now. Sorry. :frowning:


I guess you didn’t read the extensive series of critical posts I wrote in the last dev Q&A?

Ironically, knowing the actual answer to my assertions but not being able to discuss how right or wrong I was is an interesting situation to be in.


if they only got good feedback what would that help?
good to have constructive criticism :innocent:


We need varied and valid feedback to make the best game we can!


Gem sinks. Cash shops. Any comment on that?


A game like Gems of War has to have gem sinks in order to stay afloat. You all know that we don’t have a gated energy system to enable players to play as much as they want, whenever they want.

The reality of Gems of War is that you NEVER have to pay to enjoy playing the game as long and often as you like. However, we need to turn a profit, which is why you can opt to make purchases if you so desire. At no point is it necessary to spend money to play Gems of War. :slight_smile:


Sigils are a direct pay to play mechanic enabled for certain modes, which is quickly turning into a lot of them.


Free to play games have to be profitable to keep the lights on. Keeping those servers up 24/7 costs money, resources, and manpower, without those downtime could be much more frequent.

I honestly don’t know of any f2p games that give this much content for no cost, and on top of that the premium currency they give away for free it may be in small quantities but that can really add up.


@Ghaleon has hit the nail on the head.


You just said there is no energy system. I pointed to sigils. Care to make a counter point?