3.5 update preview screenshots (part 1)


I meant energy system as a whole and you know that. :slight_smile:

I am uninterested in debating this further. We work hard on Gems of War alongside our publishers, 505 Games. please remember that this game is a collaboration between both of us.

You are entitled to your opinions and thoughts on the game. I hope you continue to enjoy playing Gems of War.


Would like to point out, that I am always in top 5 or so in my guild in both raid and invasion, as well as GW.

I have all the pets, a bunch at level 15 and most at level 10.

I have finished in top 100 for Invasions before. Always buy to at least tier 4.

I have 6 cards left to get in the game total, 2 are craft only and 1 is from vaults.

I have 29 cards that I own not at Mythic. All are max level and all are fully traited.

Yet I am only at VIP 2.

You do not have to spend anything on this game. It is not pay to win. You may have to spend some more resources in game to get places at times, but you can do everything in game with just what you get in the game.

Crying about how much its a pay to win game, shows you just want shit handed to you, and as soon as you have to do a little bit of effort to get something, you throw a tantrum.

Both Invasion and Raid were made to drain excess gems from the game, as people were saving up thousands for no reason. Pets are the same. Im sure Classes will be the same.

Stop focusing on I need everything now, and work on, what should I work on getting 1st


Congratulations on the “B” @Ghaleon! :grinning:


With the impending class changes, was there any mention of what will happen to hero classes which have been fully leveled and traited? Will there be a refund or will the new system somehow run alongside the old?


If you were level 20 you will start at this level and been able to use 4 perks


I’m excited for 3.5, although I hope further down in the pipelines, they would consider adding in at least one game mode that doesn’t have a shop feature…

Considering at one point there was a complete lack of places to spend gems, I get it. But, going too much in the other direction doesn’t help either…


What Ricky said:

The new system extends the hero class leveling system beyond 20. Champion XP addresses how levels beyond 20 are handled. The three existing class traits are not going away.

Please note that Champion levels do not add stats to the hero, unlike levels 1-20. They serve as a meter of sorts that unlock additional talent choices at certain Champion level milestones once reached.


Let me ask you a hypothetical question on that (as a personal question, nothing beta related):

– Which of these two scenarios would you willing choose?

  1. Current and future levels of gem income, but increasing amounts of gem sinks to compensate


  2. No additional gem sinks put into play, but continued gem income nerfs to keep the game economy in check?

The devs’ historical stance has been the second scenario, but in the 3.x series of patches have moved away from that stance and have adopted the first scenario as their current course of action.

Which one of these do you prefer?


I prefer unlimited daily task :stuck_out_tongue:


true but…
they have taken away most ways to earn gems and added alot of ways to spend them.
i guess you can still get everything just takes alot more time :sunglasses:

just glad i seen it comming and saved enough gems to enjoy the game without alot of grinding :innocent:
or have to see the look on my wifes face when she gets the credit card statement and sees GOW charges :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sure… and I’ll take restoration of pre-nerfed LTs as well. :grinning:

But, both of us know that neither of those are going to happen.


They have slowed things down a bit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Then again, there’s nothing that’s been said about current levels of gem income being the absolute maximum that there ever will be in the game for players. :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:


Lets work backwards.

So from my perspective, the dev’s historical stance has been to nerf gem income and increase the amount of gem sinks at the same time. I’m sure the devs have good intentions (I hope), but that’s just kinda how it has been perceived.

So either choice would be a step up, really.

On paper, number 1 looks better right? Since the sinks are “optional” although then the player has to decide on if its worth missing out on the content.

The gem nerf part of Number 2 is about to happen? It really depends on how the kingdom stars change works, but I’m concerned to say the least. In that case, keep the sinks away as well.

I prefer Number 2 though, both as a way to make it easier to walk away when the game becomes too ridiculous to continue and to curb the aggressiveness of using up all your gems from participating in features without a way to regain it back in time that the 1st option may provide. At least number 2’s sinks would be known and I can budget from there.

In the way number 1 is worded, there’s no protection of future gem nerfs as well. I don’t want to be part of game that becomes more shop than game.

One more personal opinion: I’m glad I play on console because I can easily go play something else. I just bought Unravel 2, so I’m playing that tonight until the new pet shows up.


Yeah I want everything handed to me now… but what is everything? I have everything worth having in this game. I just don’t appreciate energy systems and pay to win elements.

But that’s what F2P games are so I suppose everything is going according to plan. But sure, I’ll just avoid the challenge of bullshit AI and inflated to hell enemy stats to be handed the “everything” that I don’t want or already have.


After hero and weapon i hope it will be time for pvp to get some love, kinda ridiculous rank #1 win only 50 gems for 7 days of hard work when you can win this in 1 day if you collect regulary your tribute


Unlocking hero weapon with 250 victories, does that give any head start in new hero mode?


Nobody is going to talk about this?

Doomstorm is currently tantamount to a decent chance at hitting a win condition every time the board shifts.


Usually, the first few turns at the start of the battle wont be enough for a storm to matter. Will the Doomstorm matter? maybe? but you’d have to move very quickly. There isn’t an empowered exploder yet, so it could backfire on you as well.


Firebomb? Could be enough to grant you a 1-turn win.


No exploder needed, with Doomstorm activated a Mercy/Tai-Pan/Spirit Fox cast should be enough to wreck chaos, use Gorgotha and enjoy.
Also Maze was quicker, Firebomb will do fine too ofc.