3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Having to collect rewards or seals is stupid… they should be acquired right away or mailed… it is a design set in place to not have to give all rewards to those who would otherwise forget to claim them


I just rushed to finish 6 fights since there was no time left, and I got a pop up “event ended”
I chose “continue” and got.the same pop up.msg again and again…
I could not claim rewards, checked my mail nothing…
Restarted still nothing.
So.i didn’t get anything for fighting 6 battles :tired_face:
Playing on xbox1


Desde la actualización de hoy, he sufrido continuos cortes y bloqueos! He perdido corres que al dar a abrir, se ha bloqueado la pantalla y al reiniciar, han desaparecido! He perdido batallas que no han quedado registradas pero si han descontado la batalla
Conectó desde Iphone. Mi usuario ARIS-SIRA_1


The chat fix for Xbox looks like it has been accidently rolled back. GUILD Chat is an essential tool, considering how the in game notification for Pets is currently unreliable. Please fix this.

Enter a comment and Nothing happens. Quit and restart and there is nothing there sometimes hours later what you typed appears, sometime not.


Same as in my case…


I play mobile. It wouldn’t load kept saying file was corrupt. So I un installed and re installed. Now I can’t link my account. I have had to link b4 never had an issue.


Guild chat still does not work for half of the guild including me. Another half is happily chatting though. Not a big deal as we finally fixed some discord but it is frustrating at times.


Hi Boudica

If you can’t link your account please contact support under ‘Account Issue’ and give us much info as you can to help us find it. Otherwise without knowing exactly what the issue is I can’t really help you (feel free to let me know what isn’t working).

@Black_Seraph the rewards should have been automatically sent to your game if the event ended during a battle, can you check your ‘Collected’ mail?


I have submitted a ticket with my email link password level and invite code. The auto response said 3 to 5 days for a response. I thought someone might have an idea


Can you clarify how the account linking wasn’t working? Do you have a screenshot?


If you are experiencing an issue in the game, especially an account recovery issue, 505 has reminded us that they are open for business/support tickets as well!

As most of our requests for help do go to the Gems of War support team (and we are very inundated right now already), if you have an urgent account issue you can also head over to them. We’ll still help you in our support, of course, but the option is there.



Hi Cyrup, I have the same issue. Can’t collect the rewards from the battles I finished. I checked my collected mail, it’s not there.


i have also checked mail. no rewards


What are your platforms? And what battles/gamemodes are you referring too?


I didn’t think to screen shot it. It says wrong email /password.
I know it is the right email. I wrote the password down and I am pretty sure I got it right. I checked it 3 or 4 times b4 I uninstalled. I know I should have taken a screen shot of my password. I didn’t think about it till later


Android, pet rescue. I finished battle 7, got the message " events end". Then found that I can’t collect the rewards.


I’m sure what ever the problem is I did it. I must have copined the password down wrong. I just need help un-doing what I did.


@Cyrup this is still happening . no matter how many times you restart its still not fixed. when someone starts a new pet event you have to restart the game to get the pop up saying new event has started.

not all players in the guild get a notice.
im on pc. 27)

When you restart it looks like this…

after this you still need to restart the game once a new pet event is started


The Calendar (above Settings) is inactive/grey without an icon and no Daily Rewards are received: If you updated the game after 5pm on May the 1st (AEST) then your rewards and calendar will activate at 5pm May the 2nd AEST. Please try waiting approximately 6 hours from this message to get your rewards.

Avatars missing please contact support with ‘missing rewards’ and your invite code/other account info

We also sent out compensation for the Raid Boss packs giving Broken Spire troops and not Swords Edge yesterday

Battle load screen times out- As usual please link your account and reinstall the game. If this still does not help we are currently investigating a potential fix for the issue. For more help with this issue check out this article.

@DEMONorANGEL Thanks, our team are looking this issue


I thought at first it was cause another rescue had just ended. But that doesn’t seem to matter. If it wasn’t for other guild members notifying me through discord. Then it’s very possible I could miss an event despite actively playing for the hour.
I fear many players are missing these events who trust the game to start the event for them without restarting the game every 10 minutes.

PS… Evidently I shouldn’t use the quote option when reporting an issue. Lol