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3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Does it only happen when you have killed a gnome with TDS/Krystenax or does it happen with other AOE troops?

@TimeKnight thank you :slight_smile:

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Before it goes to “Collected”, it has to be read first, isn’t it…? So, I actually should have noticed, if the rewards would arrive via mail…
And no, there was nothing there…

I think I only had it happen with Krystenax, definitely after I kill the last troop while summoning a silver drakon and getting an extra turn as well

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A lot of players collect all on their mail quickly and can miss things. It’s worth checking. You will want to contact support if you would like us to followup on this one. :slight_smile:

@Grimace What gamemodes were you playing before-hand?
I have another player with a similar problem using Krystenax which I’ve passed onto the team so I can include your info.

Added In-Game Store Inaccessible On PS4 to Known Issues list. Currently we do not know the cause of this issue and are reaching out to Sony to see if they have any more information. You can keep up to date with the issue here or on our help center article (as linked).

Maybe is this problem connected to the not accessible PSN Profiles and it is a general Problem with every kind of PSN connection?

Probably just a lot of PvP :wink:

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We aren’t sure just now. Our publishing team is in contact with Sony so hopefully Sony will have some more information.

Filters on PS4 are not working properly
For example I filter for “upgradable” troops and nothing gets sorted

See video below

I left a troop un-levelled as I knew I’d be getting that god awful “level a troop to “X” daily task” again (when is that getting fixed?)

On a side note when will we be able to push up at the top to scroll to the bottom instantly on the troop menu? I see this has been added to other menu’s but it really is needed here


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Yeah, that task is pretty annoying if you don’t have anything to level :stuck_out_tongue:

I will make a note of that for Quality of Life Improvements. If it wasn’t added by the dev there might have been a reason.

Regarding this issue that Calv1n posted, has anyone else noticed it on their platform? I saw another player on Steam report this but we couldn’t reproduce it in the office.

@Calv1n How long did your have your PS4 open for when this occurred? Does it happen with a freshly launch GoW/every time? Or only occasionally?

I wasn’t aware there was an issue with this, you might want to provide more details

Xbox. Select “change profile” now freezes the game.

Also, changing controllers and pressing xbox guide button now freezes the game, where previously it would quit the game to dashboard.

From within where in the game, and when did this begin happening?

Unable to connect to PSN Profiles from within the game - this has now been resolved by @GoldPhoenix0 ! Please relaunch your game to see the changes/fix. Please note that this may take some time to take affect, and you may have to wait until the player has logged in at least once since the fix to see their profile.


A small QoL request for Xbox (and probably PS4 as well).

When selecting a banner and you go past Zhul Kari you’re all the way back to Adana. Could you change it to either not go back to the beginning or that pressing left on the troop select lets you go back Zhul Kari?

From anywhere and only recently. Couple weeks I think. Mostly happens after playing several hours.

@Cyrup the PS4 was not on very long less than 90 minutes

The “level a troop to “X” level” or “unlock a trait” daily tasks have been a thorn in the side of end game players for a long time as many of us don’t always have a troop that needs a trait or can be levelled so we often get these tasks that can not be completed and are replaced the following day



1 less task a day keeps the doctors away.

Maybe with the new update they can think up some new ones.

I know people have been reporting wins counting as losses. Just had it happen to me too, not sure how many I’ve had go this way but I noticed this one. It should have been my first loss of the week, I have two…


No offense to the user but this is not a team I’m capable of losing to.

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You will need to contact Support with “missing rewards” or technical issue if you would like us to verify that this is apart of the known issue we have with wins/counting as losses. :slight_smile: Generally playing PVP first before the other gamemodes after you launch the game will prevent the issue.

@maze So when you scroll past Zhul’Kari in the banners list the scrolling zips back to Adana?

@Fleg This sounds like a performance issue caused by having the game open for a long time, you will want to consider closing/opening it again to prevent the issue.

@Calv1n Ok, I’ll make a note of that for a potential quality of life improvement