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3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

There is a bug with event keys. (Xbox One)

If you purchase 50 event keys (using keys, I have not tried with gems) the rewards screen shows you getting WAY MORE than 50 troops.

However, the bug is visual only, you don’t actually get the extra troops. I got extremely excited in 50 chests to have received 5 Glaycion and 3 Kingbloodhammer, but when I went to my troop collection I didn’t have that many.

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Not entirely removed yet, but at least now a restart will re-roll the task and we get a different troop type in its place. You’ll keep getting complaints (not from me, mind you) if this continues to show up as you did with boss and tower types.

Just saw this and as I have been affected by the bug as well, I must say: This sadly doesn’t work. I need quite some time to make matches (vision issues) and tend to wait especially in the beginning until the game shows me the “best” move possible, which is a 4-match or 5-match if available (if not, it usually shows me a crappy move…).
This means I several times waited long enough for the game to show me the move before taking it and I still didn’t get an extra turn. Yesterday it happened during my first turn of the match, with a 5-match the game showed me. So while I am aware that this is a known bug, I must at least report that the workaround doesn’t work for me. :confused:


Same for me matching gems slower doesn’t change anything.

That Bug happens Like 1/50 fights for no reason.

Visual glitch: Exploding skulls / doomskulls not showing damage dealt to the first enemy.

“55 armor”

Actually no, 10 armor.

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Well, that didn’t take long…

I am almost positive I just had a 5-match register as a 3-match and leave two gems on the board. This was the situation, except the skulls were Doomskulls (green is a stand-in for “any other color besides those two”):


I swiped the left-hand Doomskull to the right, causing what I thought to be a T-shaped match of five gems. Instead the two purple gems in columns 2 and 3 remained on the board. I know for a fact that they didn’t simply fall down a row, because the purple gem at the top left corner would have made a match-3 if they had been one row higher—so they could not possibly have started there.

Edit: Platform is iOS 11.3.1, iPhone 5S, at animation speed 3x


Ya the doomskull explosion triggered before the purple gems match unfortunately:s

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I do not believe doomskulls to be the cause. I have matched doomskulls while making 4-5 match of just about everything and have gotten the extra turn. I have casted Valk to create a 4 match and not gotten my extra turn. There is definitely something screwy going on!

@Cyrup It would be interesting to know if that behaviour is actually intended by the Devs, because logically it doesn’t make any sense. Both matches do happen at the same time after all, and the explosion obviously happens after matches are resolved as it is one of the matches that causes it.
In any case this is definitively one of the Doomskull interactions that takes away from tactical and strategic play and i’d like to see this fixed.

It has happens to me too, your right about the fact that doomskull matching is not necessary to get that bug.

I’m editing in some additional information about the error:

“Platform is iOS 11.3.1, iPhone 5S, at animation speed 3x”

These two appear to be different issues.
The 4-match randomly not working bug is already known, reported, made it into the list in the OP and seems to be avoidable by slow play…apparently shrug.
What @Grundulum describes seems to be a 100% reproducable behaviour that happens when the gem you move to make a colour gem 4-match also moves a skull to make a Doomskull match simultaniously and the following explosion destroys the original 4-match resulting in it not registering. I have never seen this not happen to me when making matches of this constellation.

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@Vasilisk You will need to link your account and reinstall the game, befor doing so check you have updated.

@Rickygervais thanks

@alansirer Please contact support with “Purchase issue” selected. We need to troubleshoot this problem but we are currently looking into it.

@VegaDark541 This is a known issue listed on the list and also you can find out about it here

@Stan This should be fixed completely in 3.5 until then restarting is all we can do.

Thanks, I’ll pass on the other info about matching gems

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When can we expect 3.5 to be released?

This all could be another experiment on how well we can communicate without the guild chat.

You never know anymore.

Edit. Ps4 profiles not showing up does keep the poaching down. Lol.

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I am not able to provide specific details as the dev team’s timelines can change, but it should be out within the next few months.

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I just killed a pet gnome in PvP, got the glitch where the troop didn’t disappear after dying.
And it didn’t register the fact that I killed him so didn’t trigger rescue event either. Sucks to be hunting gnomes for hours, to have it not register :roll_eyes:
As you can see I fired off TDS, but it didn’t hit the gnome.
This happens to me every 5-10 battles, especially with Krystenax & TDS.



Just another example…


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Okay, well thanks for the information!

A very, very minor issue in Arena. Seems like Merchant (25% gold) and Necromancy (50% soul) somehow triggered in the arena without those traits getting unlocked. As shown in these 2 screenshot…


I hope they are the only bugged traits.

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