3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


I have it happen several time for absolutely no reason at all(no doomskull or anything) just a 4-match that didn’t extra turn.


Would like to note that no troops had the ability to freeze any of my troops to cause the extra turns to not trigger.


The AI doesn’t cheat. It’s just much luckier than we are! :rofl:


It cheats by not giving me my extra turn!


Lady anarielle wasn’t suppose to not give heath to herself? I thought i readed it somewhere or i am crazy?


Thats what people want.

She has always healed herself.


But she still healing herself


My game is freezing waaaay more since this latest update. The screen whites out, the game crashes and has to be restarted. Also, I can no longer resize the game (except by using the preset sizes in the settings, which makes everything either way too big or too small).

What platform you are playing on? Steam/PC, Windows 10
When did the issue begin occuring and how frequent is it? with the new update, maybe 2-3 times per hour
A screenshot? It’s just a whited out, frozen screen until I force close.
Any other information (enemy troops, traits active, what you were doing previously): It happens when transitioning from one screen to another - world map to any other menu, or finishing a battle and going back to the menu


you can resize still on pc by dragging a corner or an edge, There is no visual indicator when you are on the right spot, just get really close to the edge/corner click and drag to where you want it


The extra turn bug has nothing to do with Doomskulls. But there is a bug that causes an extra turn not to register.
In this match during a pet rescue. I did a 4 gem yellow match. That’s it… Then the AI made a move… Much to my surprise.

you’re welcome for the great Wild Folks team. :wink:

PS…my apologies to anyone the reads this and is offended by my bug report. How dare I want the game to be the best it can be. Shame on me. … Or… You could just not get butt hurt so easily… There’s always that. No one forces you to read my posts. Passive aggressive enough for you buddy??? :grinning:

I have a suspicious feeling

Not sure if working as intended with doomskulls, cause i cant remember if it was explained as an extra +5 damage outside of damage modifiers, or what it was.

But against Gorg for instance, instead of doing 7 damage as normal, when I use a doomskull it does 8 damage total.


Bullseye vs Infernal Armor kills the attacker

(Side note: This might not be an issue caused by 3.4, but it’s probably a bug anyway)

The short story: My hero, of Archer class, attacked an enemy, killed it, and died in the process, which should not have happened.

The details: Archer heroes have the trait Bullseye, which reads “15% chance for Skull damage to be lethal.” This trait clearly triggered on this attack, since the hero only had 37 attack and the target had 254 life+armor (this is a level 127 raid boss enemy). The target was a Bone Naga with the trait Infernal Armor, which reads “Reflect 25% of Skull damage.”

The fact that this was lethal for both my hero and the target seems unintended. The exact amount of damage that should have been reflected is not entirely clear, but it should have been less than my hero’s combined life and armor (129). One could argue that because 37 damage was dealt, 9 damage should be reflected. One could also argue that because 254 life+armor was lost, 63 (or 64 if you round up) damage should be reflected. Either way, this should not have been lethal to my hero.

This bug is likely caused by “lethal damage” being represented not by an instant kill, but by an arbitrarily high amount of damage, and by overkill damage still counting as damage that should be reflected. A quarter of a huge value is still a huge value and would likely be greater than 129.


We have noticed this as well. We assume that the lethal damage is being translated into Skull damage to kill the target troop. Which normally would be fine, except for those few troops who reflect skull damage


Oh, good, I’m not the only one noticing this.

Seems like when you make a 4+ match very quickly after the battle starts, it doesn’t count for an extra turn. I’ve tried to catch it on video but couldn’t reproduce it.


Happened to me 4 times, bull’s-eye trait is certainly broken. One game I made first move, killed an enemy and my hero died also. Marilith doesn’t reflect damage, but my hero died anyway.


I experienced this issue too in pet battle. I am not sure if outside happened too though, but in pets x4 match is clearly broken.


I play on PS4 and I cant enter the shop since update. I want to buy a ring of wonder and it is impossible. Besides it is not available in psn store, it must be bought inside the game. Is it a general issue or is just me? I have also noticed a graphic glitch. I cant see the images of orbs anywhere in the game (menus, rewards…)


I’m on PS4 and can access the shop without issues and my orbs appear normally. What region are you in? Sometimes that seems to matter for shop problems (I’m in Canada).


Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but on PS4 it is currently no longer possible to connect to anyone’s PSN account through chat. Just get a message saying “We can’t seem to find the profile for this player. Please try again later.”


I thought everyone just blocked me… ok that’s Good to know.