3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Is there any known issue with Queen’s Herald after todays Steam update? I’ve gotten zero Queen Ysabelle while fighting Zuul’Goth, and I fired of the spell at least a dozen times, with summoning space available. Yes, it might just be very bad luck, it’s beginning to look somewhat suspicious though.


I did play with her today and was able to summon almost every time


Well, if I’m using up my streak of bad RNG numbers this way instead of tomorrow, when I’m looking for the new Mythic, I’m not going to complain. :smirk:


Doom skulls are NOT the same as regular skulls for matching and gaining a turn.


The way this is described in the known issues list is wrong enough that it might be a problem. First, the issue was reported on PS4, but presumably would also apply to XBox. Second, the problem is actually with Daily Tasks, not achievements. Also, the same bug has been previously reported with both Tower and Boss troops (though with those, it has been possible to re-roll the daily task by closing and reopening the game). The gnome task is reportedly not re-rolling. While it is technically possible for a player to have 3 gnome troops (assuming the Pet Gnome is actually showing up in troop lists now), the likelihood of anyone having Cedric, Treasure Gnome and Pet Gnome in their inventory is quite remote. Building a workable team with these three (two of which run away when you cast their spells) would also make this the most restrictive and frustrating Daily Task imaginable.

The long-term fix is to remove unavailable troop-types (Boss, Tower, Gnome and anything else that might come up in the future) from the list of types that can be added to a daily task. I sincerely hope that “Pet” is not on that list…


Hey Stan, I added that there quickly the other day so we could look into it further - it was worded super bad, sorry!

We pushed out a fix for this yesterday annnd it didn’t go right. However !

Pet Gnomes not appearing in Owned Troops List under Pets and “Win X battles with 3 gnomes” - These achievements should now be working, and if you earned the Pet Gnome from the Vault they will appear in your game after a restart! @3vangelica I did mention this in the list but it wasn’t clear sorry. @esslee

@Smash we hope to release an article on Doomskulls next week to hopefully explain how some of it works. Regarding Diviner thank you for the report


Haven’t read thru the whole thread but in having an issue with new Pet Rescues not triggering if a previous one ended. I need to force-close the app and re-open to have the Event show up. I’m on iOS and it affects both my iPad and iPhone. The Pet Rescue tab shows a %1hr %2 min


%1hr %2 min This is a display issue only and we’re looking into it. Restarting the game will resolve it.

Pet Event notifications only send after a battle is completed!


@Cyrup i confirm the pet gnome now avalaible on xbox


One of my Guild Members reported this to me so, I’m posting here on his behalf.
He was playing through the Whitehelm Campaign and…

What device are you playing on? Samsung 7 (Mobile)
What were you expecting to happen? Play the next fight in the campaign.
What actually happened? Had to fight against the Raid Boss and his minions!
Do you have any screenshots? Yes, check this out…


Whoa this is odd hahahha


Battle loading issues - We have put a hot-fix update on the App store for iOS and Android for this issue. Please download this if you are still experiencing a problem (no need to reinstall!)


YES, have seen it with doomskulls in the mix, and have seen it with no skulls matched whatsoever. Not always on the first turn. matching 4 or 5 gems is occasionally not giving the extra turn. on pc. It is happening often enough to start to annoy me, but not frequent enough for me to have been able to capture it on video.


Thank you devs for working so hard on this :slight_smile:

The following is for guild chat only, my global chat works:

IPhone iOS 11.3.1

Pet Event
When there is no Pet Event, sometimes restart works for guild chat
When there is a Pet Event Active, guild chat never works

Sending Message
It allows me to type, when I hit ‘done’ what I typed disappears and does not appear in the guild chat.

Connecting to Chat
I can connect and see the chat, just can’t post

My Global works

Closing/reopening the game sometimes helps unless there was a pet event active then it does not help

Thanks guys & gals!


I don’t believe this is true. I’ve had plenty of 4 matches with a doomskulls (bother the doomskulls being the gem moved to form it and just being 1 of the 4+ skulls) and I have yet to notice not getting an extra turn unless was frozen. I specifically started watching for this after some guildies brought it up.


yeah, doomskulls are counting as skulls when matching for the extra turn. As they should


Doomskull seems way more common than 10% of skull drops. It’s easy to find 5 or more per game

@Cyrup are you guys sure that doomskull are 10% of skull drop and not 10% of all the gems drop?

It is insane the amount of Doomskull we see when exploding the board.

Many times I see more Doomskull than normal skull lmao


Sooo glad Im not the only 1 seeing it then. Hate when everyone else is like nah works fine for me lol.

And yes, has happened a few times that ive noticed when there is no doomskulls on the board.


I had it happen once after a cast of valk, made 4 blues in a straight line, The computer proceeded to loop and win. THE AI CHEATS haha


Ive had it happened with Diviner and Ishbaala lol.