3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Chat issues
We believe we may have fixed the problem. Please completely close/reopen your game and verify integrity of game cache if you are on Steam and experiencing issues.

Unable to reach level 2,000 Fixed, you can now, reach level 2,000!

Winning Pet Gnome in Gnome Vault does not show up in Troops List Fixed! please restart game

The Pet Notification will trigger once you have completed a battle. You won’t need to restart the game. To avoid reading the 200 posts (I know, there’s a lot) you can check the Known Issues list at the very top here, the first post I always update.


Thanks! :sunglasses:


4 and 5 gem matches not rewarding extra turns.

Not sure if this is because of doomskulls, as I think I have seen it happen a few times when I wasnt matching skulls, but may of had a cascade that resulted in skull matches.

But I am def not seeing things, it has happened too many times now for it to be a random occurance, or a slip of a finger when matching gems.

On PC and Android.


I have had it happen where the gem that actually moved was not the gem I was trying to move. Most of the time this is benign, but sometimes this results in my making a 3-Gem match instead of the 4- or 5-Gem match I was expecting. Unfortunately for me, I’m not going to record every single match on my iPhone to prove my hypothesis.

Note that the doomskull issue is different.


This has been happening to me for months. I kept thinking it was just me mis clicking or fat fingers.


Saw another report of this, looks like doom skulls when matched explode before 4 or 5 match is calculated. Not sure if it’s even a bug because that may be intentional.


There is absolutely, 100% an offset between where my fingers touch the screen and where it actually records the touch. If I play with the phone at the wrong angle, I will make countless mistakes in selection. I think this is an iOS thing, though, since it happens with keyboards in other apps, not just with the GoW battle screen.


Nah its happened on my Android. I had a Huawei Mate 9 and now a Mate 10 Pro. Happened on both, so dont think purely iOS related


He is still hiding after reset (iOS iPad) - although the response from support says to expect a fix within the next 48hrs :confused:


The chat seems to be fixed for good now.

In dungeon mode the first fight, the boss doesn’t show up(it is blackened our). If I click on fight, the game loads forever.

To fix this before clicking on dungeon I have to go to my troop list and scroll all the way down until every troops is loaded and then restart the game and re enter dungeon.

Every time I reopen the game I must do this in order to so the first dungeon boss fight.


@Cyrup This happened to me again. I don’t know if I lost rewards and I really don’t care if I did. Can support give me back my 230+ win streak?

This is the battle that my battle log said I lost but I know for a fact I won without losing a single troop


Diviners 2nd trait doesnt seem to be triggering all the time. And if it is, it isnt taking the damage.

Have paid attention to make sure. But I just cast Divine Ishbaala, had a few 4/5 matches of skulls and yellow gems, and her life started at 1 and ended the turn at 1.

It doesnt happen all the time mind you. Has been a few times I have noticed it not triggering, but it will next bunch of turns and make me think im going insane


On the Troops/Pet tab the green arrow (the one that should be on the right-bottom of the screen) allowing you to scroll the list is missing. Only scrolling with mouse works in order to see more pets.


I have observed that since her release, Diviner will not activate transcend if she only has one life. She will, however, activate at 2 life (and die)

I assume the trait cannot activate because it says “exchange 2 life for magic” but she does not have 2 life to exchange.


I received a Pet Gnome as a reward in the Gnome Vault but it is not showing up in my Troops list.
In fact it doesn’t even show up with the ‘Show All’ tab enabled!


I’ve seen a few others say the same thing @3vangelica.


Part 2

I don’t think doom skulls count as skulls for 4 or 5 matches. Still not sure if on purpose or a bug. I think they should count.


On xbox french version, when you receive the rescue pet notification, you only got the option to ignore the event, this is really confusing i don’t take chance and click the “B” button instead of “A” in case it cancel the event


Don’t worry. Even if you press ignore, you can still access the event from the games menu.


Okay, i would still prefer to see a “go rescue” button